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Saturday, June 1, 2019

Caturday Art Flashback

A collage of some of my favorite Angel Madi Caturday Art.

Friday, May 31, 2019

Final Fiction and Nature Friday: Chip D. Munk

Chip D. Munk
As seen through My Mind's Eye

Last month we had a nail bitter going on with Chippie.
This was the last paragraph of the story

"He found seeds, nibbled on daffie leaves and filled his Chippie cheeks
with groceries to stock his pantry. Life was good and Chippie was at ease.
He thanked Fanny for visiting told her to Dew Drop In when ever she pleased."

It was such fun I thought I'd try to write another installment this month.

My phrases/words come from 
Gracie's Secret by Jill Childs
page 87
line 8:  I closed my eyes
line 12: mental image
line 16: communal area

Chippie's wife, Cheri,  was so relieved and thrilled when he came into the
burrow with the daffies.  Secretly she was hoping for some petunias too.   Chippie knew happy wife meant happy life.  He  hoped to fill his chippie cheeks full of an assortment of delicious
tender petunias he found in the just outside their burrow.
Cheri knew danger lurked in the communal area.  Edgar Eagle was
 a rather vicious looking guy.  He was always swooping down threatening anything he saw.
Chippie assured Cheri that Edgar would soon move onto other hunting grounds.
Cheri, often told Chippie 'when I close my eyes', all I see is Edgar's talons. I hear him cussin' in squeaky Eagle-nese. He sounds like a rusty door.  Chippie said his squeaky voice is the warning that sends me scurrying in a hurry.  Chippie the wee munk said no worries dear wife...I will always see that we have 3 squares each day.  Cheri loved Chippie with all her wee munk heart; however, she had a mental image of one day having a pantry in her burrow with a week's worth of food and no worries. That would indeed be a staycatioin for Chip D. Munk and his family of three....
Maybe to be continued.
206 words

Chippie and his family are  our contribution to Nature Friday hosted by the  birthday boy Arty

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Thoroughly Thankful Poetic Thursdaty

Today we join Two  SPOILED CATS 
Angel Sammy and Teddy for their poetic pictorial poem.
Here is our photo challenge

by Cecilia

For months they waited for this exhibit.
Together they studied it!
Each inch of canvass examined,
But something was amiss
Amid all the White on White  
they found an itty bitty speck of

by Angel Madi

If I could paint,
One thing I nose....
My art would be bright
not blah White
I would tip toes..
into the gallery
take a running jump
up I'd goes onto
the canvas like a pro.
my brush would go quickly to and fro...
If I could paint....

Buddy and Kat 
are joining the Brian and his pride
today for

They are thankful for their home, the devoted two leggers who cater to 
their every need and for each other..

Breaking news from Kat
RE: his Amazon order (from yesterday)

My paw-activated faucet was never delivered. Amazon requires a password, and apparently “Meow” isn’t correct. 😹 Oh well, I’ve trained Mom to turn it on for me several times a day, so it’s all good. 
Sometimes I even share doggo water. 😻 
We haven't seen da bear Booboo in a week. We are kinda worried he might 
have gotten too close to another house.
Stay cool in NC.
❤️ Kat Your Feline Nephew

The family who sips together stays together!!

Dearest Nephews,
Ohhhh Kat and Buddy this is absolutely adorable...Buddy is sipping very gently so as not to splash on your kitty whiskers too.
I sure do hope da bear Booboo maybe just was lost and has
now made it to his home.
Your loving aunty HiC

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Wet Wild Wednesday w/Kat

Dearest Aunty HiC
You will NOT believe what I discovered today! πŸ™€ 
I can drink fresh water directly from the faucet. I’ve never had such fresh, clean, cool water all my life!
I placed a motion-activated faucet in the Amazon cart, so hoping it arrives soon. 😹
❤️ Kat Your Feline Nephew 

OMCs Dearest Nephew Kat,
What a D I S C O V E R Y you have made!!
Life on your Hill continues to amaze and delight!!
Your watering hole is 1000% better than all that fancy bottle water.
Aunty can hardly wait for your newest Amazon purchase to arrive.
And OMCs you have your very own Shopping Cart too.
Lovingly your Aunty HiC

 At 5:30 pm, on Thursday evening May 16, Kat and his family had a visitor.....
on their deck!!!  Kat's mom wrote

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

True Tuesday Tale

Today I'm stepping up on my PSA soap box with a 
very impawtant message


We have been going to the same lady for, our monthly, hair cuts for 20+ years. I don't color my hair or have it washed and dried just a
wet hair cut.  After she finishes with me, I use her 
dryer for a few minutes.
Last week I noticed she had a new REDπŸ‘ hair dryer.
I said, "I like your new dryer, did the other one give out"?

She said, "yes, actually it made a big Poof, then some smoke and then a fire came out of the front."
This is my hair dryer ....for demo

exclaimed WHAT, was any one in the chair?
Oh the horror of this happening with a person in her chair.
BUT Thankfully NO one was in the chair. 

After she cuts hair, she uses her dryer to blow any hair off the chair before the next customer.  
About once a week she takes the back off her dryer 
see below (my twists off easily) (fyi: unplug dryer first).
  She told me it is usually pretty dusty and full of
itty bitty hairs.  The 'care' instructions for the dryer say one should
   vacuum out the both the dryer and the little filter regularly for safety.    

Now this being said her dryer gets used 87 more times than
a home hair dryer.  That very day, I checked my hair dryer.
The small black filter had at least 1/2 covered with dust.
 I vacuumed my dryer immediately.   From that day forward I 
will be checking it OFTEN.

I need to fess up...I should have mentioned on yesterday's 
Sparks photo (below) the roses are not ours.
They are way toooooo needy and high maintenance for us.
  The photo was taken during a rest stop on our road trip early May

Monday, May 27, 2019

2 FER Awww Memorial Day and Sparks

Happy Memorial Day and Thank you to all who served, are serving and will serve
the citizens of America.  We are forever Grateful

Today I am pawticipating in
Click here to see more adorable Awww

I'll be the first to admit I get kinda giddy around my (grand) kitties.
They had not seen me for a while and quite frankly I think
they were wondering about my sanity...

I gathered my composure and they gathered their courage to
investigate me.

are all about spreading cheer and positive vibes via quotes.

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Sunday Stuff aka left over in May Folder

 Tuesday, May 21, was a most glorious day.
temps at 80, slight breeze....all of which are few and far between...
Top left: I had lunch on the porch under the fan.  
Top Right:  I love how the sun and leaves work their magic
Here are some sights that I enjoyed from the porch.
Bottom left: I was so chilled with the breeze even the tree rat was entertaining.
Bottom Right: a small bird bath and a 4 part tray with water for the critters great and small.
I used to have a lovely bird bath in another part of the yard.  Until the dang crows started using it to wash their road kill, don't even get me started on the horrible smell they left.
  Crows can't see or land under the canopy of the tree.