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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Caturday at Crabtree Valley Mall

The mall where the peeps walk everyday is very lovely this season.
They have new Christmas decorations (first time in probably 15 years)
Mom and I wanted to show you a few today

They have several places to take selfies.  This is mom's favorite because of
the purrty trees in the back ground

selfie station 

I jumped for joy when I saw these wire gift boxes outlined in itty bitty lights hanging from the  sky lights

 Beautiful garland draped from the ceiling 

Giant Christmas trees this view from 2nd floor looking down
 Same tree from ground floor

This one is where Santa talks to the kiddos
He sits on the green couch.  I bet 87 kiddos have tried to climb in the sleigh

  Most of the shop windows are decorated but this one was very festive and sparkly

Normally J. Crew windows are quite creative but the Christmas one is kinda blah

 MOLMOL A mini tree sitting in an umbrella with snow in it. 
Mom thinks maybe the tree is electric and the snow might actually fall into the 'brella
They were there before the store was open.

Back on Monday, mom has some Christmas Company cleaning up to do
Next week starts Christmas baking

Friday, December 15, 2017

Thank you for our Christmas Cards

Today is supposed to be last Flower Friday...BUT we have no flowers so we're sharing our Christmas Cards that are full of flowers and friends and fun!!

We would like to thank everyone for their snail mail and email cards
Received as of 4 pm on Thursday December 14, 2017

First photo of my snail mail cards:

Abby the Lab,Ali, Kit, Amber, Kali, Angel Phoebe, Jessie, Casey and Pigeon,
Benji and Lassie, Angel Lily Belle and Muffin, Christmas, Scout Andy,
Murphy and Stanley, Frankie and Ernie, Buddy Bud, Mara, Brom and Mouse
Sasha, Princess Leah, Hazel and Mabel, Astro, Grayson (brudder to Angel Remington) and Mike and Beth, Sarubil @ the Chirpies, Da Phenny, Scout Basil

PS...shhhhh I was sworn to secrecy...but the peeps have 12.  

E-Cards, total 14!!!

Total cards snail mail and ecards :  37


Thursday, December 14, 2017

Picture Poem Challenge

Today is our very first Poem inspired by a Photo
Mom is such a rebel she decided to use one of our pics instead of the most interesting one
B. B. Teddy and Angel Sammy provided

So we thought we'd share a little ditty about Toto, the Mighty Mini Dachshund
the very first family pet here.  
Toto came to live with the peeps and human sissy when Sissy was a wee lassie of 3.
 That was 43 years ago and the peeps are still talking about
Toto, his antics and how much fun and adventure he added to the family.
Mom says he had 9 lives like a cat.  Oh if you knew the things he did to use up all 9 lives.

In (19) '74 our world was rocked when in
the door Toto marched.
His statue was tiny, his attitude was mighty.
His first night was rough, he missed the other pups.
His tiny body could nearly fit in a cup.
In no time at all we became a family owned by this mighty mini.
 His back was long, his legs were short. He was vertically
challenged , did he care we think NOT. He was born with 'tude it was clear.
Nothing or no one was too big to rule.
His bark made such a rumble when to the door he ran
visitors were sure a Dane they would see.
No one believed their eyes when a Mini Dachshund before 
their eyes appeared. 

To insist he potty in the rain was met with Dachshund disdain.
He would run with Mach-Dach speed to hide as soon as a drop
of rain touched his nose. 
True to his breed snow he did love the colder the better.
He would run and run jump with glee. 
Often all one could see was his *periscope nose popping up 
thru the snow.
He made his own tunnels by pushing thru with his head. 
Finally he would tire. It was time for a nap.
In his dreams his wee legs would run.
I'm sure he was on a heady adventure all tucked in his bed.

Note: * when he was about 6 we had 18" of snow in a 24 hour period.
This was the most snow we had ever had since he joined the family
Very unusual for NC.  We cleaned off the porch hoping to 
get him to potty there. BUT no as soon as the door opened 
he leaped off the porch belly plopping right in the snow.
He sunk about 6" and took off running through the snow.
He looked like a snow plow.  Every so often he would
jump up as if to get air...all you could see was the tip of his black nose.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Wordy Wednesday

Mom missed my leopard like leap over...

