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Monday, February 8, 2010

Madi and Dad's routine the rest of the story....

Today, February 8th is
'Read in the bathtub Day'
so we thought this was a good day to
post the rest the story about my routine of staying in the
bathroom while Dad shaves and showers. Well what you didn't get to see
was exactly where I sit. Dad fixes it up just right for me as you can see in this picture.
Note: Mom took this last weekend. She had to promise to crop out Dad's reflection in the mirror, bummer but we do what we have to do to keep you all entertained.
Madi and Mom


  1. Your dad is so very thoughtful to lay a towel for your comfort!
    Heehee.. can we see the pic before it got cropped? :P

  2. do you do that Madi?? I would fall off the edge!

    Licks from Olive!

  3. We love hanging out in the bathroom too!!

    About our high railing.... we love to walk across it and make our mom and dad freak out! We're really quite good at it, like little acrocats!

  4. Hi Madi, your lucky to have the privledge of being in the bathroom...we are not allowed in our bathrooms because one of us (Scooter) pees in the tub and our Mom goes nuts!!!
    So the rule is, keep the bathroom doors shut!!!!
    Have a good Monday!
    Lou, Lilly and Scooter

  5. Madi, I am surprised you are not turned off by the humidity in the bathroom!
    I thought cats hate water!
    But I bet it's nice and toasty in there.

  6. Thats so cute Madi.Does your Dad ever give you a shaving cream beard?

  7. I am so glad to hear that you are not AT ALL spoiled!

  8. Your story made me laugh Madi, M.O.M. crops lot's of pictures cause M.O.D. doesn't like his image in some of them. Amd some of them would have made you laugh real hard!!!!! Your dad is nice to give you a warm soft place to wait for him. Hugs and wags, Mistaya.

  9. Madi, your dad seriously loves you! Can you say spoiled?

  10. That's wonderful! We love bathroom cats!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  11. Not that you've posted he's probably not looking - post the uncropped pic! ;)

  12. We're sure your dad couldn't do it without your snoopervision, lovely Madi. BTW, we are both bathroom cats...:) xxxxxxxxxx

  13. Madi did say something about having to train her mom and dad properly. This proves that she has just check out that setup you have there! Go Madi! HA!

  14. Your so lucky that your dad lets you stay in the bathroom while he's in there! AND GIVES YOU A TOWEL TOO!!! Our dad always kicks us out. We like to jump in the sink while he's shaving. We think it's fun, but we don't get why he doesn't...

  15. Hi Madi, we like how your snoopervise your Dad - we would love to have seen his reflection!
    Humans are so strange - they post every pic they get of us but none of themselves!
    Once we learn to use the camera Madi they better look out.
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  16. What beautiful green eyes you have!!

  17. Hi Madi,

    You get to stay with your daddy while he showers? Bet you have the most beautiful skin due to all that steam? And you need to learn how to use one of those flashy boxes. Candid shots are the best!

    Oh, and Happy Anniversary to your mommy and Daddy on the 14th. How exciting to be married on Valentines Day!

    Mommy wanted to tell your mom that Jason was just awarded a grant. He is going to be on the front page of some popular farming newspaper real soon so you might look for it.

    Luv ya all,
    Riley and Star.

  18. We like to hang out in the bathroom too=when Mom's in there, it's always warm...Sometimes, when the bathtub or shower are empty, we bring our toys in there and play!...purrs...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  19. Madi, I'm a bit off the subject here, but maybe you can help me clarify something? Why is it that our peoples photograph us non stop (nutty stalkers, paparazzi etc) and then we have to wipe out even their smallest reflections? What's up with that?

  20. Madi, Boomer has a thing about being in the baffroom wiff mom when she takes a baff. She will even sit on the side of the tub, and sometimes stick her paw or tail in the water. She is weird...


  21. HI Madi!

    It's nice and relaxin in the bathroom with the Dad, isn't it?
    YOU look so comfy!
    I wait for Mom but usually it's right outside of the bathroom. She takes so too!

    purry purrs

  22. Haha! Madi, we bet you see a lot of things that could entertain us when you sit in the bathroom!!

  23. Hi Madi and C,
    Happy loves to hang out in the bathroom too. No matter what you are doing in the bathroom!! She wants to be with you. It's just love!!!
    Purrs, Happy Bambi & Fern

  24. Hi Madi & Mom,

    Madi you are one lucky diva, a nice warm bathroom and a comfortable place to sit. Mom says I can hang out in the bathroom if I want but I don't like the sound of the shower.

    Purrs & Hugs,
    Cindi Lou and Judy

  25. Hi, Madi!
    The rest of your routine is great!
    I'd love to do that but... I guess I am too big!
    So, my place is right at the door of the shower!
    Kisses and hugs

  26. I think your dad is a very kind, caring man to set out a towel so you will be comfy...or else he doesn't want kitty hair all over the sink! Either way, you win!

  27. Wow Madi, Dory keeps Mama company every morning in the bathroom! Maybe he is part kitty!?


  28. Ummmm...I mean Bilbo keeps Mama company..I sleep in every day, someone has to!


  29. Does your Daddy pet you while he is getting ready for the day? It is very nice of him to make a spot especially for you every day. Dads are the best, aren't they?


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