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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Madi: Saturday Scents..........

Mom left home earlier than usual this morning to pick up my
Heartgard from our Vet.
When she got home, she was ranting and raving about
the new resident cat they have at the Vet's office. His name is
Tootles. Mom did not have the flashy beast with her but she said
not to worry she had something better.
She put her purse in front of me... telling me Tootles had left me some
'smell mail'......
(Side note if you enlarge this below picture you'll notice I have one
hot pink eye. Maybe from the reflection of the pink in Mom's purse)

One sniff and I knew exactly where the alien had been...

Mom said her purse was open and Tootles stuck his head down in the very same
spot. She thought it was wonderful that I was doing the same thing...
Actually I was hanging my head in total disgust.

After all the smells were investigated and I was sure Tootles did not
come home with Mom, I gave my Heartgard package a sniff and
told Mom next time stick to the task at hand don't bring any
smell mail home to me

PS Many of you have asked what in the world those things were in the bag on yesterday's post.
They are clamps used in woodworking.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Madi: I love Bags....

Oh boy look a paper 2nd most favorite thing to get into (my box is my favorite).
Whoa this bag is not empty.
What could this be?

Oh my stars look what is in the you think I should be worried?

Mom what in the world are these and even more importantly
what are you going to do with them?

Please tell me they have nothing at all to do with the care and grooming of
a Diva Cat!!!!!!!
Note from Mom to Madi: Madi they have nothing to do with your care or grooming
but you best be careful where you stick your nose.
There are no more whimsical days to celebrate until early next week.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Madi: National Hat Day & Casey my next door dog

January 15 is National Hat Day
Everyone find a top hat and wear it proudly...
I hope you didn't expect to see me in a hat?!

Introducing Casey my next door neighbor dog.

You've all met several of our canine neighbors, Charlie, Biscuit and Waffle but not
So where to start...let's see Casey is a rescued Border Collie.
She came to live with the family next door to us about 4 years ago. Mom was a little skeptical when they brought her home for many reasons.
Before Casey they had a beautiful Golden Retriever for about a year...then when
their first child came they gave the Golden away. Not good. Then two more
children came. When the last child was 6 they got her a cat. It was supposed to be
indoor but evidently they weren't really cat people. The cat ended up outside.
Then all of a sudden it wasn't there anymore??!!!
So as you see they don't have a good history with pets. Then they bring Casey home 4 years ago and Mom found out Casey was a rescue. Well that says right there she will take extra TLC.
It was obvious early on that Casey had ISSUES which were probably why she was surrendered.

Here is the next picture of Casey. She is a very pretty black and white Border Collie. From day
one, Casey started treating the fence that sits just at our property line, as her border to protect and defend. Unfortunately, it is right where our bird feeders are located. Neither Mom
nor Dad could go in the back yard without Casey charging up to the fence and barking her head off. She is fearless for sure.
Anyone who knows Mom knows she has never met an animal she didn't like.
Well Casey has been a challenge for the last 4 years. Casey is very smart.
Mom was hoping they would take her to agility training but that wasn't to be.
When they got Casey the children in the house were 12, 11 and 9. As we
watched Casey develop, it became obvious that she figured out her place in the family.
She was a herder of kids. Sometimes there were lots of kids to herd. She trained herself.
Any time the kids and their friends were in the yard she gently ran with them
nudged them and basically putting them where she wanted them. As I said
Casey is a smart cookie and probably smarter than her owners.

Over the last year Mom's has noticed that Casey has become a little less vocal when they are in the yard. She will run up to the fence most times not barking at least with us.
She seems to have accepted us into her herd.
Mom got these pictures of Casey over the weekend. She just knew Casey would go ballistic but she didn't she quietly walked up to the fence, struck this nice pose and waited patiently for the photo session.
It appears this family found the perfect pet for 'their' active family.

REPLY to comment From Jack: Casey is pretty much a house dog she is out when the family is out. I used to see them walking her some but not so much anymore. She does run
up and down the other side of her fence with her buddy Charlie Brown the Basset hound.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Madi: Dress Up your Pet Day

Yep my Whimsical Calendar Says tomorrow,

January 14, is Dress Up Your Pet Day

Mom: This is as close as Madi comes to 'wearing anything'!!!
You know it is chilly when Madi tolerates cover.
Look at those sweet eyes they are nearly closed, saying thanks Mom. She was happy and her 'purr motor' was on overload when I took this picture. Don't believe her is she says otherwise.
Madi: As you can see, my dream from yesterday did not come true. Sometimes
you just have to go with the flow.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Madi: 'Make your Dreams Come True Day'

Wednesday January 13, is
"Make Your Dreams Come True Day"
according to Mom's whimsical calendar in the Carolina Woman magazine...

This is my upside down kitty pose,
I'm dreaming about the flashy beast going on the blink.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Madi: What is this you ask?

It is one of my favorite things about Christmas curly ribbon aka kitty curly fries.
Mom hangs all our Christmas Cards on the stairs using this ribbon.
After she ties each card, she curls it with the scissors.
I love playing with these. So now that the cards are down Christmas is really over!!!
PS yes mom just took them down but her theory is if the decorations are inside you can be a bit slack....and she says my cat-i-tude needs work??!!!

Note: Madi only plays with it under my supervision.
She has been known to eat the ribbon.

PS: Tuesday, January 12, is Martha and Bailey's Mom's birthday....

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Madi and Mom: Too cute not to share

Monday, January 11, 2010 is National Milk Day!!!

As you all know, we have a variety of puppies in our neighborhood.
Often I sees two beagles (male and femal) walking their owners. They come from the
neighborhood just up the street from us.
You know it is cold in NC when you see andy dog wearing a coat.
Early this morning (Sunday), I saw them coming down sidewalk.
I had to LOL when I realized both had on coats. The female beagle in a pink the male in black.
I always thinkof beagles hunting and rough and tough. HA!!!
(please click to enlarge for a better view)

PS Monday January 11, 2010 is Olive's Mom's birthday......
Mom loves birthdays...and would like to encourage all our blogging
friends to toot their own horn when it is their b-day or their beloved
pet's b-day so that we can all drop by to say Howdy.
Hugs and Meows and Happy Birthday to anyone we might have missed so far this year.
Madi and Mom