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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Box Day

We will be MIA Sunday 6/19/16
Back on Monday 6/20/16 

Friday, June 17, 2016

Flat Madi and Raz and Flower Friday

First Flats were hanging so they could be seen by all

Angel Flats


Jessie and her Mom 
 Casey getting his beauty sleep
 Oreo giving Raz an extar sniff
 Arty, Dory, Madi and Raz all expecting a treat

Madi and Raz..Meeting Shelldon and Beachnut

Madi and Raz meeting Frankie

 Madi and Raz meeting Ernie

 Madi and Raz meeting Hailey
 and Phod

Mayorz Emertius Madi and Frankie and 2017 Mayoral Candy date Arty 
meeting Mayoral Doodz Murphy and Stanley

Flat Madi and Raz did not meet Stella Rose or Jester or Whitney and Zoe in the furs 'cause these photos were taken after they left.

Stella Rose, Zoe and Whitney's in Zoe and Whitney's executive office 
 Look at those happy pug raspberries
 Jester from Calamity Acres  Stella Rose and her Mom drove to the BAR
with Jester and his mom

I am joining my long time gal pal Dory in Blog hops

Dory than you for hosting such lovely events

A few Flowers (real and artificial)  mom saw on the way to/from the BAR
All seen at Tamarack Travel Plaza in West Virginia

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Thursday Tale: peeps ROUTINES

A typical day in the life of a Diva

Whew I'm not letting the old gray mare leave again...she is still getting back into

Before I start this story let me tell you that the Mayorz gave everybuddy w and w/o fur a nickname.  Dad is B-cat, Mom is HiC, we'll be sharing more along the way.
FnE's mom is LaLa, Sarge/Crabby Girls mom is LoLo

I owe a huge THANK YOU to the Peeps of FnE and 
the Crabby Girls/Sarge
Sit back and I'll tell you why

As soon as Mom met them in the flesh/furs, they
told mom and dad how much they loved the photos of me helping dad groom every morning. (I'm known for sitting on the counter or
top of the potty while snoopervising Dad shaving). 
Mom immediately told them that Dad missed having me to help him while I was on the road to the BAR.  Seems he missed a spot on his on his jaw (two times). I was so embarrassed  to find out he was poorly groomed when all my friends could see him.

Well Lala caught that ball and ran with it.
she suspected Dad needed as much help as possible so 
she bought Dad some new shaving cream....
He waited to use it for the first time here at home.

PSA evidently TOGM forgot how to spell while she was away

PARDON typos in next two picture bubbles!

Dad has used the same shaving cream (Edge) for 87 years.
I was amazed he would try something new!!

Dad isn't opposed to new stuff he just gets in a routine.
When he retired in 1999 he rec'd a new watch.  Did not start using it until about 9 years later when his old one died.  Dad says this Nieva  cream feels cool to his face, it is creamy and goes on nicely and his razor blade glides right over it.

Dad is such a slacker he shaves 4 times a week. So it will take
time for him to use all this cream but he will for sure buy more!!!
Thank you for teaching B-cat a new trick.  Wonders never cease

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

They are backkkkk

I was so happy I did something unexpected and...

I call this lap hokey pokey.  I put my front paws in and leave my back paws out!!

Mom said it was the best welcome home present!!
MOL I did it when all mom had was her Ipad and Dad was not upstairs. Jumpin' cat fish friends she was so happy!
Every now and then I totally surprise TOGM (the old gray mare).  It is good to keep
her guessing!!

MORE TO COME ON ALL THE FUN they had at the BAR...

Today Crazy Mom is showing the last official BAR Picture that was taken
on Sunday 6/12/16.  Several families left Sunday Morning due to travel time and heat.
Missing are moms of Frankie and Ernie, Crabby Girls,  Stella Rose, Jester, and Whitney and Zoe,
Here it is are you ready...
Top to bottom and left to right one each row:
Back Row:Carol (Murphy and Stanley), Andrea (Casey and Jessie
Middle Row: Beth (Dory and Arty) and Kristen (Hailey and Zaphod
Front Row: Diana (Oreo got in too), Cecilia (Madi) and Yamini

There will be more pictures  as soon as mom gets all the dirty clothes washed.
Brown Co. State Park is absolutely gorgeous and the perfect spot for this type of meeting.
You can do just about any outside activity you want to do there.  We all highly recommend you visit if you are ever in the Taylorsville/Columbus, Indiana area.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

BAR has Adjourned

Today was our short day...we all met at the Tulip Tree Shelter at 9 am
We sat in a lovely circle of friends talking and remembering all the fun and memories we made that will be with us furever.  We took lots of real friend and flat friend photos.  Yamini aka YaYa prepared a lovely friendship ceremony.
All of the flat photos during both memorial and friendship ceremonies were touched by all of us w and w/o fur.  When you receive your flats back they will have lots of smell mail.
We are all happy we met...and sad it went by so quickly
After we left the shelter the Doodz and their peeps
Invited us over to the RV park to see the the Doodz wheelie house. It is very pretty and the purrfect room for the Mayorz and staff.
Hailey and Zaphod's peeps rented a RV to drive to the BAR.  We got to see that too.
We sat around a little longer with them, Dory and Arty and Yamini aka YaYa.
Another good time was had by all.

KFC  (KENTUCKY fried Chicken) across the parking lot closes at 9 pm.  We Flats slipped under the door at 9:01 pm.  we partied into the wee hours like it was 1999.
Who knew AW root beer floats were so potent?
At 5 am we were back in our rooms....Dory mom and Madi mom never knew ....
Please don't tell
Hugs your Flat friends