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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Saturday Subway Sandwich

Thanks for the sandwich...
Mustard please....hold the mayo

and I'd like a plum and a peach cut up into bit size pieces
P L E A SE and T H A N K Y O U.....

Another lovely picture taken at Logan's Trading Center.....before it
got so all the pretty blooms are dead.
Note from MOM: In an attempt to stay one step ahead of your comments....
Yes the Subway Shops in NC do put condiments on your sandwich.....but we had a
BOGO (buy one get one) so the hubby and I bought a 12" with the works to share. We ordered a 12" to take home for Sunday lunch but we just got meat and veggies. We added our own condiments and Madi was there to snoopervise.

Note from Madi: Still Partying tonight with Mayzie and Puddles. What happens in South Carolina Stays in South Carolina.
I'm purry sure I'll need this little angel statue to watch over me.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Potluck Friday #3....

It is impossible to keep a straight face in the presence of one or more kittens.
Cynthia E. Varndo: Chicken Soup for the Soul: Loving our Cats.

What an appropriate quote for today's pictures.
Mom here: Today my pot runneth over with Joy!!!
I cannot tell you all how happy I was to find these three pictures of Madi and her sister Lucy. All three were taken on May 11, 2002, the day Madi's Dad and I adopted Madi and my brother-in-law adopted Lucy. We took both kitties to both our homes so they could play a little bit more before separating them. These are the only three pictures of Madi and Lucy together in the World...
Madi is on the left.
Madi and Lucy conquered the steps at our house in about 2 seconds...again Madi on the left.
Lucy had just a touch of gray in her fur but most of it was muted with hints of orange.

In this last picture, they are playing at Lucy's house. Our hope was to be able to take Madi or Lucy to the other's home when we were away.
This was the last picture of them playing 'nice'. Three weeks after this picture was taken, my brother-in-law brought Lucy to our house supposedly to stay for 2 weeks. Unfortunately, they did not remember each other. Madi became very territorial, first hint of her Divaness. I expect Lucy was a bit frightened by her new surroundings. Within about 20 minutes I was packing Lucy up to take her home. For the next 2 weeks I went to Lucy's house every day to take care of her.
Madi and Mom
Andy of Sammy and Andy Meowsville is celebrating his 10th birthday today.
Happy B-day Dear Andy

Note from grown up Madi: I'll be partying like a wildcat at all girl's party tonight. Check out
Mayzie and Puddles for details.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thursday Things that flutter......

This is Madi practicing her 'I could care less, I can't be bothered look'.
Last weekend I saw lovely butterflies fluttering about everywherewhile visiting Blowing Rock, NC.
Madi and I decided today was the perfect day to post these pictures......
BECAUSE we received a Versatile butterfly award from

our new friends Mr. Pip and George the Lad!!!
Madi and I thank both Pip and George for their thoughtfulness and kind words.

We are supposed to tell you several things about ourselves.

1. Mom: I love butterflies so this is very special award. Many of you might remember on July 23rd my post was all about the butterfly purse my hubby made me many years ago.
2. Madi: Has selective hearing.....she can hear me open the Greenie bag all the way from the front bedroom on the 2nd floor. The kitchen is on the first floor in the back of the house; however; she cannot hear me say NO when she is right beside me and up to no good.
3. Mom and Madi: We ARE NOT opening a shop called Madison. It is a real shop in an area where I go for lunch every day. When I saw the sign, I just had to get a picture and add some fantasy to it. My hubby often wonders how I come up with our blog post. I tell him when I see I picture my mind just thinks of a 1,000 words to go with the picture.
4.Madi: Not only does she have two adorable black freckles on her nose...several of her pads on all four feet are black
5. Mom: Nearly every time I meet a new person the first thing out of my mouth is "you remind me of....". Yep everyone reminds me of is a curse HA!!!
6. Madi: I love my mom's cornbread. She gives me little itty bitty is so good and moist. I also love Chinese chow mein noodles. Mom is amazed by this because Milky-Way did not eat any human food.
7. Mom: My favorite beverage between 7am and 11am is black coffee yep I'm hard core, my favorite beverage after 11 am is sweet iced tea.
8. Madi: My favorite beverage 24/7 is fresh flowing cool water from my electric Petmate water fountain. Sometimes Mom catches me sitting in front of it with my chin on the edge??!!!
9. Mom: I have a very vivid imagination... one picture can create 1000 words in my mind. I have enjoyed writing my entire life. I subscribed to a youth magazine that had a section on pen pals. Throughout my teen years I had several pen pals, even one in Germany. I never met any of them; however, I learned a lot about them and their home. I guess this was blogging in the Stone Ages. Blogging has created an outlet for my love of words and photography.
TTFN, (who can tell me what these letters mean and what child's book they come from?
No prizes just the satisfaction of getting it right!!! MOL
Madi and Mom

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Coming soon.......

