Monday, August 9, 2010

They're back......from the hills

Morning you can see Mom and Dad are home; however, I want you all know I, Madi, gave them a tongue lashing when they finally returned home.
(Please click on the below picture if you want a closer look at my unhappy face).
Let me warn you this post is full of entertainment for all.
You'll be seeing gorgeous pictures, reading untruths about me and there is even a
very handsome K9 at the end.

The lovely and talented Ms. Glenda was gracious enough to come to my rescue when Mom and Dad decided to abandon me. Ms. Glenda was quite generous with my food. She was quick to recognize my many attributes. She listed them on a note to Mom and Dad...and I quote, "When I arrived Madi was ready for her food. She was a little 'hissy' until she ate some food. (I, Madi, just beamed from ear to ear when Mom read that. I had to let Ms. Glenda know who was boss)...the note continues... Then we played with her string toy and she let me rub her for a few minutes but she quickly let me know she had enough".
Mom and Dad thought traveling west on this mountain road in search of Boonville, NC which is 1 hour east of Boone, NC, was more important than staying home with me.
The 2nd day of their getaway the headed 1 hour west to Boone, NC where they saw gorgeous vistas at 3795' elevation

panoramic views of the Great Smokey Mountains as seen from the Blue Ridge Parkway
Apparently seeing mountains was more important than staying home with me.....

Below is a picture of Appalachian State University's Football Stadium
which is also in Boone, NC
Go Mountaineers aka Apps!!! Good luck this fall

Along the road they saw many Christmas Tree Farms....

North Carolina is one of the top three Christmas tree producers in the USA
We are well known for our Fraser Furs

BUTT the main purpose of their trip visit their very good friends
who are not picture but their handsome K9 Yogi was eager to be photographed...

If any of you are familiar with the Dog shows from several years ago, you might be interested to know Yogi is the grandson of Sammy Sousa an award winning Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Yogi is owned by the couple that Mom and Dad went to visit on their vacation. Mom told me Yogi plays soccer like a champ, he knows a ton of commands and tricks but most of all his best accomplishment is being the best pet ever to his humans. Needless to say, Mom and Dad had a great vacation, lots of good food and fun with their very good friends.


  1. Those long shots of the tree farms are almost surreal. Beautiful scenery!

  2. Hello there Madi Diva Cat!

    We sure you most certainly did let the kind Mrs Glenda know who boss in your house. As for abandomnent, I should put your folks on short-orders (of loves, affection and general nice cat behaviour) until you forgives them!

    Nice pics though. Fancy meeting the relative of a Champion K9.

    Wiggles and Waggles

  3. Oh, I do miss the mountains! I went to school at ASU.

  4. Great pics and the views Wow. Gald you put Ms Glenda in her place, at least she did make sure you had some food
    See Yea George xxx

  5. Wonderful pictures! What a beautiful place to visit. Our mom went to the mountains when she was 12. She even walked on the Grandfather Mountain suspended bridge.

    We're glad your mom and dad are back home with you!

  6. Such beautiful scenery up in those mountains, I can see why you wanted to escape! Sorry Madi!

    Plus visiting a cute Welsh Corgi! Madi must have given you the sniff over for that!

  7. Madi,

    Those pictures that your mom and dad took of the mountains is beautifuls, sorta looks like where my mom was last week in the Adirondacks. I hopes that they broughts you home a nice treat, I gots nuttin from mom ;)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

    PeeS Yogi looks like a nice pup, and mom actually remembers seeing his grandpa at dog shows a few years back on the teevees

  8. Oh I do love that area! Glad the folks are back where they are supposed to be Madi!

  9. Wow, I have never been to this area of the country. It looks just beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

    Your pal, Pip

    P.S.: Rosie "da boss" Cat says she is most impressed with your unhappy face, Madi. She is going to practice hers today as there are rumors that our parents may be taking a trip soon.

  10. Beautiful glad you had a good time on your mountain get away!
    And yes, Madi doesn't look amused, one bit at all!

    I've been to a football game at ASU, a good friend's son played there

  11. When I Cap'n Ripley saw your unhappy face and read abouts you being hissy until you gots your food, he shouted "YARRRRRR!!! That's me girl!" You should see him. He's just as proud as a sea-going peacock!

    I'm so sorry your pawrents abandoned you like that but it sure does look like they had a good time. Well, as good of a time as they could have without you, Madi. I imagine they cried at least once each day while they were away from you.

    Oh, and Yogi is just Most Adorable!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  12. Glad you had a Great time!! Love Love Love the Mountians!! :)
    Christmas is only 138 days away....better start getting ready :)

  13. Sounds like the hooomans had a great trip. The pictures were really good of the mountains etc. We love that little Corgi. What a cute doggie. Sorry Madi.
    Glad you got that nice person that took care of you all trained about how to care for you. That is so important that you keep ruling.
    Hope you have a fantastic week.

