Saturday, July 18, 2009

North Carolina Crime Scene Investigator

There has been a crime in Raleigh..
Victims: Mom and Dad

Special Agent in Charge: SA Madi
6am: SA Madi: Dad what is the problem
Dad: we have no newspaper
6:30am:Dad calls the News & Observer to report no paper...N&O we are very sorry for the inconvenience...we'll have one specially delivered shortly
7am: SA Madi stakes out the driveway by sitting on the bed in the front bedroom (comfort 1st)
7:30-8:30am: SA Madi reports no activity
8:45am: SA Madi bellows I hear it, the special delivery is coming.....Mom/Dad it is a big truck...Wow that is special....
8:46am: Dad goes running to check out the truck....we find this outside our house. Dad says no SA Madi that isn't the special delivery of the great News and Observer that is the Grease Monster Truck it has come to clean out the sewer...however, it is quite appropriate, with this lack of service, N&O is headed down the sewer
9:00am: Dad calls N&O again.....this is a family blog I cannot write what he said...but he was not happy.
9:45am: still no paper......SA Madi can only offer this advice
SA Madi over and out....nap time
PS 1 pm the (morning) paper arrived at 12:30!!!!!?????


  1. That is too cute!!

    I am back on the east coast!! I will let you know if I have job leads in Raleigh, I am posting my resume this weekend, now that they I have my application. I think.

  2. Wow Madi I LOVE CSI's...Mommy let's me watch it with her all the time. and NOW we have CSI: NC...Woo Hoo!!!

    I hope the paper comes soon so your Daddy doesn't have to say any more bad words (I don't like it when my Mommy and Daddy say bad words!)

    Can't wait to hear more CSI: NC ;-)!!

  3. SA Madi, Sorry you're having trouble w/ the old "fish wrapper"...

  4. Oh Madi..that sounds very stressful for you. I'm so sorry you needed to go thru that.

  5. Poor Madi.....all that stress and then having to hear some rough language......
    I don't know how you handle it all.
    Hang in there.......(maybe you should offer some soap to dad - for his bad words.....but then RUN..)

  6. Oh I am so sad that your dad's paper didn't get there in the morning - I guess that is just another sign of the decline of the paper business. But it was so good of you to keep watch for it - and boy that big truck is interesting. We don't have anything like that around here!


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