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Saturday, September 3, 2016


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Today's word is....

I have a theory about fruit.....
If it gets in my face, I either hold my breath

Or close my eyes
I don't like technicolor food.

Hermine the Hurrycane came a huffin', a puffin' and a spittin' up the East Coast  Friday and Friday night. We got much needed rain and I'm thankful to say it was never a downpour just a steady moderate rain with a few hard short showers. We hope everyone she visited is doing ok today!!

Friday, September 2, 2016

F4: Flowers, Feline, Female on Friday

Today post is brought to you by the letter 
We are pleased to join Dory 

Dory we have two hostas about to bloom and a Black Tie Camellia with tons of buds, which we hope to feature it next year.  We had the yard spruced up recently by our good buddy Adam from Lawn Detailing and Enhancement.  We thought we'd use that for today.  All the house stuff of late has been 'cause my staff is older than dirt and lazy wants things low maintenance.  They had lots of old ivy areas dug beside the front porch (where the Camellia is planted).  That patch by the porch was a bear to maintain.  It often took Dad several hours to trim it. Now it is
 Dad asked Adam to thin out the ivy in back, make a gravel bed, add pavers with Hosta and Liriope borders (large picture below) Adam called it 'our sanctuary'.  Adam is fun-gi.  Mom says he looks like Neil McCoy the country singer.  Dad put a gazing ball there too.

In June 25, 2009...we started blogging.....
Today, September 2, 2016, I am here to tell your two tales

Tale 1
 No matter what mom says I'm a working gal.
Every chance I get I help or snoopervise whatever is going on in Manor Madi.  I have my own tools, a tool belt and a battery
operator drill.  

PICTURE 1 water mark near my back left paw

Tale 2
 After 7 years and 3 months,
TOGM (the old gray mare to those who dont't know) has finally
learned how to put a watermark on my photos...MOL
TOGM is slow but she is determined....
Picture 2 watermark bottom left corner.

She will probably be playing with it some more but we are wondering which one you like best picture 1 or 2.
TOGM likes #1 because it is more transparent

TOGM has not run out of chalk!!!  She is just learning new stuff.  
My TTT friends always enjoy searching for where TOGM puts 'madi and mom'

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


Today's poem is brought to you by the letter 
When I came to live here I learned all about ...
I am told I was a bit of a hand full.  I often heard Milky-Way (the first feline of the family) never did this or that.  I was adventurous from day one. I was my own girl still am and I marched to a different drummer. 

Love learns to be flexible
Love opens your humans eyes to new things
Love is victorious over of all things 
(even when caught red pawed in a big cold machine)
Love is for an eternity

Mom here:  As a kitten, Madi conquered every surface of the house in her first 6 months.  Everything conquered was here with our first cat but he never tried any.
The best of her conquests were:
1. jumped on the Grandfather clock.
Madi's route was to get on the 7th step from the bottom, calculate a perfect jump through the stair rails to the top of the clock.  We could not move the clock so we wrapped it in a quilt secured with duct tape.  It stayed that way for several month.
2. she walked across the mantle to get to the top of the 8' secretary where she sat until her Dad came home.  When he walked in the door she let out the most victorious MEOW.  And she had been chewing on the finial. Again we could not move the mantle but we set the white chair (shown in 8/28/16 post) in the middle of the family room.  
3. any chance she got she would hop up in the fridge too.  And had a hissing fit when the door was closed.  

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Tough on Tuesday

It is time to take charge of my house....

My peeps went to see the Jason Bourne movie yesterday...
they highly recommend it. Action packed too.
THEY DID NOT GET HOME UNTIL 3:30.  I was so hungry my stomach thought my throat was cut.  
poor poor pitiful kitty!!

Monday, August 29, 2016

Monday Madi Mews

How TOGM and Madi the Magnificent spent 
Friday 8/12/16 during the 13 1/2 hour flooring installation.

My staff asked for the afternoon off...they have been tied to the house for 2 months due to renovations.  Now they are free and I'm free of them to move about the city as they please.
No telling what they will be up too but I'll be napping.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Happy Birthday to my Sis and Rainbow Remembrance

Today is my human sis's (mom to Frisco and Mia) birthday.
Happy Happy Birthday SIS!!
We love her 2 hours and a bunch!
When she was a wee girl of 2ish,  nap time was her least favorite time of the day.
She would ask mom how long she had to nap.
Mom would say about 2 hours.  Sis thought that was an eternity.
All of a sudden she started telling the peeps she loved them
2 hours and a bunch 

 My sis was a clever little girl who knew her way around Mom so
sis I have a question.  How did your keep her from
reading your mind and seeing everything you did?

The woman is sneaky, tricky and she knows how to be invisible.

Here is a Family Collage...
Mom was not taking photos of me when I was between I was between 20 months and 3 years:::GASP::: 

We had planned to post license plates today...
Never fear they will resume a Sunday very soon.
We have a ton of them and even some from our spotter Terri in 

Even though it is Sis's bday she would probably want us to remember all those furries who have shared our lives
 In order of their presence in our family

Toto, the mighty mini Dachshund
Gudrin and Ursala, Uncle G's first kitties in the 1980's
Milky-Way, our first feline
Cali, Cornish Rex and Sis's 21st bday gift
Harley, Cornish Rex, Sis's 2nd cat

All these precious pets paved the way to my peeps hearts so that I could find them.
Hugs Madi