  14. Madi-I get "hissy" without food too, so don't worry about it! I certainly hope you gave Mom the cold shoulder for at least an hour when she got home. She left you AND went to see D-O-G-S? The horror!

    Mom--Loved those pictures! The Christmas Tree farms are so cool! Welcome home and thanks for the mini-vacation through the pictures.

    P.S. We missed you!

  15. Madi, don't be too hard on Mom and Dad! Yogi is a smart boy and is indeed very handsome.

  16. Hi again! Please check out my bloggie today - I just gave you an award for being one of my favorite new friends/blogs.

    Your pal, Pip

  17. YAy!!!....we're happy to hear your Mom is home....and happy to see that you gave her a severe tongue lashing when she returned!!!!!!!

    We have to admit though, that we loved the pictures she brought back with her. Including the pics of Yogi.

    Andy received your beautiful card Saturday, and it's the first card he's ever received in the mail!!!!!!!!! We will have pics...hopefully.....later. Mama started to take pics when it came, but the battery died....sigh.....

    We luvsya bunches sweet Madi. xxxxxxxxxx

  18. You go, Diva Cat! Gotta establish the pecking order ASAP with the sitter.

    We think your Mom & Dad saw many nice things when they abandoned you...but none as pretty as you, Madi. Although Yogi is a cutie.

    We're glad your world is back like it's supposed to be, with you at the center!

  19. Hi Madi!
    We are glad you trained Ms. Glenda so well. Sounds like the two of you came to a good understanding:

    Feed Madi and all will be OK!
    Don't feed Madi and things will get hissy!


    YOU are my kinda girl Madi!

    What beautiful scenery and oh the xmas tree farms were beautiful. We didn't know that you had that as a crop in NC.

    We are so glad you are back!



  20. We are very impressed you set everyone straight about you being boss, Madi; you're a good, smart girl!!...Glad your parents had a fun, safe trip and are finally home with you again=lovely vacation pictures!!...Yogi is a precious puppy=what an adorable, sweet face!...kisses to our beautiful friend...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  21. Seriously, there was no pic.
    Very pretty country.
    We traveled somewhere in that area
    a few years ago, we ran into such fog
    we couldn't see the mountains at times.
    Very interesting post.

  22. We are so glad that they are home! You are smart to let them know how unhappy you were that they left! But it sounds like you made out well while they were gone!

    And it looks like it was a great trip - what pretty views! And Yogi is a cutie - how cool that he has a famous grandad!

  23. Happy news ALL around! YOU let Glenda know right quick who was BOSS! Your mom and dad had a fabulous vacation with stunning photos to boot. AND it did end with a cute woofie!

    Mom here...wanted to let you know I'm doing well. Trying to be positive and not dwell on it. I have the next surgery scheduled for Oct. 15th, then have to go back to the Oncologist, then for Iodine Radiation treatment. Will be all good by Thanksgiving (hopefully!) But thanx for keeping me in your thougts! Love you guys!

  24. What an awesome trip! I hope they were able to relax some too!

  25. Madi is good you keeps the beans in-line! You is a pro. Your mom's scenic pictures are stunning!

  26. Hey Madi, those were beautiful pictures! I hope all is well!!!

  27. Hi Madi & Mom,

    Madi, haven't you heard that absence makes the heart grow fonder? Guess not, that is one very unhappy face!

    Love the photos of the Christmas tree farms and those beautiful mountains. Looks like you had nice cool(er) weather for the trip. BTW, your new header photo is gorgeous.

    Hugs & Purrs
    Judy and Cindi Lou

  28. Oh, I would love to meet Yogi. He sounds like quite a fellow. Simone is almost impressed with your Divaness, Madi. In fact, she would be very impressed if she was ever impressed with anything which she is most certainly not, or so she says. I think she's becoming a bit of a fan, Madi. Don't tell her I said that, OK? I'm developing a lot of respect for you Diva kitties.

    I have to say your humans seem to have had a pawsome vacation. Do you think you've made them pay enough?

    lotsa licks, Lola

  29. Madi, it looks like your mom and dad had a real nice trip. Beautiful scenery!! And that Yogi kinda cute...but not as cute as you!!

  30. Hi, Madi!
    Glad your mom and dad had a pawesome trip!
    Yogi is sooooo cute!
    Sounds like you told Ms Glenda who is boss and you did what you wanted! Yeah!
    Kisses and hugs

  31. awww, miss madi, i'm sorry your mama and daddy left you for a few days, but it does look like they had a grrreat little vaca! those pictures are way pretty, and yogi is a handsome dude. two paws up for his soccer playin' skillz! i love playin' soccer, too!
    the booker man


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