Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Madi: Dress Up your Pet Day

Yep my Whimsical Calendar Says tomorrow,

January 14, is Dress Up Your Pet Day

Mom: This is as close as Madi comes to 'wearing anything'!!!
You know it is chilly when Madi tolerates cover.
Look at those sweet eyes they are nearly closed, saying thanks Mom. She was happy and her 'purr motor' was on overload when I took this picture. Don't believe her is she says otherwise.
Madi: As you can see, my dream from yesterday did not come true. Sometimes
you just have to go with the flow.


  1. Hi, Madi and Mom. Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope it warms up soon for you in NC - after all, it isn't supposed to be THAT cold there, is it?

  2. Hi Madi & Mom, we hate clothes! Like you Madi, Bailey will have a little blankie when she is cold and lets face it - it is cold!
    You look extra specially cute under your blankie and we can hear you purring......
    Stay warm
    Martha & Bailey xxxx

  3. Hi Madi and Mom! I think my cats are going to be very upset at you for mentioning that tomorrow is dress up your pet day! I may have to try and get them dressed up again just for it :)

  4. Oh Madi~!!! You look so super kyute under your blankie!!! We all want to come join you in a slumber!!! BTW...Thank you mom for us (NOT) about letting our mom know what tomorrow is. We are in trouble for the rest of the night! THANX MADI'S MOM!!! MOL

  5. Mamas can be persistent can't they Madi!


  6. Well, glad you like blankies anyway, lol

  7. Hi Madi
    I love it also sleep under blankies
    its always so warm I like that :-)
    You are looking very cute ....
    Enjoy my sweetheart !!
    Kareltje =^.^=

  8. I like that "purr motor"! My motor is soft... mom can't hear it!

  9. Madi, Happy's purr motor is very soft and I cann't hear it unless I get very close to her.
    Tiger amd Friend were loud purrers!! I miss that!
    Pet Madi for me, Fern & Happy

  10. Jack has discovered the joys of electric blankets - but only after I leave the bed.

  11. Dress up your pet day, I'm doing it! Thanks :)

  12. Well, Madi, your dream yesterday was a good try. You look comfy there, though!

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  13. Hi Madi!
    I'm with you. Momma better not even THINK about dressing me up in anything, I may have to put the bitey on her if she tried.


  14. Hi Madi and Mom,

    You look so cute under your blanket Madi, you are making us sleepy just watching you. Getting Cindi Lou to even accept a blanket is near impossible, somehow I have the feeling clothes would really make her bring out the claws, ouch!

    Sorry we didn't make it by yesterday, it was just one of those super busy days.

    Hugs & purrs,
    Judy and Cindi Lou

  15. Hi Madi and mom

    Its kinda funny because Maxx likes to dress up, but the Mo Man says " wearing his collar is enough." and when it is just a little chilly outside Sadie always wants her hoodie on.

  16. Madi, you are sooo cute under the covers!

  17. Oh no! We will not let mom see this...we do not want her to get any ideas about dressing us up!! The most dress up we do is wearing our collars!

  18. I know you are wanting the flashy beast to be dropped on the floor and broken into pieces but I must say that is an awful cute photo of you. You look like your engine should be in overdrive.

  19. While Madi looks adorable, warm and comfortable under the blanky, I have to scram. Thanks for the heads up. I have an aversion to clothes and I'm going to disappear for a day. I'll leave my easy-going sister behind and yall can dress her as you please, she's a good sport.
    Thanks again Madi and Mom

  20. Hi, Madi!
    I guess my mom thinks "Dress Up Your Pet Day" is celebrated 365 days a year!
    Hmmm... I can't complain. I love my dresses because they mean... walkies!
    Kisses and hugs

  21. Lookin' good! Beth says to tell you that everyday is dress up your pet day.

  22. Madi, I can hear you purring in that pic and you know it! hee hee hee

  23. I left a long comment to you Cecilia and Madi on my blog because I could not get on your blog this am. I have had trouble with Spy actoins goimg on all am. I am getting off.

  24. Madi, you are a cat, but so much like me! I love blankies..not clothes. I look better all natural, thank you very much! BOL

    Raining here today..half day at school though--yay!!

    Licks from me!

    Olive :)

  25. I think it's cruel when people make their pets play dress up, so I love the cover on Madi. So sweet!!


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