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Friday, July 23, 2010

Potluck Friday #1

Welcome to our first ever Potluck Friday.
Let's get cracking to see what Mom has cooking in the pot today.
Who remembers when wooden purses IN?
Evidently Mom does (remember she is older than dirt). Are you ready here we go.....

When Mom was 19 (~1968 aka Stone age), she worked part time in a fancy clothing store. The wooden purses were very popular. She and my Dad had just started dating. Often she mentioned to him how much she admired the purses. Well Dad started to secretly investigate the wooden purses becasue he wanted my Mom to have one. After careful consideration, Dad concluded that he could make one for her. He worked on it for a very long time. Finally the time came to give it to my Mom. As I've mentioned, many times Mom is a squealer and I'm pretty sure she S Q U E A L E D long and loud when she saw this beautiful wooden purse made with love and care just for her. Dad bought the unfinished purses at a hobby/art shop. He hand drew each of the butterflies on the purse, painted them in their authentic colors,

painted the edges of the purse,note the itty bitty tiny orange line in between the yellow and brown. The brown semi-circles were made by tracing 1/2 of a penny
After all the painting was complete he put several coats of lacquer on the purse to perserve the drawings and the paint. Here it is 42 years later and the purse looks nearly perfect.Mom said she was so afraid she would dent it she only used it on Sunday. It has been stored with tender love and care over the years.

If you enlarge the pictures, you might see that each butterfly has tiny jewels on its wings that sparkle. The name of each butterfly is also either above or below the drawing.

Mom and I thank Ms. Vicki (aka countryliving) for encouraging us to post a blog about this wooden purse.
Dad used to call Ms. Vicki our N.F. from N.D. (New Friend from N.D.)
Now that we've known her for 2 years, she is our O.F. from N.D. (Old Friend from N.D.)
Thanks for coming by today.
No telling what Mom will have cooking in the pot next week.
Madi and Mom


  1. Wow, Cecilia, that is such a unique and beautiful gift; I am so impressed with your husband's wonderful creativity and the lovely way he obviously cherishes you=there is so much love in that purse!...kisses to sweet Madi...xo...J, Calle, Halle, Sukki

  2. That is the most sweetest and nicest gift ever. So much Love went into making this gift :)
    He did an Awesome job!!!

  3. Madi,
    That purse is so unique, what a lovely gift.
    Mom says she has never seen one of those befores. Thank you for sharing it, I thinks I am going to like Potluck Fridays. :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  4. Your daddy knew how to "wooooo" your mom for sure!
    Lovely story and purse.
    Happy Friday Madi!

  5. This entire post is just lovely!!!!! I am surely wowed!

  6. Oh my dogness! What a precious, precious gift! And SOOO romantic! Sigh. I can sure tell why your mom decided to keeps him around for good.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  7. BTW - I'm older than dirt too.
    Yes, Brian is quite the romantic.
    You two are very lucky.

  8. Madi and mom, I am older than dirt too!! lol
    I can see that that is a man to keep forever!!
    Give him a real big kiss for us. He is my kind of man!!! Love the beautiful purse!! You should carry it every so often Cecilia!!! You would get the interest back!!!!!! Love pot luck Fridays!!!
    XXOO, Bambi & Fern

  9. Oooooh, I loves a good pot luck and dis was a dandy one.
    My great great great great grandma had them purses too...maybe I should add another great in theres to makes your mom feels REAL good....hehehehe.
    Anyways, I am just really amazed at da detail on them butterflies...incredible!!!!!!!! I'd hang on to dat cuz it will be backs in style soon.

    PEES: I hopes your head didn't swell too much from Cap'ns post yesterday...hehehehe!

  10. Our mama is really squealing over the purse!!!! Note from us: Our mama is older than dirt fact she's several years older than your mom, so she remembers the wood purses.

    How loving and special your dad is to have made that beautiful purse for her!!!!!


  11. How sweet and wonderful is that!!! That purse is just beautiful!!

    Thanks Madi, for sharing this with us!

  12. Oh My! Madi, your Daddy is just super! I see why your Mom snagged him...he's a keeper.

    The purse is beautiful! What a lot of time and love went into it.

    Potluck Friday is fun...can't wait to see next week's "dish"!

    MomKat Trish

  13. Oh I love this purse. The story didn't lose any appeal the second time through. I'm glad you decided to blog this! :o) Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  14. GREAT purse! Love the story! Have a fun weekend!

  15. Gosh, romance is in the air again, and this time it's your mum's romance (instead of your's Madi). Its nice your mum kept this keepsake as it means so much especially as your dad made it for her.

    Our mum is old too by the way, she keeps going on about being in her "prime" .....

    Love is in the air.....


  16. Miss Madi
    We were touched by your Dad making that purse for your Mom, and we know she loves it by the care she has taken with it over ...42 years...oh about 7 cat years....

    Happy Friday and this was a wonderful pot luck Friday.


  17. That purse is beautiful. It is very special to be made with so much love.

  18. Hey Madi,
    I got to meet Ms. Vicki last Aug. in ND and she's not that old! lol
    That is a wonderful purse that Dad put a lot of love into!
    Chin scratches for you
    Hugs to mom and dad

  19. Holy crap Madi, your dad is an awesome artist! Those flutterbys are AMAZING! He's obviously an expert at courting too. Your mom didn't have a chance... We are so glad you posted this!

  20. What a beautiful purse!! Gifts made with love are always the best!

  21. Wow! Your dad musta really liked your mom to make her that beautiful purse. We can see all the love he put into it!!!

  22. Oh my goodness Cecilia, that is a beautiful purse. To have one that was made with such care and much love is very special. You of course knew you had a keeper when you receive this gift.

    This was a great post for the first Potluck.

  23. Oh, my, Blog Mom says I forgot to leave a comment on this post. I guess that's because it was her that was all excited about the purse. Purses are more a human thing. She just loved it though and loved that your husband made it. She says that you must have known he was a keeper from that moment on.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  24. That is absolutely a great story Madi. I would have squealed too!

    Great job by Dad. He has a lot of talent.


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