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Saturday, July 18, 2009

North Carolina Crime Scene Investigator

There has been a crime in Raleigh..
Victims: Mom and Dad

Special Agent in Charge: SA Madi
6am: SA Madi: Dad what is the problem
Dad: we have no newspaper
6:30am:Dad calls the News & Observer to report no paper...N&O we are very sorry for the inconvenience...we'll have one specially delivered shortly
7am: SA Madi stakes out the driveway by sitting on the bed in the front bedroom (comfort 1st)
7:30-8:30am: SA Madi reports no activity
8:45am: SA Madi bellows I hear it, the special delivery is coming.....Mom/Dad it is a big truck...Wow that is special....
8:46am: Dad goes running to check out the truck....we find this outside our house. Dad says no SA Madi that isn't the special delivery of the great News and Observer that is the Grease Monster Truck it has come to clean out the sewer...however, it is quite appropriate, with this lack of service, N&O is headed down the sewer
9:00am: Dad calls N&O again.....this is a family blog I cannot write what he said...but he was not happy.
9:45am: still no paper......SA Madi can only offer this advice
SA Madi over and out....nap time
PS 1 pm the (morning) paper arrived at 12:30!!!!!?????

Friday, July 17, 2009

We won an Award....

I received and award from Millies House and what an honor. Thank you to all the new friends we have at Millies House.

The translation for the award is "Your Blog is a Dream"

The rules of this award are to give seven beauty secrets and then pass it on to seven bloggers. This is award is for male and female cats and dogs.

Madi's beauty secrets tips are.

1. Every girl knows we must brush our coat/hair daily.

2. My Mom always tells me when my eyes are a little dirty and offers to clean them

3. I have a fresh water fountain that intices me to drink lots of water

4. My daily diet is 1/4 can of Fancy Feast (no more no less) a day. It gives me just enough oil for a glistening coat and and I also get 2/3 cup of Natural Choice dry cat food. This keeps my teeth very clean.

5. I keep my girlish figure by jumping to and fro all day and my litter box is on the 2nd level so I dash up and down about 20 stairs

6. Diva status also requires at least 20 hours of rest a day

7. My biggest beauty secret is my MOM she takes very good care of me and gives me lots of TLC

I'd like to pass on this award to
My dog friends:
Daily Dose of Jack (Jack a boy as handsome as you has secrets)
Dog Daze (Sassy a natural blonde... I know you have secrets...and those studs Zack and Buddy must too)
Dory's Backyard (Dory you are a natural blonde so do tell
Hood's Happenings Billy what is your secret
Cat Friends:
House of Cats Such a pretty bunch
Huffle Mawson Huffle is the parsley pot your secret
Kool-Kitties-Krew just met you guys but I know you have secrets

Huckleberry Hill (honorary award to Gizzy and his Mom..they are away right now)

Thank you again Millie and family...Glad you are all feeling better
Madi and Mom

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Madi's Magic Box

I LOVE BOXES....any kind of box, any size box, box that are full, boxes that are empty. Boxes are almost better than a fresh cat nip toy!! It is said cats will go anywhere if their head fits...NOTE to SELF: Check your rear (end) first. I once wedged my girlie figure in a long narrow bedroom shoe box. The only opening was behind me. Easy going in but not so much coming out. The Peeps were LOL...they finally helped me out. If boxes could talk I know they would have lots of interesting stories about where they have been and why they smell and feel so good. Most of the boxes that come in MY house don't stay long. Mom breaks them down for recycling. I do have one very favorite box that stays in one spot all the time. It is my magic box. My peeps call it my condo. They cut out a window for me. If there is anything going on in the house that I don't like, I run like the wind to my box to hide. All the flaps have been removed leaving heavenly rough edges that feel oh so good on my pads. Mom says I have a good beat and I sound like the Beattles drummer. I didn't know a bug could play drums? Tootles Madi and Mom

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Four years ago today.

Hi Fur-ends,
Today's post is a picture of me date stamped July 16, 2005. I was three years old and already had the diva/supermodel look with a serious case of cat-atude. Notice how purrty I'm sitting. My front legs are crossed at the ankle like a proper lady. Mom told me the PLAN was to get another picture of me on the love seat today, July 16, 2009. This is not love seat day, week or month. I haven't been on the love seat in months. So newsflash Mom, there will not be a repeat photo today. I pick a spot or two that I like in MY house (operative word MY). I will only go to that spot or spots for weeks, and months at a time. Lately the chosen spot is either the top level of my perch or my peeps bed. So with this in mind, I wonder what are some of the favorite spots of furry friends? Thanks for stopping by to visit.
Madi is pouting and she calls me a diva???!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Madi's Nicknames

Mom got the idea to write about my nicknames from Huffle Mawson, The Exploer Cat and Millie's House
My given name is Madison.
Most often I'm called :
Madi or Mads but then sometimes very odd names come out of Mom's explaining most of them....

Baby Buns (in honor of my plump white hunches), Baby Girl, Diva Cat,Madi Patty, Poodle Face (I've never seen a Poodles, but I'm 'purry' sure none look like me or vice versa), Precious, Puca Shell, Puddin' head,
and last but not least....Sweet Cakes.

It is a hard job being me...but somehow I manage...Madi

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Monday Memories Cali 1993-2004

Cali was a Cornish Rex and no she did not have two heads. That's our sweet Milky Way behind her. Milky Way 7 when Cali became a member of our family, they loved each other from the first 'Meow'. What was his was hers, never a hiss out of either of them. He even willingly shared his beloved window perch. Cali belonged to my human sis. Cali stayed with us when my sis had to go out of town. I'm here because of these two sweet kitties who came before me. TTFN, Madi