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Saturday, February 29, 2020

Saturday Symmetry

Raleigh is growing faster than the speed of light.
This is a similar sight all over.
This building will be mixed use.  Commercial use on the bottom 2 floors and  at least a gazillion
condos/apartments.  As per usual the roads are an after thought, many enlarged with a paint brush.

Happy Leap Day

Friday, February 28, 2020

Friday Fiction, Fill-ins and (call of) Nature

Wally the Dachshund always makes me giggle.  I recall fond memories
of our mighty mini Dachshund Toto.
Today's Final Fiction Friday story is 100% true.
As a witness to a similar tale...I can truly relate.
Dachshunds are Great Danes in their mind's eye.

Drabble Comic Strip for January 25, 2020

Here is My story called Fig Newtons:

Time frame:  late 1970's.....
We're on another trip to Atlantic Beach, NC. On every trip we always stopped for a potty break at Neuse Sport's Shop in Kinston, NC. This particular time the humans had been snacking on Fig Newtons. When we stopped, mom closed up the bag put them in the dashboard of the car. She got out with me for a potty break while dad and sissy went inside. It was early spring so when I finished checking every blade of grass and leaving pee mail, Mom put me in the car.  She made a quick trip inside. As they peeps exited Neuse Sports Shop, Mom and I locked eyeballs.  To her amazement I had some how stretched my very short body to reach the dashboard where the Fig Newtons were stashed. (Note:Dad is  5'11") the seat was as all the way back. This was a long stretch even for a dachshund. I looked at Mom who was now walking faster, then I looked at the Fig Newtons, then back at  Mom. Finally it was clear to me that this could be my last I did what any Dachshund in his right mind would do, I took one last gobble of Fig Newtons as if to say, 'I see you but you aren't here yet so here I go'. It was estimated I ate about 10 of the cookies before Mom got to the car. Thankfully we got to the beach and out of the car before I had a major case of the runs!!! Every time I had to go out I'd look at Mom pathetically as if to say, 'I know I messed up I'm so sorry....please help me'

Note from Mom: We still don't know exactly how he got to them. Bless his little heart he had a rough few days but in no time he was once again roaming for food that was not his. Anyone who is owned by a dachshund knows where there is a will there is a way.

Last Friday for Nature Friday my good friend Boffin Bertie's post was about 
his "Call of Nature".  Since Bertie is a wise WFT, I'm gonna
say this is my version of (the call) of Nature.  If you missed it
may I suggest you click HERE

Here are the Friendly Fill-Ins for tomorrow. Ellen 15 and meowing, came up with the first two.  , Lorianne of Four-Legged Furballs came up with second two.

1. I know spring is almost here when MY Feet Start practicing my Happy Hummingbird Dance
2. I find Jealousy confusing.
3. I have a strong opinion on MANNERS.
4. A roasted duck* is the strangest thing I have ever eaten (been served). 
*One of the professors I worked with at NCSU was also Editor of a European Journal, Diamond and Related Materials. Once a year a conference was held somewhere in Europe.  My husband and I attended two of these the conferences, in Prague (1999)  and Budapest (2001).  I worked  about 1/2 a day at the editorial desk.  After lunch, we were tourists.  While in Prague, we went out to dinner with several conference attendees.  I wanted to try something I had never eaten.  I ordered roasted duck. I expected it to be served sliced on my plate, like turkey.  I'm told, the look on my face when the server sat the entire intact duck (minus feathers, head and feet) in front of me, the look on my face was a priceless. Very reminiscent of the last scene in A Christmas Story

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Thoroughly Thankful Poetic Thursday #9

Thankful Thursday with Brian and his Siblings

Thankful Thursday

First thank you all for your thoughts and comments yesterday regarding the Fiasco that was our Anniversary dinner.  Let me just say there was so much I didn't write.
 And I cleaned up what I did write. 
As several of you mentioned Political Correctness has gone so far as to
make rudeness ok and those who suffer thru it at a loss.


Today we join Two  SPOILED CATS 
Angel Sammy and Teddy for their poetic pictorial poem.

Here is today's inspiration

Dancing close is what we do.
To and fro we go,
to the beat of the rhythm.
 My peep toe heels offer no protection.
I hold on tight and hope
he doesn't step on my toes or drop 
me on my on my nose.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Wordy and Wordless Wednesday:Anniversary Dinner

We all know I can be I'll try to condense this as much as possible.

Last Tuesday, February 18, 2020 we went out to dinner for our 50th 
Anniversary, which was February 14th.
Raleigh is huge and there are so many delicious restaurants from which to choose.
This year we chose a locally owned steak house where we have spent
numerous birthdays and anniversaries over the years.  The food is outstanding, 
steaks cooked to perfection and one of the absolutely best salad bars that I have ever seen.
I guess you could say it was a trip down memory lane and a desire to support small
business owners.

I'm adding a few very pretty snow pictures from last Friday
they will serve as the Wordless part of the post!!!  

