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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Saturday: Cat's Bill of Rights # 10

Cat's Bill of Rights #11 as stated int Chicken Soup for the Soul: Lovin' our Cats, with some
words added by Mom...
I have the right to
kill/sniff the paper towel rolls
that might otherwise sneak up on you at night.....or at least keep an eye on them for any
sinister behavior......
Note from Mom: Madi was killing it until she saw me come around the corner.
She repeatedly reminds me she is a cat and she does not perform on command!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Pot Luck #8

Happy Friday...I think I'll settle down for a nap. Mom has to keep an old sheet on top of the comforter
on this bed.  If you look carefully you'll see lots of Madi hair right where I'm about to take a nap. MOL
Mom has been at it again....drivin' and writin' (not really). Playing the word game.
She says remembers them until she gets to a stop light.
We figured out most of them out our answers are at the end....
Business names on vehicles
1. Mutt Cuts....the name of a mobile grooming pet grooming van
2. Close Calls....seen on a mobile vet clinic van

Auto Lic. Tags
4.NOT PC (on a Jeep)
(this one is for my Cap'n Ripley)*
12. WE LUVR3
14.  J'EATYET (Mom's favorite)
Our answers:
1. from New York to North Carolina
2. See North Carolina First
3. Pennsylvania to North Carolina 1990
4. Just as it says I guess  a Jeep is not PC
*5. PirateArr 
(NC is the home of East Carolina University, their mascot is a Pirate)
6.  No Clue!!
7. I mediate
8. Dog Gone Fast
9. Bear (we expect BEAR was taken so they used @)
10. SALMON (we expect the SALMON was taken so the used 4 in place of the A)
11.  FLAVOR RULES (this was on an Electric Blue, Hot as Heck, Nissan S370Z)
12. No clue!! 
13. Coaster Crazy
14. This is true Southernese for "Did you eat yet"

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thursday Theme Song:

Today's Thursday Them Song is by one of Mom's favorite teeny boppers (sigh)
Bobby Vee recorded in 1960
written by B. Weisman, D. Wayne and M. Garrett
The Night has a Thousand Eyes
(and yes she has a video of it at the end for those of you TOO young to remember it.
It is a peepy song so hang on to your hats

They say that you're a runaround lover
Though you say it isn't so
But if you put me down for another
I'll know, believe me I'll know
'cause the night has a thousand eyes
And a thousand eyes can't help but see if you are true to me
So remember when you tell those little white lies
that the night has a thousand eyes

You say that you're at home when you phone me

And how much you really care
Though you keep telling me that you're lonely
I'll know if there is someone there
'cause the night has a thousand eyes.
One of these days you are going to be sorry
'cause your game I'm going to play
And you'll find out without really tryin'
Each time that my kisses stray
'cause the night has a thousand eyes

Madi and I thank Hootin' Anni for sponsoring this fun filled day...
Anni you have turned Mom into a Thursday Theme Song nut!!!
The eye collage is full of eyes of several eyes you might recognize...
Mom rec'd permission to use their pictures some time ago. The ideas for songs just
randomly pop into Mom's noggin'(yep she is a weird one for sure)..this one popped up on 10/30/10.  I wish it had hit sooner 'cause it would have been very very special to have all of your eyes in the collage.
See if you can guess who they are!!
If you can't guess, let us know we'll tell you!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

If it is Tuesday it is.......

 I MUST snoopervise this very important
boy job.....and there is only one boy in the family!!!

He must not have heard me.... D A D
 Ah here he comes...Mom asked me to remind you to take out the
Recycling today....
Snoopervising DAD is a very hard job....
I think I need a nap.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Sleepless in Raleigh

No matter where I go
 Mom and the flashy beast
 find me.....
How is a Diva supposed to get her beauty rest?

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween and Jack's SAYDWP Day

Madi is celebrating SAYDWP: S(leep) A(nywhere) Y(ou) D(arn) W(ell) P(lease) Day with
Because today is Halloween and some of us furkids are 'a scared' of the door bell so we choose to
sleep through HALLOWEEN any darn place we please!!!
Thanks Jack and TG for thinking of this very fine way to spend a very SPOOKY day and for this
very nice SAYDWP CARD