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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Saturday Stroll and photo hunt

Saturday Photohunt  today is

O M I T*: leave out
Click here for a list of fun Photo hunt words

We hope this will show up...the old gray mare is NOT a Videographer by any stretch of the imgination!! 

If it doesn't work, I'll be sure to  OMIT* videography from TGM's resume

 YESTERDAY There WERE painters all over inside my house painting our new windows.  Mom and I WERE  sequestered in my blog office for the duration.  You'd have been proud of  me, I was good...every so often I wood break into a chorus of 
Don't fence me In, written by my dear friends
Frankie and Ernie especially for me yesterday.  If you missed it here are the lyrics

NOW then... ♫ Don't Fence Madi In... Let her stretch out on her Steps to the UpStairs...♫
Don't Fence her in..♫ And to snooze in her Puddle underneath the Sun Light♫ Don't Fence her In♫ Begone pesky painters and release our darling Furrrrrend.♫ Don't Fence her In.... Let her Purrrrr and prowl all around her Casa... ♫ Don't Fence Madi In♫

Mom tried to get around to visit everybuddy...however; she was busy trying to
entertain me and clean up debris the painters left on the floor, between caulking and painting.
Mom freaks out worrying I'll eat something.  I keep telling her 
'if it don't smell like meat, this kitty won't eat'
Sincerely Madi your bfff

Mom and did have some fun activities planned for our confinement...of course there were 
pictures too stay tuned next week.

Friday, December 11, 2015

This Moment, See Beautiful

We are joining Sugar today for

Frisco and Mia have been officially siblings for one month as of December 4, 2015.
Before 12/4/15 they had never laid paws on each other.
We have enjoyed each moment human Sis has shared of their journey to becoming
best buddies.  Sis says every MOMENT with them is BEAUTIFUL

Frisco (l) Mia(r)
Human Sis sent these adorable photos earlier this week
She was on the exercise bike...Frisco was on the window perch...
then Mia jumps up from the rear startling Frisco (love the look on his face)
for some reason she thought she needed to groom him

 Sis says Frisco follows Mia all over the house whatever she does he does.
Of course he is 8 months old and still learning things and Mia (13 months) is a good

Human SIS and BIL bought Frisco and Mia a brand new cat tree for Christmas.
It arrived last Saturday.  Evidently Mia knew exactly what it was and what to do.  She was
on it like greased lightning while BIL was still putting it together. Frisco was cautiously 
giving it a good sniff.

Mom is so happy SIS and BIL have two crazy pants kitties to each moment beautiful

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Thursday (frosty) Tales

Top of the Frosty Morn to you all.  I'm dressed this way for a reason....
I would like to introduce you to some frosty, furry and fluffy friends who are currently living on my
stairs behind me......and on my mantle

These lovely snowpeeps are named after 3 friends whom, in spite of what you may have heard love snowpeeps

Mom has this huge bow with bells at the top of the stairs and one at the bottom
Belky the Bear is sitting in the stair basket.
Belky belonged to my human sis...NOW he is all mine.
Years ago, Belk, a local department store, had a limited edition Christmas bear every year.

Left to right, some of mom's favorite trinkets (*some made by very special friends)  Red Cardinal, NC state bird, Angel (made by *Mollie and Alfie's Mum),
Choir of of mini humans and elves with Santa and a replica of Madi, (made by *Mollie and Alfie's Mum)
Mini Madi, (made by *Lynne, Mum to Angel Bridgett, Dip, Elliot and Teddy) and last a Chickadee on a branch of holly.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

SHOW AND TELL Card count #2

 This box contains some very precious pieces of ceramic art made by my Dad's Aunt Eula in 
1970!!!  Yep the only things in this house older than these pieces are 
I'm told Aunt Eula (Dad's mom's sister) made them for Dad's Mom, who used them
for many, many  years before they were passed on to my family.
Mom told me my human sis always loved seeing the Nativity scene set up.  
GrandMa Margie set the scene up on her secretary.  She didn't have a barn for them; however, she bought some beautiful light blue velvet material that she arranged with folds to nestle the figurines.
They were quite magical almost like being in the sky!!.
When Mom first received them, she didn't have a barn so she set it up on the mantle.....
When my Sis married my BIL he made this barn for the very precious Nativity figurines
Mom knows for 100% sure GrandMa Margie would have loved to see her Nativity housed in this beautiful barn.

Each figurine's face is beautifully detailed... you may click on the picture to enlarge.
 Mom always enjoyed displaying the Nativity scene; however, once BIL made this barn
it made the figurines and their meaning even more special.  BIL did not have
a pattern or anything...Mom was so amazed at JUST how perfect the barn was for each piece
 Needless to say Mom is very honored to be the caretaker of this beautiful hand made Nativity Scene
and hand made barn.
Mom said I should tell you that I never, ever, no NEVER mess with any of these.

MADI total  26 cards, 
2 were *Jacquie Lawson ecard we cannot print it


Madi Card Count #2

We thank
Edward and Lily,, Colehaus Cats, Benji and Lassie,
Hailey and Phod, Ranger,Dz's Dogs Adventures, Da Weenies Amber and Max,
DA MAYOR Doodz Murphy and Stanley, Idaho Pugs, Sw. William, Ciara and Lightning,
Princess Leah, Three Little Pugs, Annabelle, Audrey and Izzy,
Wally and Sammy,Dip, Elliot, Lynne and Teddy 
and Rory, Stella and Penny from Oz,and Freya Rose Blossom*
 *Jacquie Lawson card .

Madi Card Count #1
We thank Reilly and Denny, Ferris, Tuiren and The cats,
The Great Oz, The Adventures of Bell Fur Zoo

 The Adventures of Higgins and Niles and Frankie and Ernie

Mom is *walking Kasi 3 times this week.  

Click on walking Kasi*, if you missed reading about mom's new volunteer job
We'll let you know if anything exciting happens

Monday, December 7, 2015

Monday Madi Mews & Breaking News x 2

Today I'm going to show you the heartbeat of my world.....
Right here within in paws reach are all of my favorite things

my very soft one size fits a Diva handmade bed (Coccolino's mom) my nip filled  handmade clown fish (thanks Walter and Millie's mom).
My Yeowww! nip sardines, my nip pillow.
My guy RAZ sent me that itty bitty yellow nip filled
toy. I tote it everywhere. My kitty activity mat that has 4 kinds of textures that feel good to  my paws and it has a fevvver toy that I have deaded many times.
Yep I'm a lucky Diva



I know everybuddy knows we have had a LOT of rain.  Now
here is proof positive. 

Startling rain info in today's (12/4/15) paper:Raleigh has had 153 days of rain out of the past 339 days this year which breaks record of 1948.  This past September-November we had the most rain on record.  Since 1/1/15 we have had a total of 50 1/2 " of rain  20" more than Seattle.

Sincerely Soggy in NC
Madi(son) D. Cat and Mom

Since writing this post we have been hearing about all the horrible flooding by storms on our West Coast, in the United Kingdom and in India.  We send you many many hugs and purrs for drying weather very soon.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Friends pardon me....

Our Japanese Maple has had the most amazing colors this fall....must be all the rain