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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Two city girls venture to the wild side....

Mom and I are city girls through and through. Many of our friends live amongst nature and often post very beautiful pictures of wildlife. Today, I'd like to introduce you to
one of Nature's most aggravating finest creatures
THE GROUND SQUIRREL on my deck shaking a tail feather in my face
This darling little cotton tail rabbit...who knew they had laser eyes too
and last but not least a Natural phenomenon
Me,aka, Madi, aka Madster aka Mads
Thank you for visiting today and we hope you enjoy all things natural today.
Mom and I are city girls so it doesn't take much to excite us...
Newsflash: Mom is leaving me and Dad home alone tomorrow. She and my
Grandma are going to something called a 'baby shower' out of town. I am not really sure if they will be giving a 'baby a shower' or if it will be 'raining babies'. She'll be home later in the evening. If I don't get to visit you today, I'll catch up tomorrow and let you know all about the'baby shower'.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Potluck Friday #1

Welcome to our first ever Potluck Friday.
Let's get cracking to see what Mom has cooking in the pot today.
Who remembers when wooden purses IN?
Evidently Mom does (remember she is older than dirt). Are you ready here we go.....

When Mom was 19 (~1968 aka Stone age), she worked part time in a fancy clothing store. The wooden purses were very popular. She and my Dad had just started dating. Often she mentioned to him how much she admired the purses. Well Dad started to secretly investigate the wooden purses becasue he wanted my Mom to have one. After careful consideration, Dad concluded that he could make one for her. He worked on it for a very long time. Finally the time came to give it to my Mom. As I've mentioned, many times Mom is a squealer and I'm pretty sure she S Q U E A L E D long and loud when she saw this beautiful wooden purse made with love and care just for her. Dad bought the unfinished purses at a hobby/art shop. He hand drew each of the butterflies on the purse, painted them in their authentic colors,

painted the edges of the purse,note the itty bitty tiny orange line in between the yellow and brown. The brown semi-circles were made by tracing 1/2 of a penny
After all the painting was complete he put several coats of lacquer on the purse to perserve the drawings and the paint. Here it is 42 years later and the purse looks nearly perfect.Mom said she was so afraid she would dent it she only used it on Sunday. It has been stored with tender love and care over the years.

If you enlarge the pictures, you might see that each butterfly has tiny jewels on its wings that sparkle. The name of each butterfly is also either above or below the drawing.

Mom and I thank Ms. Vicki (aka countryliving) for encouraging us to post a blog about this wooden purse.
Dad used to call Ms. Vicki our N.F. from N.D. (New Friend from N.D.)
Now that we've known her for 2 years, she is our O.F. from N.D. (Old Friend from N.D.)
Thanks for coming by today.
No telling what Mom will have cooking in the pot next week.
Madi and Mom

Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Portfolio......

Every few weeks I decide I'm bored so I move to another location for my photo opts.
Today I'm sitting on the back of our big couch which is across the room from my love seat.
I think this location is an excellent place for showing off my long legs.

Not only do my legs look long I look very long and sleek and that is a good thing....because we all know the camera adds pounds.

Yep I believe all of these will be perfect to add to my Cat Fancy if you want to
talk to my agent about using any of these on the cover please contact her at:

Please visit Mayzie's blog today.
Mayzie's Cat brother left me a video today. It is hilarious

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Madi shares her blankie

About this picture....we were all in the same room which rarely happens.
Mom was staring at the computer blogging, Dad was reading and I was snoopervising. All of a sudden,Dad got sleepy. At about the same time the dryer buzzer went off.
Just so happened my blankie (with lions, and tigers and elephants oh my) was in the dryer so mom thought it would be funny nice to cover Dad with it.
I was not thrilled to see my nice clean blankie getting human goodness all over it. Dad was not happy excited to see the flashy beast..... for some reason he covered his head.
Who hath a better friend than a cat?
by William Hardwin from Chicken Soup for the Soul-Loving our cat.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Where Madi doesn't sleep at night....

Many, many pictures have been posted of Madi, during the day, sleeping on a towel at the foot of the bed.

Several weeks ago Jack asked all of his friends to tell him where we slept. Today I'll tell you where Madi doesn't sleep.

For some reason, Madi will not sleep on the foot of the bed at night. She has to be on top of the blanket either sleeping on one of our limbs or in the crook of our knees. In this picture, she thinks she is going to spend the night where her Dad's feet should be; however, once she is asleep this 10+ lb cat turns into solid lead. Whomever she has decided to sleep with on may not move a hair or her inner lioness will come out. Really and truly this docile looking creature will turn on you in the dark.

Also, once awake she is AWAKE and starts to prowl. Her favorite nocturnal activity is to jump up and down on one piece of furniture that is about 5' tall, has 7 drawers, each drawer has two handles. Each time she jumps up or down all 14 handles clink and clang for what seems like an eternity.

For this reason, Madi and the humans do not share sleeping quarters.
Madi has a very nice homemade blanket with lions and tigers and elephants oh my, (to sleep on).
Respectfully submitted a very rested Mom
Most beds sleep up to 6 cats, 10 cats without the owner~~~Stephen Baker

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Steeple Sunday Millbrook Baptist Church

This Sunday and next Sunday I'll be featuring two churches located two blocks from each other on East Millbrook Road. Many years ago "Millbrook" was a community located on the very edge of Raleigh in Northern Wake County. The community consisted a church, a school, a post office, a general store, a sawmill, a cotton gin and a hand full of homes. As early as 1875, the rural farmers of Northen Wake County gathered together for corporate worship. They were virtually isolated from the rest of the county. Services were held once a month.
During my high school years (1963-1967) we played Millbrook High School in sports. Attending a game held at Millbrook High School felt like a journey to another city.

The first church was located a few miles down the road from where it sits now. In 1922 it moved to the Millbrook Community where it held its services in the high school.

On April 27, 1924 the first service was held in the new church building. Architecturally it resembled a small New England Church. It was white and had one front door and a door on either side of the church. The pews were made of heart pine, a well was dug near the church from which water was drawn when needed. This peaceful little courtyard with a lovely water feature sits in the back of the church.

Until about 25 years ago the little white building was still on the property; however, due to growth it was eventually torn down to make room for the beautiful church you see below.
Once again we see a double door entrance dwarfed by a very large window; however, this time the steeple makes it's own statement.