Thanks to my friends Sammy and Andy at Meowsville for sharing this picture.
You've seen it before;however, I thought it was appropriate for today's announcement.
am pleased to announce that I have decided to become a career girl. I will be opening my first boutique called 'MADISON' . For those of you who don't know Madison is my full name....
I'm considering asking Sammy, Andy and their mom if they would like to place some of their lovely hats on display in my display windows.

The other day Mom stopped by to check on the progress and take some pictures.
(If you look closely in both of these pictures of my store front, you will once again see Mom's reflection and Goldie aka Mom's wheels.)

and here she is again right under the word 'value'. I see demerits are in line for Mr. Signmaker. There is a misspelled word...we all know
'perfect' should be spelled 'purrfect'.

I've been interviewing different bands to play at the opening of the boutique in late summer.
I decided to hire 'Cat Banjo', they also own the little jewelry shop next door.

Keep watching the news for the date of my grand opening party.....

Monday, August 9, 2010

They're back......from the hills

Morning you can see Mom and Dad are home; however, I want you all know I, Madi, gave them a tongue lashing when they finally returned home.
(Please click on the below picture if you want a closer look at my unhappy face).
Let me warn you this post is full of entertainment for all.
You'll be seeing gorgeous pictures, reading untruths about me and there is even a
very handsome K9 at the end.

The lovely and talented Ms. Glenda was gracious enough to come to my rescue when Mom and Dad decided to abandon me. Ms. Glenda was quite generous with my food. She was quick to recognize my many attributes. She listed them on a note to Mom and Dad...and I quote, "When I arrived Madi was ready for her food. She was a little 'hissy' until she ate some food. (I, Madi, just beamed from ear to ear when Mom read that. I had to let Ms. Glenda know who was boss)...the note continues... Then we played with her string toy and she let me rub her for a few minutes but she quickly let me know she had enough".
Mom and Dad thought traveling west on this mountain road in search of Boonville, NC which is 1 hour east of Boone, NC, was more important than staying home with me.
The 2nd day of their getaway the headed 1 hour west to Boone, NC where they saw gorgeous vistas at 3795' elevation

panoramic views of the Great Smokey Mountains as seen from the Blue Ridge Parkway
Apparently seeing mountains was more important than staying home with me.....

Below is a picture of Appalachian State University's Football Stadium
which is also in Boone, NC
Go Mountaineers aka Apps!!! Good luck this fall

Along the road they saw many Christmas Tree Farms....

North Carolina is one of the top three Christmas tree producers in the USA
We are well known for our Fraser Furs

BUTT the main purpose of their trip visit their very good friends
who are not picture but their handsome K9 Yogi was eager to be photographed...

If any of you are familiar with the Dog shows from several years ago, you might be interested to know Yogi is the grandson of Sammy Sousa an award winning Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Yogi is owned by the couple that Mom and Dad went to visit on their vacation. Mom told me Yogi plays soccer like a champ, he knows a ton of commands and tricks but most of all his best accomplishment is being the best pet ever to his humans. Needless to say, Mom and Dad had a great vacation, lots of good food and fun with their very good friends.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Steeple Sunday #22: St. Francis of Assisi Catholic

The complete name of the church is
The Catholic Community of St. Francis of Assisi...and trust me it is big enough to carry the name
I purposely looked for this church but it surprised me. I saw the church sign but could not find it after I parked. The church is nestled back from the street and goes on and on and on.
So in lieu of a sign here is St. Francis of Assisi's statue.

This is the second of the most unusual 'steeples' I have ever seen. The five shiny objects on the cross are actually brass balls. The sun was at a perfect angle in the sky to make them shine like lights. I commend whomever has the job of keeping the brass balls shiny.
The original sanctuary was dedicated in 1983, it held 450 people. The church was designed to resemble a barn...I'd say it was a very fancy barn.

By 1993 the membership had grown to 2,300 families. It became obvious a new sanctuary was a necessity. Mr. Jon Condoret was selected to be the architect to design the new sanctuary. He was known to have a talent for blending old with new. Two years later the newly constructed space included a Memorial Garden and Columbarium.

St. Francis of Assisi continues to grow. This year's highlight was the GIFT of Capital Compaign which will enable the church to minister to the Catholic Community by building parishes in far reaching parts of Wake Co. The first was completed this year for 125 families.
Stay tuned tomorrow for a report on what Mom and Dad did on their mini vacation