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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Caturday Art

If it is Saturday, we are having fun with 

LunaPic=effect=floating in technicolor


Friday, February 23, 2018

Final Friday Fiction Blog Hop


Today we are participating in 

This month we decided to pick an oldie but goldie book for the challenge
Marley and Me 
by John Grogan
Just a short background. It was written in 2005.  I read this book during my lunch hour.
Sometimes in my office sometimes at one of my favorite cafes.  It of course is a true story
about life with a crazy yellow lab Marley.  YAM-Aunty post funny animal buttons and memes
on Wednesdays.  Recently she had one that read, 'live, like somebody left the gate open'.
That was how Marley lived....

page 87
line 8
They simply wandered, bumping our way along
line 12
If they saw an interesting lane, they turned
line 16
As evening approached each day, we would begin looking for

Picture of Characters in today's story

And then there were two
It was the summer of 1958 she and her parents moved to a new city about 20  miles away.
Charley was the new kid on the block.  Living in a new city and about to start
a new school.  She didn't know anyone and felt lonely.
Little did she know living in the house next door there was another little girl feeling the same way.
As evening approached each day, Charley would sit on her porch to begin looking for friends. Lo and behold from the house next door out walks a little girl about her age with her dog.
She smiled and waved.
Charley and her new neighbor walked toward the edge of their yards.
She introduced herself.  Her name was Marne her dog, was Jeff.  Marne asked Charley if she would like to take a walk with them.  Charley's smile of acceptance was brighter than the morning sunshine. Early evening walks became a daily routine, If they saw an interesting lane, they turned.
Jeff was a bird dog by breed but in reality he was simply a beloved family pet.
This was the beginning of a lovely friendship.  Marne and Charley did so many things together that first summer. They actually made 'pretend' phones with orange juice cans connected by a string long enough that it reached between their homes. Charley and Marne spent every waking minute together and often had supper at one another's homes.  Marne and her family had lots of interesting customs and traditions and often served unusual food.  One night after a delicious supper outside, Marne's dad came out with a bowl of bananas.  Charley was amazed and delighted when he asked if she would like a  grilled banana.  It was delicious and fun.  For the longest time
Charley wondered why there were so many matches in their house. No one smoked.
Finally she asked Marne.  Seems Jeff inhaled his food which resulted in lots of tummy distress.
Marne's parents would like a match when Jeff had gas.
 It didn't matter what Charley and Marne did as long as they did it together.   They simply wandered, thru the summer days.  When Jeff was with them, he pulled and tugged on his leash and bumping our way along the roads and paths Charley, Marne and Jeff
enjoyed the summer of 1958 growing, learning, adapting and just being.

Word count: 391

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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Thoroughly Poetic Pictorial Thursday

Today we join Two  SPOILED CAT 
Angel Sammy and Teddy for their poetic pictorial poem.

Today's picture is quiet tropical.  
Angel Sammy  you find the most beautiful photos and each 
one inspires me to write.

mom put me in there via Pizap

If I....
by Madison D. Cat

If I lived on an island in the middle of the sea,
with glee I would sing more fishes for me.
If I lived on an island in the middle of the sea,
there would be sun puddles galore and so much more.
If I lived on an island in the middle of the sea,
tropical breezes would gently blow through the trees.
If I lived on an island in the middle of the sea,
there would be lots of sand just for me.
If I lived on an island in the middle of the sea,
stuck I'd be because a flea can swim better than me.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Wednesday willy nilly

Wicked thick fog on Tuesday visibility was horrible until
about 11:00 am. We rarely have fog like this
 Madi has decided my back pillow is her nap pillow

Madi the Step kitty.  She sat there a while

then she was off. Must have heard her Dad in the pantry

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Tuesday Captions

1.  Toes and tails 
2. Heads and toes and where is the tail
3. Yes mom riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight there
4. I would never bite the hand that feeds is massaging my jaws
I'm a lucky kit kat and I know it!!

Monday, February 19, 2018

Tea for Two at Manor Madi


Princess Leah and Madi say

While you wait for mom and Dad to partake in Tea for is my SPARKS for today
Princess Leah my good friend the buttie pillars are for you.

Ta Da
Mom filled her Krups tea pot with 
 water to be sure the water was at the purrfect temperature.
She set out the cups, blueberry and orange scones.  Per instructions she waited 3 minutes for the Breakfast Tea to steep
she and Dad had a lovely afternoon tea.
scones from Panera Bakery
She and Dad give the Fortnum and Mason 87 thumbs up.
(Mol they borrowed a few thumbs from all of you)


February 23, 2018 is

click here for details.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Easy Sun...Day and Plates

*indicates we could not figure out the meaning

2. ASMAA'S, Asthma?*
4. FLWNDAWN, Flown Dawn, Flowering Dawn*
5. ADPRO, Advertising person
6. THEATRE, Theater
7. TRKNMOM, Trucking Mom on a truck being driven by a lady
8. DUNNALOT, Don a lot
9. QNANNE, Queen Anne
10.VAN4KIDS, Van for kids, has lots of kids I guess
12. KEEP, on Coast First conservation plate
14. SPAM, 
(on N C State University plate, probably Computer Engineering)
15. TSAR, Czar
16. LOON
17. NYGFAN#1, New York Giants #1 fan
18. EXTRAPOL8, Extrapolate
19. 14A*

I had one crazy auto correct since the last time I posted
I meant to type improvement
I got "I, prove, not" correct added commas too