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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Saturday Photo Hunt

We love Saturday Photo Hunt click
here for a list of words
Today's word is

H A R D: adv
requiring a great deal of effort 

On Monday Robin posted that she hoped Christmas would forgive her for not taking him
on vacation.  It reminded mom of another Toto Story
Dachshunds have PhD's in Sweet revenge.
Mom told me they boarded Toto for 11 days when they went to Hawaii in the early 1980's.
When Mom picked Toto up from boarding he acted like he was so happy to see her.  She took him on a nice walkabout to potty.  He potty on every blade of grass in the yard.  However, as soon as mom got him in the house and took off his leash he barked to get her attention.  When Mom turned around he lifted that vertically challenged back leg on the kitchen table leg,  leaving a river we'll call I Pee Freely.  The entire time he was giving mom an evil eye daring her to leave him again.
When he finished he walked to his bed for a nap.
The kitchen floor was linoleum so it was an easy clean up.
She was amazed he had any pp left in him but evidently Toto was saving all the peepee

Mom said it was H A R D to be mad at that sweet face.
I hear some laughter coming from Blogville...yep mom was wearing desert boots(that is what they were called back then) and bell bottom pants.  This was Toto's favorite place to sit at night


WE HAD  first floor carpet installed on Friday.  We will be moving STUFF around to other rooms in preparation for more carpet installation next week.  Three rooms  four to go.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Flowers,Funnies and Fill ins

With my gal pal Dory's

Today we are featuring what's blooming at Manor Madi
Last October we had 3 new Catawba Crepe Myrtles  planted...
This is their first summer and we are pleased.
Crazy things love hot hot hot weather.

We have a new species of flower blooming too.  
Madi's Dad and I call it Blooming Madi-puff

Here is a close up of  'Myrtle's Blooms'

Mom wanted to share this adorable true story with you
Date July 20, 2016 6:30ish pm

Yesterday after supper I took Kasi for a walk.  A darling little girl was playing with her dad and sister in her yard.  She said is that a sheep dog.  I said no it is a border collie.  She asked to pet her.  She said where are you going.  I said we are taking a short, slow walk.  She asked, why I said well Kasi is an older dog and she has some arthritis in her back legs so we walk slow. She looked at me very concerned and said "I don't know what 'the ritis' is.  Is it like a broken bone?"  I told her Kasi has sore places in her joints and they hurt some times.  She said Oh!!
As they say, Out of the mouths of babes....

MADI here:  Kasi and I are gonna have to have a heart 2 heart about HOW good she is at taking her meds.  She makes me look bad.  Mom gets a dollop of peanut butter on her finger, puts Kasi's med in the peanut butter.  It is gone in a nano second.  Mom tried that on me once. I licked around the pill.  I say I'm the smart one.

This week's Fill in's

FridaY Friendly Fill-Ins, with Phoebe, she came up with the first 2 and her co-host Annie of McGuffy's Reader came up with the second 2.
Friendly Fill-Ins Week 11
1. I wish I could afford to hire someone to sit in for me (madi) when the flashy beast comes out.
2. Zucchini   IS HARD TO SPELL.
3. One Summertime memory I/Mom recall is the fire department turning on the fire hydrants for us to play in it was the the precursor to today's water parks.
4. This Summer,    RELENTLESSLY H O T

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Thursday Question: Where's the stuff...

....that belongs in here?
I hope you find it before SIS and BIL come for a visit.
Photo just after SIS and BIL's room was painted.  The color is called Honeydew.  It shows up best in the top left photo
TOGM isn't sure why pictures have different colors. MOL

Guess what yesterday Mom started taking care of Kasi until Sunday at Noon.
Kasi really likes my mom.  Any time she sees mom she comes running up to her
leans on her leg and waits for a head rub.  
Mom will go next door 2 or 3 times a day to check on her and let her out in their yard.  Mom  will take Kasi for walks in the mornings.  Her peeps told mom Kasi always does her morning
duties in the backyard no walk necessary until afternoon.  Guess what..
When Kasi saw Mom she thought yay Walkie.  Mom let her out the deck door as instructed.
Kasi barked, she never barks, then she whined.  She was having none of that backyard
stuff.  She came in planted herself firmly at the front door waiting.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

It's finished....

Well now for the unveiling of what is it from yesterday.  
Bravo to several of you for finding it in the photo. Now for WHAT is IT
We Mom said to tell you since Not Pete built it... she is calling it the 
Not Madi's Cabinet.
The granite top was on the top of our island. Mom says we will use it for display of glassware and possibly some wine storage on the bottom. 
However, I'm starting a petition to make it Madi's feeding and watering hole.  Just sayin' if you wanna join me please tell me in the comments.

Even though it is Not my Cabinet I gave it my official sniff of approval

Below is the Black Walnut counter top.  It was not made by Not Pete or Feet. Ordered from a cabinet company to replace the granite that is on the top of the Not Madi's Cabinet. Madi's Dad drew up the style for the cabinet and for the style and shape of the Black Walnut. I love the  curv-i-ness of it and the wood is gorgeous. Mom is purrty happy with Dad's visions.

Mom here:  When Madi's Dad started thinking and talking about the new cabinet and where he wanted to put it, the first words out of my mouth were, "what about Madi's feeding Station"?
It has always been where the cabinet sits.  She ate facing toward the kitchen.
I was worried she would not like having her back to the room while she ate.  After all construction started here, I moved her feeding station beside her watering hole. 