But not my return trip.  Pardon the blurry pic but this was a grab and snap lickety split 
This senior gal still has some moves.  
I'm purrty sure Da Phenny is most impressed.
He always says my leaps are epic.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Tuesday Tale: Inspecting the new Tree

WE have a new tree this year.  It is smaller (7' and not as wide, the old one was 8')
This one is what mom calls Senior Citizen Friendly.
Not heavy, easy to assemble and it was actually fun.
I, of course, am the Chief Inspector and I take my job seriously

Christmas Tree 2017

Christmas tree in 2015
please note it is almost reaching our ceiling which is 9' tall!
Mom has always love the trumpeting Angel Tree topper.
Well lo and behold the Angel is too heavy for the new tree.
Please scrollllllllllll all the way to the bottom to see what our tree topper is this year

Christmas Chair 2016
Dad was not feeling too good last year so we didn't put up the monster above

Christmas Tree 2015

2017 Tree Topper for our new tree.
Friends don't shot the messenger.  I'm just as outraged as you all
It is a dag blame tree rat...yes a squirrel, Hallmark ornament 

 perched on top of a Chocolate Chip Cookie.  He is grinning like a 'possum and holding 
a nut..100% pleased a punch with his squirrelY self.

Whyyyyyyyyyy why...........of all the ornaments did she do this?
Well I'll tell you.  The ornament has a clip on the bottom that fits very securely on the top.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Monday Madi Mews Lab results

Friends I must tell you my mom was a tad bit worrrrrrried about my Senior Blood panel fact she was worried enough for both of us.  So I just do what I do best gave the worry to mom
and took nap.  Photo taken on Thursday 12/7/17.

Mom spoke to Dr. S on Friday morning OMCS my kidney levels were stable..
in fact my Creatine level  was improved greatly now 3.5...was 4.1.
My BUN stayed the same.  We have an itty bitty issue with my phosphorous
levels though.  Dr. S. suggested a phosphorous not a notebook binder...
this one binds the phosphorous in the blood to lower it.
We are trying Alternagel.  It has a minty flavor. In a PURRFECT World I WOULD LOVE IT.
Mom was hoping she could put it on her finger for me to lick
BUT alas is is a wee bit soupy so it goes in a syringe and is gently
squirted in the side of my mouth a wee bit at a time.

Sunday Morning update on this
Good news I'm not fighting biting mom when she gently squirts this into my mouth.
But she is gonna check into the possibility of getting it compounded into a flavored powder to sprinkle on my food, just in case I decided to spit it on her.

We 3 seniors livin' and lovin' one day at a time!!

Now for some craziness, a few outtakes of the the start of Decorating on Saturday

We'll be showing you the real purrty stuff soon.
New tree after we plugged it in
OMCS it was a bargain at Bed Bath and Beyond in 2016 was 150.00 on sale for 50ish
It is easy peasy to put up...not a monster like the other one that took brute force to bring in and
then assemble.
The new one came with 4 light settings?!  Lights are tiny and LED
 Good and BAD supposedly
1. all white
2.all multicolored
3. alternating multi and white blinkin' winkin' and noddin'
4. fading from all white to multi colored
Thus far we can't get all white setting to work MOL.  I gave it a look see but it was past my pay grade

Maybe that is why it was on sale.
Spoiler white chair that sits here has been moved
and OMCs a new wonderful world of adventure has opened
Da Phenny you will not believe your eyes when you see my new
accomplishment.  A 5' horizontal move with back feet in one time zone
and front feet in another time zone. 
Senior kitties rock!!
 Mom found this cute little Avon Christmas mountain with a train hiding in
the garage closet.  Evidently it has been there a worked for 
a nano second. MOL    And OMCs that little engine struggled up the snowy hill