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My 16th Birthday Header
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Thursday, May 6, 2010

What is that lovely aroma?

A few nights ago, we went directly from home to supper then came directly home.
Evidently while we were gone, we either picked up a very good smell or a very bad smell.
Madi immediately noticed something was different about us.
She started with my shoes
nope it isn't Mom's...let me check out Dad's

oh baby this is it. Dad what in the world did you walk in?
Can I have some on my head? Yes right there please

ummm let me see if your left shoes smells as good as your right oh boy that one is even better.
Madi continue to push and shove at her Dad's shoes until he finally said here take the shoes
She then became even more obessed with them. I moved them to the bedroom,
she followed me in there continued to sniff and bite at them. I finally sprayed the bottom of them. with Clorox Anywhere. Then put them in the closet.
Her Dad said he had the shoes on all day but she showed no interest in them until after supper.
I don't know what he walked in but it certainly appealed to Madi's senses.
Maybe there is a little K9 in our feline.


  1. Maybe Dad walked through catnip!

  2. SHOES! Tiny Johnson and Grayce are the shoe-sniffers. They say sometimes it's the feet, sometimes the shoes...did Dad walk through any foods?
    xx lounge kats

  3. well well well, all I can say is ~~Whatever it was , it sure smelt good to Madi. A good nose knows!!!


  4. Madi is a beautiful silly girl; maybe she had some nip while you were out!!MOL...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  5. Madi... you are just like our Chiku :p

  6. Hi Madi, good work sniffing - we do that all the time to check out where our humans have been.
    We wonder what did you smell - had he been with another cat!
    That is the smell we get most annoyed about - not cats but the smell of other dogs.
    Who would leave their adorable bassets at home and then go talk to other dogs?
    These humans are a mystery to us!
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  7. Madi is a Super Sleuthy Sniffer! Skeeter likes stinky shoes and socks. And believe us, you don't even have to walk in anything stinky! She prefers shoes that were worn all day and sweated in! She's SOOOOOO gross!

  8. A mystery that only Madi can solve. Keep sniffing around for clues my friend!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  9. Madi are you suspicious of smells now after sniffing Raider scents on Mom and Dad from Sunday?!
    You are still their special Diva, don't worry!

  10. Madi, you are a Diva with many talents.

  11. Oh, Madi! Maybe YOU should have the dee-en-ay test, too! Maybe you're part bloodhound! They have real good sniffers.

    Don't tell him but I think that Brudder Ranger may be part kitteh cuz he's usually not very much interested in smelling mom and dad when they come home from somewheres. Even somewheres that has other DOGS! But, boy howdy, I am! It's a good thing we didn't do a dee-en-ay test on Brudder Ranger. He'd probably have an arrested cardiac if he found out he was part kitteh! BOL!

    Anyways - good job on the shoe-sniffing. You mades me proud!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  12. LOL
    My mommy made today
    also pics from me with her shoes hehehe....
    I think you smell another Cat
    we cats smell very good !!!!!
    Maybe a new cat in your street Madi ???

    Hugs Kareltje =^.^=

  13. Hmmm, maybe food on floor resturant smells. Or dog poo? LOL

  14. What fun!!!!!!!! We love the smells our grands bring in from school every day on their shoes!!!!!!!!

    You are totally gorgeous, dear Madi. xxxxxxxxxxx

  15. One never knows what they will pick up on....

  16. 1. catnip
    2. dog poo
    3. another cat
    4. another dog
    5. Dad's specialite
    We guess it was 5!!!!

  17. OH, that's so funny, what ever it was, it must have been good!

  18. Too cute!! That's why cat's are so very never know what they are thinking!!


  19. I wonder what kind of smell it was!
    I can see you were very interested, Madi!
    Kisses and hugs

  20. maybe it was of a furry hanshum mancat

    pibble wiggles
    the pittie pack

  21. Oh Madi! It must be something really good on those shoes!!

  22. HI Madi!

    Girl I know what you mean about shoes. Momma and Daddy went to the Zoo and oh my goodness when Boo got a hold of Momma's shoes she rolled and rubbed and did body flips over them!


  23. If your dad had been over here I could guess what he had stepped in...teeheehee!


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