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My 16th Birthday Header
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Monday, July 13, 2009

Madi's Nicknames

Mom got the idea to write about my nicknames from Huffle Mawson, The Exploer Cat and Millie's House
My given name is Madison.
Most often I'm called :
Madi or Mads but then sometimes very odd names come out of Mom's explaining most of them....

Baby Buns (in honor of my plump white hunches), Baby Girl, Diva Cat,Madi Patty, Poodle Face (I've never seen a Poodles, but I'm 'purry' sure none look like me or vice versa), Precious, Puca Shell, Puddin' head,
and last but not least....Sweet Cakes.

It is a hard job being me...but somehow I manage...Madi


  1. Oh those are wonderful nicknames! I like Sweet Cakes (it is cute and it makes me hungry for cake)!

  2. Oh Madim you sure make me giggle!

  3. Long as they call you for's all grrrrreat.

    Grrrrs to y'all Miss Madi
    Yer buddy, Giz

  4. Jack has several nicknames - none of which I can repeat on here!

  5. Thanks for visiting our blog and the comments you left!

    Those are interesting nicknames! Sweet Cakes is especially nice! We like your given name a lot! ... Madison is a cool name. You are real cute!

  6. Madi, you's just a Sweet Cake Diva............
    its a tough life, but some how you make it thru....

  7. Sweet Cakes is better than Sweet Cheeks! ha ha ha
    My mom calls me her "Baboo" sometimes! From Sally in the Peanuts cartoon calling Linus the piano player her "Sweet Baboo"! What ever! I always get my ears scratched afterward, all is fair in Love! Raider

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