She never even gave the location a second thought.  She gobbled her food right down not missing a beat.  I guess in the scheme of things with all that was going on here she was just

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Tuesday Tale

Last Thursday and Friday there was only one man here working in my house.  We really like
him.  He is Not Pete, he is Feet.  If you missed the story about Not Pete, click HERE
Feet is what our builder calls his Punch List guy.  Feet can do anything...
absolutely anything.  He wanders around our house on his quiet Feet working magic.
I ESPECIALLY LIKE Feet/NOT Pete because when he is here I am not sequestered.
He is very careful with the door and he likes kitties and well
One day I was down visiting him when lo and behold look what I found

Monday, July 18, 2016

Monday Malfunction Shower Saga

Mom filed the proper paper work requesting
some time on my blog.  I gave her permission
mainly because I was MOLing so hard I could not have typed this anyway.
Go for it mom aka TOGM (the old gray mare)!!

Good morning all. This is a picture of our walk-in shower. Madi's Dad and I decided we needed a walk-in since we have chosen to 'age in place'!
Before demo we had the standard tub shower combo with about a 10" step into the tub.
The shower head had a simple water flow system and one lever to turn on water and adjust temperature
That being said....this is the new shower and
shower head. Before you ask...yes this was our choice.  We actually saw it working 
in the store.  It has a rain head feature too.

I took my first shower in there Wednesday, July 13th.  I have been waiting for this event every since we selected all our fixtures.  I absolutely love my shower, it is the highlight of my day
This is a re-enactment of the actual event as experienced by me. I selected a Zoombie stand-in from Pizap because, had I been able to see myself this is what I am sure I would have seen. Water from PicMonkey.

I had a shower head malfunction.  
For inquiring I don't take my shower in my clothes but
our blog is a Family Blog no birthday suits here.
I turned on the water, selected the exact temperature, easy peasy.  I didn't notice the angle of the head, when I got in it had me standing back against the wall. When I tried to adjust the head, I mistakenly turned it to the massage/beat the living daylights out of you setting. The water was in my my eyes. At the same time I did this I somehow hit a little button that releases the smaller head (found this out after my shower). That thing started twisting and turning like a snake spraying water all over creation. It was like being in a water park. I got that back in place, quickly finished a very stressful shower and got out, dried off and commenced to figuring out what in the world happened at which time I noticed
water all the way up about 7' on the tile, the painted walls also had considerable splashes on them. Thankfully not drenched. They dried ok. The culprit to all this drama
was the shower head was aimed straight.  I tilted it down, turned on the water and yep it was A OK.  Thursday night 7/14 I have the best most relaxing shower ever!! Now I know why Madi's Dad let me take the first shower in there.  He is cat like he does not like change...he likes for me to figure things out first.  LOL So in closing you can teach TOGM new tricks and you can lead her to the shower stall but the rest is up to her.
We hope, in time, you are all able to UNSEE the visual picture we painted.

Madi here: regular DRY programming will return tomorrow.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Easy Like Sunday and Return of Plates

Guest spotters Frankie and Ernie*
*3. STAWITME, Stay with me
*4. JOYMKER, joy maker on a convertible
6. NYMET#16, Fan of #16 New York Mets
7. SML4ANNA, Smile for Anna
8. SLVRDRGN, Silver Dragon
9. EVRAFTER, Ever after
10. 1MAG!NE, Imagine (original spelling was already used so the used a one for the first I and and exclamation point for second i)
11. RETROCAT...Ohh I want that one
12. LIP-JMP, Probably initials
13.K9RESQR, Canine Rescuer
14. DZNY, Disney
15. RON'SZ4, on a BMW
16. BATWING, on an Alpha Romero
17. INSUREM, insure them
18. JMFCRUZIN, Just made for cruising
19. LEITHAL, Lethal
20. DABLUZ, The Blues as in music
21. RUNS4FUN, Runs for fun
22. NCHOKIES, NC resident who is a Hokies fan
23. FLUTEPLR, Flute player
24. LAVA
25. MIAI4, Missing in action I 4?
26. ANTWIFE, Aunt Wife or Ant Wife...both crazy
28. SPUMONI (yummy) on a Fiat
29. TANK on a Tennis First vanity plate
30. MXANY1, Max anyone
31. TERN-N-DAR, Turn in there?
32. PURRPOWR, Purr Power I want that one too
33. LVMYCWBY, Love my cowboy
34. OGWHIZ, Oh Gee Whiz
35. RHEWSTER, another spelling for Rooster
36. BORICU@ no clue
37. 1CSTARS2, I see stars too
38. LIGATUR, An attorney
39. JUSCHAS, Just Charles
40. FRYZ, A French fry lover

Hot off the Dachshund presses by Frankie and Ernie
41. LAB-4 U

That's all for today folks...we have more

My Senior wellness check up....
went very well.  Dr. S gave me an A+
Heart beating, WooHoo
Ears hearing
Teeth 95%pearly white...which amazes him for my age, with just 
an itty bitty amount of light tartar
Furs super soft...the Vet Tech said again my fur feel like Chinchilla
I'm not sure what that is but I hope it isn't in the rodent family.
Senior blood panel results will be in on Monday

Now for the finale....
Last year
July 17, 2015: 11.32 lb.

OMCs we Mom has been trying very hard
to get my weight under 11 lbs since last year we did it. 

As of July 16, 2016 I weight
10.92 lb  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now pass me a sack full of fat.  
I did not even sing the song of my people today.   But then I was grabbed from behind while napping and shoved in to my PTU.  
My vet is only 5 minutes...tops 10 minutes from my house.