 Now to set the scene for the drama.
It was a warm day for February about 63 F.  Meals are cooked on built in gas
grill in an open kitchen.  The small dining room can warm up quickly so they have to
have the temperature a bit chilly from the start of dining hours.
It is an intimate establishment with ~15 tables in the main dining room for two and four diners,
all about 2' apart.  They have a banquet room that can be used also.
Due to the size of the dining room most folks know to arrive before 5:30.
We arrived a few minutes before their 5PM opening and were the first to be seated.
While we were waiting for our server (maybe a minute or two),
the dining room began to fill up quickly. 
Once seated, you wait for your server, to give her your order  then proceed to the salad bar.
Which we did.

So this is what happened:
Within a few minutes the  hostess guided a group of four to the table beside us.  A late-50ish y.o. female, exclaimed in a very loud, rude voice,"it is cold in here, can you do something about it".  The hostess replied, I'll see what I can do. Then one of the younger women asked in her best screeching indoor voice, Do you have a bathroomThe hostess directed her to the loo.
 I soon discover the older woman was mom to the three adults with her.
Rather than sit down they all went directly to the salad bar.

Things went downhill fast.
Once all were back table they started eating, talking with their mouths full. 
The conversation at the table between the Mom and the younger daughter was not suitable for dining at home and certainly not in a  public venue.  Loud, obnoxious and argumentative and at one point rather raunchy. I won't even go into details
other than to say if you are old enough to remember the movie. was much like that. If you haven't heard of it, you can ask Gigi Google to 
link you up.  

Other folks around them were glancing over and shaking their heads.
Our meal arrived it was delicious as always, our server was kind, efficient and attentive.
Finally we were ready to leave. You don't pay the server you take it to
the hostess at the front.   The Chef was standing by her.  He asked how our meal was,
to which I replied excellent as always but the ATMOSPHERE was BAD.
He asked, because of the table beside you?  I replied YES... 
He goes on to tell us they have been coming in at least once a week for a few months.
The restaurant constantly receives complaints from diners.  The owners are trying
to figure out how to solve this growing problem.
I am certain this behavior would not have been accepted once, much less several times at
any of the nice dining establishments that are not locally owned. Since this locally owned, I expect the owners are worried  this bunch will cause a scene and probably sue them.
If they continue to let them dine there, I'm certain they will start to lose business.
Dining there is pricey, we always enjoyed it but will not be going back for a while.
I truly hope others who had their nice meal ruined complained.
Other than let management know how we felt there wasn't much we could do.
Other than eat and suffer.


The burning question in My Mind's Eye, what would you have done

Yesterday, on Comedy Plus' Happy Tuesday,
I found the perfect quote to sum up this fiasco.  
Sandee this was most timely, thank you.

Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience. Mark Twain

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Happy Tuesday Tails with the Grandcats

I love Frisco's spots on his ginger body and his stripes on his ginger tail
Frisco's Daddy just returned from fishing...I think this was his
snack cooler.  I'm sure it probably had some fishy smell mail.

I think Mia might have used too much mousse on her tail...MOL MOL

I made another table runner...this one is Patriotic
I will be able to use it several times throughout the year
Square in Square pattern

Monday, February 24, 2020

Awww Monday: Message from my Nephew KAT

Dearest Aunty HiC

Mom (and Mr. Emerson) always say, “It’s not about the destination; it’s the journey.”

I’m happy she feels that way, because during the past 127 days, we’ve “journeyed” to 9 states,  approximately 4,500 miles, and 

Pup opened his eyes just longer enough to ask: Are we there yet?

Guess where we ended up? 😹😹😹 Yep Georgia.
We arrived home just after dark on Saturday  February 22, 2020

We want to thank you and our great blog Furiends for traveling along with us on our great adventure.

It wouldn’t have been the same without y’all! Who wants to join us on our next excursion?

❤️ Kat Your Feline Nephew

DEAREST DARLIN’ nephew‼️‼️
Thank you for this most wonderful post. I am very excited to post this excellent news!   You all might need a guided tour of your home to become reacquainted.

 Mom and Mr. Emerson are 200000% correct it is the journey and especially those of us who went along w you on your journey.

PS Please tell your Dad he can be my chauffeur any day!! He is one fine journey guide.  You and mom could easily be Nat Geo Wild journalist...excellent commentary and photos and Wildlife videos

Sending loving hugs and a gazillion thank you for being my roving reporters
Your Aunty HiC. 

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Sunday Plants and Plates

*no clue

6. JDOG, On a Jeep
7. MTN-JAG on a Land Rover
8. GEOMANN, *no clue
probably something at N C State University
 10. PENGUENN, Penguin
11. LUVQUILTN, Love quilting
12. XCEDNGLY, Exceedlingly
Blue Hen is a nickname for U. Delaware
Blue Devil nickname for Duke University
Dad of Angel Madi knew this: Hence BLHENDVL
14. WHITSND, White Sand

15. PEACNCSU , Combo of Wm. Peace University and NCSU in Raleigh
16. KPNIT100, no clue
17. ITCANFLY on a Tesla
It can fly but being all battery powered it better be short distance