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Sunday, November 15, 2020

Sunday Selfies and Plates

Ripples in the water made by the ducks.. created  'Water coloring'!!
I don't know what type of ducks/geese these are but I love their gray feathers.

PLATES are back
Needless to say we haven't been too many places in the last 8 months; however,  I have been 
slowly writing down any vanity plates I see.
*means I don't know the meaning

First 3 are from guest spotters
1. LCK46/Doodle7 from Whiskeratti *
2. FSHN24/7 from Frankie and Ernie Fishing 24 7
3. MYORCA, from Katie Isabella
4. LETITBEE, Let it Bee
6. AJOYFUL1, A joyful one
7. CTSLADY, Cats Lady?
8. TWICE, Twice
9. PIGDADDY, Pig daddy to a pet pig
10. K9FLYER,  Canine Flyer
There was a huge crate in the back of the SUV. I'm guessing
the person transports Dogs or his Dog has lots of frequent flyer miles
12. FLUVANNA, Flu Vanna*?
13. STandUS  State and Us
On an NC State University Vanity plate
15. LOVIE#1 Lovie number 1
16. LFSGLDN, Life is Golden
17. HURRIKANZ, Hurricanes
on an NC NHL vantiy plate
18. DOGTIRED Dog Tired
19. ND Fans, 
either Notre Dame or North Dakota Fans
20.URAWSM1, You are Awesome one
21. ROARMKTG, Company name?
22. BSTNFITZ, Best in Fits ?!
24. 4VRG8FUL, Forever grateful
25. G8TAGNT, Great Agent maybe real estate agent

That is it for now I have more but I'm saving them.



  1. The water colour ripples are gorgeous, and it's fun to have Sunday plates back!

  2. The autumn leaves reflected in the rippling water is just beautiful!

  3. The water ripply photos are wonderful, Cecilia, and the plate collection was fun to go through. P.S.- dad says to tell you that we didn't get much of anything from Eta, unlike what you described and what he saw on the news. Out our way, you'd never have known anything was even happening.

  4. Great to see the plates again. #1 could be lucky Oklahoma, but I don't know what the Doodle 7 is.

  5. Fun having plates back! Love your beautiful photos. They do look like watercolor painting!

  6. suesue might be someone who has pigs, calling them is sooey sooey but could be. or a gay couple both nameds sue, we had a couple next door both named Nancy... i think those are geese but my eyes are not what they used to be

  7. Pretty photos and we enjoyed seeing the plates too!!!

  8. So glad to see the plates back. Love the water and ducks.

  9. What pretty pictures of the autumn leaves in reflection. We love seeing the plates back too.

  10. Beautiful pictures! Afraid we don't know what kind of ducks those are.

    I wish I could remember plates when I see them! If I ever do, I'll be sure to send them to you.

  11. Those are such FUN! I love 'em and the guesses.

  12. Watched a program yesterday, about building a waterfall and pool arrangement in one's backyard; I would LURV that, since being by the water is a soul-soother for me. I like to listen to it lapping at the shore, the ripple and reflections, and sometimes my toes want to dip in too.

  13. I love the ducky ripples. The different colours they create just by swimming in that spot.


  14. Pretty ducks. It amazes me how many plates you find. XO

  15. Love the pics of the ducks and the ripples they made. So pretty! Regarding the you ever see the same one again?

  16. Oh, I loves the duckies!!! The water is amazin'! Very cool!
    You have been gettin' some pawsome shots!
    Ruby ♥

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