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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Madi Presents: Did you know.....

Today, February 13, according to our Whimscial Calendar, is
"Madly in Love with Me Day" sounds like the perfect day for
a kitty to celebrate the day before Valentine's Day.

Did you know this about Eastern North Carolina:

Harker's Island hosts the annual Core Sound Decoy Festival in December
Morehead City is the home of the NC Seafood Festival the 1st weekend of October every year
The oldest town in the state is Bath incorporated in 1705
Havelock is the home of Marine Base "Cherry Point" largest air base in the Marine Corps
Pepsi was invented and first served in New Bern in 1898
The Swiss and German Settlement of New Bern was named in honor of the founder's home, Bern, Switzerland. "Bern" is the old Germanic word for Bear.
The State Sea Shell is the
Scotch Bonnet

Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Flashback

Happy Friday.....
You all know I (Madi) am a Diva and enjoy being an only cat; however,
I know if it had not been for dear sweet Milky-Way (MW) my family's first cat
I would not be the diva that I am. Mom recently found
a lot of pictures of MW (and I mean a LOT). She is trying to
gradually get all of our old photos scanned.
I asked mom to share pictures of Milky-Way with all my friends on Fridays.
If I had known MW, I know we would have been buddies.
He seemed to know the warmest places to sleep....
the best places to hide
and the best places to explore...
Although had I been involved in this
adventure ,I would have asked him WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?
Was he trying to potty, get a drink, or just take a swim?

This kind of looks like me but I ASSURE you it is not. There is no way,I'd ever walk anywhere near water. His stripes don't show up in this photo.
Thank you MW for being such a good and happy kitty.
Love your Sis

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thursday Things out of place

Look I found more of Mom's shoes out of place.
There will be more demerits for not putting up her boots away.
They belong in the closet just a few feet to the left.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Krispy Kreme Doughnut Challenge Day

What is this you ask?
It is the halfway point** to the 6th Annual Krispy Kreme Doughnut Challenge
Keep reading for the details.......

Saturday, February 6, dawned cold and gray with intermittent snow flurries....
but not to worry those entered in the Annual Krispy Kreme Doughnut Challenge would not
be cold because they were about to consume 1 dozen Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.
The race is to raise money for N. C. Childern's Hospital. There were 6,000
participants who would eat a total of 72,000 doughnuts.

The starting point of the race is N C State Univeristy's Memorial Bell Tower pictured below

They ran to the Krispy Kreme Doughnut** parking lot a distance of ~2.4 miles
where each participant was given 1 dz 'Hot Now' Doughnuts to eat
then run back to the NC State Memorial Bell Tower, hopefully without barfing along the way,
Some of the strategy used to scarf down 1 dz doughnuts is to mash as many as 3 or 4
together making a doughnut sandwich eating all at one time, another is to
dunk the doughnuts in water to remove the sugar glaze then eating them.....phew!!!
Madi here: Mom and Dad told me about this stupid human trick.

Since it was for a good cause, I give it one paw.....but I have to ask what is a doughnut, why do humans feel the need to eat them then run 4.8 miles in the cold and snow?
Worse yet!!!!Dad is now talking about starting a training regimen for next year's Challenge. He says his regimen will be focused on the doughnut consumption part. I told him good luck with that project 'cause as soon as Mom sees him eating them he will be on bread and water.

Statistics on 72,000 dougnhuts:

1.weight one third of a ton
2. a stack of 72,000 doughnuts would stand about 7,500'
3. eating 1dz doughnuts will get you 144 grams of fat,120 grams of sugar, 1,140 milligrams of sodium and 2,400 calories
4. for 6,000 participants that comes to 14.4 million total calories...the equivalent of enough energy to power a 60 watt light bulb for 31.8 years.

I, Madi, rest my case......STUPID HUMAN TRICKS
Mom and I would like to thank Dad for his valuable contribution to this post!!!


Tuesday, February 9, 2010


My very first Valentine Card ever in my entire 7 years and 11 months of life!!!!
Here I am admiring the front of the card.
Many of you may know there is one very big puppy who loves
Sponge Bob Square Pants....guess who?
Yep it is Remington

Here I am reading my card.... and wishing I could catch a bubble
I knew Rem was one fine looking pup but I had no idea he could
write his name.....brawns and brains what a package!!!
Mom especially liked this bookmark ....and oh does she agree with what is says.

Mom and I want to thank our good friend.....
Remington and his Mom......for surprising Madi with her very first
Valentine Card and for Mom's bookmark....
Meows and gentle head pats,

Monday, February 8, 2010

Madi and Dad's routine the rest of the story....

Today, February 8th is
'Read in the bathtub Day'
so we thought this was a good day to
post the rest the story about my routine of staying in the
bathroom while Dad shaves and showers. Well what you didn't get to see
was exactly where I sit. Dad fixes it up just right for me as you can see in this picture.
Note: Mom took this last weekend. She had to promise to crop out Dad's reflection in the mirror, bummer but we do what we have to do to keep you all entertained.
Madi and Mom

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday This and That

This is Dad's man cave. Since he is not in here, I think I'll try out HIS chair for size.....

He sometimes invites us girls in for a visit
Maybe I can hide his remotes or step on the volume button
so that he scares the beejeepers out of him when he turns on the tv....

This is my very favorited plate....why you ask
Mom serves my Fancy Feast on it and it
has pictures of Winnie the Pooh, Christopher Robbins and Tigger too

Mom left her clod hoppers in the floor A G A I N!!
She will receive demerits for this!!!
Can you imagine the trouble I'd get in if I left my
shoes in the middle of the floor?