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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Only Madi could keep me from making up the bed...

UPDATE On my Grandma's heart cath at the bottom...
Last Saturday after breakfast, I in went to our bedroom to make the bed...this is what I found.

one absolutely precious Madi cat
thoroughly enjoying a snooze on our bed
I'm a stickler for making the bed every day but she was
looking so adorable I
not only left it unmade when we left the house, I
also left the blinds closed so she could have complete darknees for her
Sunday morning snooze.

As I was leaving the bedroom, I took this last picture. I believe she is saying
THANKS Mom. As we were pulling up in the drive way about 2 hours later
we both said..I bet Madi is still on the bed. When we walked in the house, she was
walking out of the bedroom. I made the bed at 1 pm on Sunday afternoon.

Note from Madi and Mom: We both thank you all for you kind wishes for my Grandma (Mom's Mom) during her heart cath yesterday. It went very blockages. There is an irregular heart beat that will be regulated mechanically by a defibulator (similar to a pace maker). Mom told me that Grandma is a very strong 82 year old lady and she hopes and prays she is that strong when she is 82.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Flashback Milky-Way the Gentleman

Milky-Way checking to be sure that Cali is warm enough...he was always the
Ultimate Gentleman when it came to Cali and her comfort. This was one of Cali's favorite spots to nap. She was an expert at wiggling under any cover or blanket. She was probably fast asleep when he jumped up to join her but she didn't mind.

NOTE from MOM: My Mom is having a heart catheterization today. I will not
have computer access for most of the day....I'll miss visiting you all but will catch up with you over the weekend.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

What is that lovely aroma?

A few nights ago, we went directly from home to supper then came directly home.
Evidently while we were gone, we either picked up a very good smell or a very bad smell.
Madi immediately noticed something was different about us.
She started with my shoes
nope it isn't Mom's...let me check out Dad's

oh baby this is it. Dad what in the world did you walk in?
Can I have some on my head? Yes right there please

ummm let me see if your left shoes smells as good as your right oh boy that one is even better.
Madi continue to push and shove at her Dad's shoes until he finally said here take the shoes
She then became even more obessed with them. I moved them to the bedroom,
she followed me in there continued to sniff and bite at them. I finally sprayed the bottom of them. with Clorox Anywhere. Then put them in the closet.
Her Dad said he had the shoes on all day but she showed no interest in them until after supper.
I don't know what he walked in but it certainly appealed to Madi's senses.
Maybe there is a little K9 in our feline.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tuesday Tails....

My view is blocked.....inquiring minds want to know if......these pictures

make my ....
butt look big?
Remember before answering what your Mom taught you...
if you can't say something nice don't say anything at all!!!

Monday, May 3, 2010


Mom and Dad left me yesterday BUT they returned with the most wonderful
aroma all over them!!! What is this I'm sniffing you ask? Well it is a
bow made of hair from my absolutely most favorite (oops my heart skipped a beat)
RED Head RAIDER. Raider is the most manly smelling man dog..I do wish this was a scratch and sniff post. I wonder what brand of aftershave Raider uses?
So I bet you are all wondering how Mom got this? A few weeks ago Mom found out that
Raider and his mom and dad would be at a KOA campground about 1 hour from Raleigh on April 30-May they arranged a meet and greet then they all went to lunch. Raider's Mom
gave him a good grooming yesterday and then made me a bow out of Raider's beautiful red fur.
In case you can't tell...I love it.
Mom bought Raider a doggie toy last week but before she home, she let me rub my face all over it. Below is a picure of Raider enjoying the c(at)mail I sent him. Mom was so happy he liked the toy. It also had a squeak in it.

Here is another picture of my Raider with his mom, Kathy and Dad, Grant.
That is what I'm calling him now my Raider

Below is a picture of (l to r)
Dad, Mr. Grant and Miss Kathy....Mom said they are absolutely hostesses with the mostest!!

Can you believe they drove all the way to NC from California...with lots of stops along the way.
Mom met Miss Kathy on an Alaskan website several years ago and they have been
emailing daily every since!!! Mom said it was so much fun to finally meet Kathy and Grant
Below is a picture of (l to r) Dad, Mom and Kathy!!!!
Thanks for letting us share this very SPECIAL set of pictures.
Kathy, Grant and Raider...thank you for a lovely Sunday afternoon,
Safe travels and remember you are sightseeing for all of 'us' (mom) who are stuck in an office.
Big Hug
Madi and Mom

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday Steeple First Baptist

I really love the color of the tiles on this steeple and it's shape and how proudly it stretches into the gorgeous blue sky. First Baptist on Salisbury Street in Raleigh, NC was organized in 1812 with 23 charter members.

Even though First Baptist sits in the middle of down town Raleigh it has a very active and large congregation. The above picture was taken standing across the street on
Capital Square. It is quite an impressive compound.

Today First Baptist has over 1,400 members and an annual budget of 1.5 million, it is home to Raleigh's largest free-clothing store for those down on their luck, an AIDS ministry an active preschool, a Japanese ministry.
It will celebrate it 200th anniversary in 2012.....