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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Golden Retriever Cake Art

If it is Saturday, we are having fun with 
However, what we have to show you is really Doggy Art

Mom loves the new CMT talk show Pickler and Ben.  It airs at 9 am each morning 5 days a week.  Mom has the DVR set to tape series so she can watch them at night.
If you haven't watched it, mom says the show is funny and full of surprise guests and just all around great TV.  Recently she watched an episode that featured
click on their names above to see more of their creations.
David is the baker and Natalie is the cake artist
David also comes up with delicious flavors of cakes to compliment each cake.
Mom nearly fell out of her chair when she saw this beautiful
Golden Retriever Puppy Cake Playing in snow
Every bit of the cake is edible

 The puppy has lots of chocolate in it
 The snow is coconut with yellow cake under it
Kelly and Ben asked Natalie if it upset her to see her creations eaten
she said no that is the best part.

Friday, January 19, 2018

I got a NEW Condo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I am beyond excited, elated and full of feline glee
I hired a most famous interior designer to decorate it for me
 Ceal's Cat Condo Creations

I  have a living roof which is beautiful and also makes it very quiet.
I sleep like a princess

Anytime you are in the area Do drop Inn

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Thoroughly Poetic Pictoria and Thankful Thursday

Today we join Two  SPOILED CAT 
Angel Sammy and Teddy for their poetic pictorial poem.

First of all we wanted to tell Angel Sammy and TeddyButterbean and Mom
thank you for this photo.  My mom is a huge fan of hot air balloons from the ground.
When in a gift shop she is drawn to all things cat like, hot air balloons and hummingbirds.
As you will see at the end..... 

Up up and away
I love balloons they give me the happies and make
me act like a baboon.
Mylar, rubber or cloth they all tickle my fancy.
They delight my senses as they rise and float.
To spot a hot air balloon sends my eyes skyward 
The places and things that one could see make my mind's eye 
full of excitement.
If given an chance to float in the sky, I would say no not I.
My spirit is free and ready to fly
My head is not willing and my legs are like jelly.
I must confess this old gal has two fears 
One is fire and I am extremely height shy!
So content I will be to gaze up with envy as those graceful balloons are 
given flight by fire that makes them soar to heights I don't care for.

This rainbow hot air balloon hang above my tunnels

Mom says it is very authentic it even has weights on it and we love the basket

My hot air balloon wind sock

Today we join

I'm very thankful to be able to report that my blood work to recheck my kidney function was
on January 12, 2018
All of the levels of concern, Creatine and phosphorus are down.  My wonderful Vet, Dr. Szabo was very very pleased.
We will continue on as we have been doing with the phosphorus binder and the
SubQ fluids.  I don't have to visit Tech Dracula for at least 3 or 4 months.

We are also thankful it is gonna be 60 degrees this weekend...
Video from our snow event on Wednesday.
We had no wind but a huge limb fell just missing our back lantern

Last photos before dark 1/17/18
Most snow we've had in a day in many years.
~5" and still snowing at dark.
We rarely have 5" in an entire year

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Tuesday Tale: 25 Amazing....

things about us you might not know

Mom in RedMadi in Blue

This is a DO over mom posted two posts yesterday
Please forgive us!!
She is old and I don't have thumbs

  1. Where is your cell phone? In my pocketbook, my staff is in charge of it
  2. Your hair? Is dark gray...many think it is black, light gray
  3. Your dad? Calls me Bonsai Bunny
  4. Your mom? Is crazy as a loon but we have fun
  5. Your favorite food? Cat Food: Fancy Feast Human food: anything mom is eating
  6. Your dream last night? HAM/no dream last night
  7. Your favorite drink? Always Water/ coffee in the morning water at super
  8. Fear? Mom might forget to feed mefire
  9. Favorite shoes? Any that are stinky/New Balance walking shoes 
  10. Favorite way to relax? Napping with my paw over my eyes/writing
  11. Your mood? I have a serious Catitudepositive
  12. Your home away from home? Yikes nowhere/ anywhere in the NC Mountains
  13. Where were you last night? Home
  14. Something that you aren’t?  Shy/Shy
  15. Muffins? I like to make them on the bed/Blueberry or Pumpkin
  16. Wish list item? All my current wishes have come true
  17. Where you grew up?North Carolina
  18. Last thing you did? Ate/took a nice walk
  19. Favorite thing to do?  Sleep/anything with family and friends
  20. Your TV? The dining room window/is in the den
  21. Your pets? Mom and Dad/Madi, shh don't tell her she thinks she is human
  22. Friends? Furry bloggers all over the world you all are dear to me/I have 2 friends that I've known and still see for over 50 years. 
  23. Your life? Absolutely purrfect, ditto
  24. Missing someone? No one
  25. Something that you are? Loyal, trustworthy 

Monday, January 15, 2018

Monday Spark

Today we are pawticipating in 
McGuffy’s Reader’s Sparks blog hop
This hop is all about spreading cheer and positive vibes via quotes.

Mom and I will be pawticipating in this Monday fun spreading pet cheer and positive vibes.

Final Friday Fiction Blog Hop is January 26, 2018
Our hostess is YAM-Aunty
We did it in November and it was such fun!!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Sunday With Dad

Dad is camera promised him she'd cover or crop out his face if he let her take these photos.

Here are a few funny auto corrects Mom had this week.
She really needs to slow down her typing...we all know her brain isn't that fast

Ramona  came up as Ramiba
Humans came up as hi Pumas
clean up came up as celery up
taking came up as tarpking