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Saturday, November 21, 2020

Saturday Symmetry


Original shed photo taken at Falls Lake Recreation State Park

Shed in Black and White

Friday, November 20, 2020

Nature and Feline Friday

We thank our Host LLB Gang and Comedy Plus

Nature Friday, photos taken November 13, 2020
It was quite foggy but we have found we see more wildlife on foggy days
This is a Hawk...not sure what kind
Other than to zoom in on this photo it is SOOTC(straight out of the camera)
Quite an interesting effect with fog and bare limbs.

This is a MAN and very serious wildlife photographer with a long lens. I'm sure he knew 
the name of the Hawk; however, we didn't want to disturb him or the Hawk

I am 100% sure this is a black doodle taking his lady and man for a walk.
They too stopped for a brief moment to look at the Hawk

The below photo was taken on our trip to Falls Lake on Monday, November 16.
Such unusual looking fungus (I guess).  The tree was a victim of storms.
I expect the fungus to be very hard and dry.  It was soft and moist almost looked like tiny oyster shells.

 Bizarro:Wayno and Piraro

Rhymes with Orange: Hilary B. Price

Angel Madi adored Boxes!!!

Rhymes with Orange: Hilary B. Price
Hilary has had a box theme for several weeks.
I'm wondering if she has recently moved? MOL

Madi loved her condo's too...especially this one with a skylight

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Thoroughly Thankful Poetic Thursday #46

  Today we join Two  SPOLED CATS 

Angel Sammy and Teddy for their poetic pictorial poem.

Here is today's inspiration 

Hold my hand 
my dear Man
I've got a tight grip
 I don't want to fall 
My gown might rip
or even worse my CAN 

Thankful Thursday for my husband, who just like the picture, takes me on fun treks and 
adventures and of course there are always pictures. (Rest assured neither of us would be on a skate board.  LOL).  No trails were taken due to 
trails being too wet and full of debris from T. S. Eta 
Monday, November 16, we took such a trip. 
About 20 miles north of our house 

Falls Lake State Recreation Area is

38,000 acres of aquatic paradise offering recreations 7 different recreation areas swimming, boating, fishing, mountain bike and walking trails and picnic shelters.  We will be going back to take trails but today I'm showing you the area around the welcome center.

The lake is named for the Falls of the Neuse, a once whitewater section of the river that fell from the Piedmont into the lower Coastal Plain submerged during construction of the lake.

The lake provides drinking water for several of the surrounding communities, including the city of Raleigh, aids with flood control and serves as a recreation area and wildlife habitat.

Work on the dam that holds the lake began in 1978 and was completed in 1981. 

Thursday, November 12, T.S. Eta dumped 5" of rain over Casa de Angel Madi
Judging by the flooded floating deck, Falls Lake obviously rec'd a fair share of rain too 

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Wx4: W(ordless)W(ings)W(ater)W(ednesday)

Hosted by Comedy Plus

T.S. Eta dropped 5" of rain on November 12.
Friday, November 13, was a lucky day foggy but not rainy.
We decided to take the N.C. Museum of Art Trail.
Thank goodness Bird Expert and employee of the NCMA was taking photos 
So I was able to ask the name of the unusual looking bird.
We had lots of excellent sightings
2 Males and 1 Female
Hooded Merganser
This photo of the Hooded Merganser was borrowed from Gigi Google

The hooded merganser is a species of small diving duck. It is the only extant species in the genus Lophodytes. The genus name derives from the Greek language: lophos meaning 'crest', and dutes meaning 'diver
This is a male


Now for the photos we took

The Museums Bird Expert

She told me they will be here for the winter.

Hooded mergansers are short-distance migrants, and they winter in the United States in regions where winter temperatures allow for ice-free conditions on pondslakes and rivers. They have two major year-round ranges. One is in the eastern United States from the southern Canada–US border along the Atlantic Coast to the Gulf Coast in the region of the Mississippi delta. A smaller year-round range extends from Washington state and southern British Columbia to northern Idaho.

You may biggify the below for a closer look

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Tuesday Trail Tale: NC Museum of Art and x Bonus

Three in one treasures on the NC Museum of Art Trail
One of the giant circles is a frame for the smoke stack and sculpture

 No matter what angle you view these 3 giant rings they take on a life of their own.  Sometimes appearing right in a row but they aren't 

From Raleigh we travel to N. Ogden, UtaH
Where we have friend in very HIGH Beautiful Places
This was the scene,
Mom of the Doodz, saw one day last week when she opened her front door.
My Mind's Eye is happy.  I have always dreamed of seeing mountains out my front door!!

Monday, November 16, 2020

Awww Monday and Sparks


Hosted by Comdey Plus

Recently we took the 2 mile Lake Lynn Loop trail
I took 46 photos I'll show in no particular order
The leaves were just starting to change
First I saw one turtle sunning
This red maple might be small but it sure does have giant eye appeal

Then the entire  family,  there were more smaller turtles but they
took a nose dive when they heard me.

Kevin Fagan, Drabble November 12, 2020
Wally makes me giggle. I have a very soft spot for Dachshunds. 
Toto our mighty mini Dachshund lived to eat!!! We all knew if a morsel of food
hit the floor NOT to reach for it!! 

Drabble Comic Strip for November 12, 2020

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Sunday Selfies and Plates

Ripples in the water made by the ducks.. created  'Water coloring'!!
I don't know what type of ducks/geese these are but I love their gray feathers.

PLATES are back
Needless to say we haven't been too many places in the last 8 months; however,  I have been 
slowly writing down any vanity plates I see.
*means I don't know the meaning

First 3 are from guest spotters
1. LCK46/Doodle7 from Whiskeratti *
2. FSHN24/7 from Frankie and Ernie Fishing 24 7
3. MYORCA, from Katie Isabella
4. LETITBEE, Let it Bee
6. AJOYFUL1, A joyful one
7. CTSLADY, Cats Lady?
8. TWICE, Twice
9. PIGDADDY, Pig daddy to a pet pig
10. K9FLYER,  Canine Flyer
There was a huge crate in the back of the SUV. I'm guessing
the person transports Dogs or his Dog has lots of frequent flyer miles
12. FLUVANNA, Flu Vanna*?
13. STandUS  State and Us
On an NC State University Vanity plate
15. LOVIE#1 Lovie number 1
16. LFSGLDN, Life is Golden
17. HURRIKANZ, Hurricanes
on an NC NHL vantiy plate
18. DOGTIRED Dog Tired
19. ND Fans, 
either Notre Dame or North Dakota Fans
20.URAWSM1, You are Awesome one
21. ROARMKTG, Company name?
22. BSTNFITZ, Best in Fits ?!
24. 4VRG8FUL, Forever grateful
25. G8TAGNT, Great Agent maybe real estate agent

That is it for now I have more but I'm saving them.