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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Siesta Saturday

I am kinda liking all the Blanket Volley Ball pictures mom found!!

Friday, September 22, 2017

Welcome to Blanket Volleyball

First time ever in BLOGVILLE 

Of course like with any games/events there are a few rules from YAM-Aunty aka  the Rule(r) ...that might have been altered a wee bit!! So we'll get those out of the way lickety split

1. Anybuddy who is caught butt sniffin' will be sent to time out
2. If you are caught hissin', you will be instantly missin' from the games
3. No leg lifting, squatting and FOR sure no diggin' on the equipment
4. No bitey face just kissy face
5. At the end of each game, there will be paw shakin' and huggin'
6. Most impawtant rule is The Rule(r) will not always appear as the beautiful, well dressed Official you see above. She has lots of tools and can see all that goes on so 
B E W A R E!!

Fling that ball any which way you can to keep enemy opponent from getting it

Venue: Blanket Volley ball has an indoor and an outdoor court.  
The above rules apply for both venues.

Towels or blankets for each pair

FIRST GAME Out of Doors
Tuiren, Lucy, Misty and Fenris working well as a team keeping their
eyes (not) on the ball but lo and behold they get it over the net
Here the crowd roaring!!
the Rule(r) has accused Madi of squatting or digging, but Madi stands her ground

Yang got really excited gave that ball a fling right to Madi

Scylla and Chimera wanted no part of this action and Yep they all heard the Rule(r) blow the whistle on the play

OMCs everybuddy thought inside Blanket Volleyball would be calm I think we'll head
back outside

Lightning, Mayor Arty, Jakey and Yin were enjoying a friendly
game when lo and behold ...this happened
Madi remember no hissy kitties allowed

This is what happens when you let two independent German men on the field at the same time.

Team AireOregon took on a ton of two leggers

Huggie Puggies Mabel and Hazel put an entirely new 'TWIST' to playing
Blanket Volleyball.  They used their brains instead of brawn

Team Black Beauties Millie (L) Siddhartha(R)were winning then the Rule(r) called a
Somehow from some unknown place Millie jumped smack in the middle of the blankie and someone started playing Blanket Volley ball with all the wrong balls

OMCs I was in a sunpuddle lazing about and watching Walter practices his moves,
when all of a sudden look who showed up the newest Woonderful pup...Timber.

Phoebe was playing one on one when her opponent literally gave up
Rule(r) is staying really busy with these games I hope and purr she isn't gonna demand
extra treats for the extra overtime.

2 Vertically Challenged Blanket Volleyball players with their own style

Somebuddy on the sidelines complained about the type of ball...the Rule(r) checked her handbook.

Oh my cats Phod and Lee trekked all the way from Canada to pawticipate...they 
got a wee bit off course.  Thank goodness The Rule(r) hears and sees all

Oh a once in a lifetime event!!!!!

What happens when a Buttie Pillar Princess, Margarita Queen and Norwegian Mouse
meet on the Blanket Volley Ball court?

Answer: The Rule(r) blows her whistle.

All 3 of them have their own rules and came with their own balls tools

Rule(r) had to oust Mr. Jack Freckles and Bertie because noses and tails are not allowed

Mom and I thank YAM-Aunty aka  Rule(r) for all her hard work, for wearing so many faces and showing up in so many places during the Blanket Volley Ball event!  
She graciously sent us a head shot and told us
to do something silly with it!!  YAM-Aunty we hope I sillies tickled your funny bone.

We are officially folding up our blankies and say

We also thank all of our able bodied pawticipants for their pawsitive attitudes and agility
and for all who stopped by to hopefully enjoy our craziness. 
We thank DB Boyz and Idaho Pug Ranch
 for hosting the picnic and Barn dance

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

Angel Sammy and brudder Teddy

Today's 4 word challenges are 
open, octopus, olive and odd

Oh Sammy dear you sent a swarm of (brain) worms on a crazy path
they embedded themselves in Mom's head.
Our poems are most often about pussy cats.
Odd(ly) this one is all about an octOpussy
Whom I understand is not a bit wussy.
Her name is Olive Oyl.
She can be pushy

Popeye the Sailor is her man
He can open a can with his bare hands
His love is true he spoils her with mushy words. 
He sings of his strengths while puffin' on a pipe.

THE END!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Meow like a Pirate

IT IS MY 87th Meow like a Pirate Day and it is always fun

Mom found a Pirate Dictionary on Google woohoo
We will attempt to meow like a Pirate 
English word has a strike through.  Pirate talk is in bold italics beside it.

ARRRRG are you  ready?

I gladly admit to looking like  a fool addlepate in this
mask but you know when we do something we go all out

Shiver me timbers Mom Cap'n my Cap'n
has turned into a gun packing woman Wench
 Yo-ho-ho seaman sea dogs there is  non-sailor landlubber 
right side starboard

 Never fear Wench Madi has them in her eyes deadlights

 Sink me! (expression of surprise)  Look at the loot swag we found while looking through our telescope spyglass
Good bye Fair winds Matey, Buckos, Me hearties  and Wenches 
(all pirate talk for crew)  
Grab a mug of Rum and be on ye way before me makes ye walk 
the gangplank.

Thanks to everyone who signed up for Blanket Volley Ball
Here is our final list of players.  It has been such a fun event to cre8te!!

Tuiren, Lucy, Misty, Fenris, Yang, Scylla, Chimera, Lightning, Yin,
Mayor Arty and Jakey, Christmas, Yam Aunty, Da Phenny, Hazel and Mabel,
Millie (dog), Siddhartha, Millie (cat), Walter, Phoebe,
Introducing Timber the newest Woo, Bentley and Pierre, Phod, Lee,
 Chester, Speedy the Cheeky bunny, Princess Leah, 

AireGal Ruby, Mouse...the mouse from Norway,
 Bertie and Mr. Jack Freckles!!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Mews from Madi Manor

Last week Mom was messing around in our storage room. The door to this room is
always closed.  Of course this curious kitty takes full advantage of an open door.
I sniffed around checking things out

While I was up on the dresser  noticed something odd

Today is you last chance to sign up for Blanket Volley Ball event at the Blogville Picnic
DEADLION is 5pm today DST aka East Coast

If you would like to pawticipate in my Blanket Volleyball, 
please send me a picture of you standing on all fours or NOT...MOL
Mom can maneuver them with pizap.  Just send photos...
If you send in more than one photo, please note your name(s) that go with each photo 

EMAIL to: 
Please send it to candb214ATattDOTnet

I'm 'borrowing a GREAT idea from Da Phenny'!
Below I'm listing furiends who have sent me photos for this event:
If you sent me a photo and don't see your name Roar or Grown OUT LOUD.

Tuiren, Lucy, Misty, Fenris, Yang, Scylla, Chimera, Lightning, Yin,
Mayor Arty and Jakey, Christmas, Yam Aunty, Da Phenny, Hazel and Mabel,
Millie (dog), Siddhartha, Millie (cat), Walter, Phoebe
and Introducing Timber the newest Woo, Bentley and Pierre, Phod, Lee and Chester, and Speedy the Cheeky bunny, Ruby the AireGal, Princess Leah
and Mouse....a mouse from Norway!

Sunday, September 17, 2017