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Friday, February 26, 2016

Once upon a Time


Once upon a time long long ago there was a Diva kitty named Madi
who lived a simple and satisfying life with her Mom and Dad
for the first seven years of her life. Every so often there would
be a photo taken with a one of these one eyed  flashy Monsters
The Diva kitty was frightened they were big and mean
and quite frankly the horns gave her the willies

Everywhere she went they were in her face and invading her space.  
She sought cover high, low, under and behind.
thinking if she could not see the beasts they could not see her.

Then in June of 2009 the Diva kitties Mom decided to join
the WWW by creating a Blog.  The diva mom said she must 
have a smaller cute flashy camera that was not so scary and heavy.
Lo and behold the Mom of the Diva kitty found the 
Princess camera. Princess camera saved the day when 
she came to live with the Diva Kitty and her peeps

The Diva Kitty learned to love the Princess camera.
She would smile into the Princess Camera's purrty  purple

The Diva Kitty jumped for joy every time she saw the
Princess Camera
She started dressing up like a Diva just for
the camera and was no longer afraid.
She loved the Princess Camera so much when she heard
the velcro zip on Princess Camera's case open she would turn
toward it giving it a great big upside down Diva Smile

 Often they can be found
doing crazy things with the Princess Camera too.
Like Mom being outside on the deck taking a picture 
with Princess Camera while the Diva Kitty looks at 
them from inside her castle

The Diva Kitty and her mom and Princess Camera
 continue to live and click away happily in a land near by.
The End

We thank Shasta and Shiloh for hosting the blog hop,
Ranger for providing the idea with his wacky February calendar
and The Great Oz for creating the blog hop and Dory and Bros
for the lovely castle badge

We'll be back bright and early on Monday, February 29, 2016
Everyone have a good weekend

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Thursday This and That

FYI: I'm still refusing to sit on the towels at the bottom of the bed.

 Moon shining through our Japanese Maple 2/20/16
This is where I sat while the Geek Squad was in my house last week.
A few of my friends popped over just in case..................

All were sitting unpublished in mom's February file #1 and #4 were taken with mom's iPad
#3 was taken with nightscape setting on Niki

Wednesday, February 24, 2016



Very Impawtant Blogville Awesome Retreat
Public Service Announcement


THE B.A.R.  committee:
 Murphy and Stanley, Oreo, Dory and Bros
and Madi will be posting lots of info over there over the next
few months.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Tuesday Tunnel Tale

My tunnel still fascinates me.
Now I'm going in the back side too and even posing nicely

Who knew it had built in dental floss? Not me!!
Right now I'm flossing my front fangs

 When I lean this way I can floss my molars
I wish it had a fridge up here I'd never leave!! 

Monday, February 22, 2016


Greetings, salutations and top of the morn to you all!
Today I have a tutorial the title is
'How not to be crammed in 
your PTU for a unexpected trip to the vet...especially during a good nap'.  
I am addicted to face marking aka rubbing my whiskers and mouth all over my peeps because they stink it helps me identify them as MINE w/o opening my eyes.  
So here is the story about 10 days ago mom reading a book
not paying attention to me.  I hoped up on the arm of the chair.  Her hands were in serious need of marking and I was up to the task.
I'm rubbing one of her knuckles with the left side of my face...when she drops the book while bellowing Madi what is that on your face, let me see your face, she gets me in a choke hold, grabs my chin with one hand.  She nearly rub my furs off my face.  I told her to 
let go of the diva...but she just held tighter.

The woman found an itty bitty bump under my furs on the left side of my face...the arrow in the photo below marks the spot...
Friends every day for the next 9 days she rub it like she expected me to grant her a wish.  Finally on Wednesday 2/17/16...
she told Dad she would not rest until my vet looked at it.
 I told her it was nuttin'...but did she listen?
Off we go to the VET...the woman is paranoid!!
Well I was right it was is a whisker folliculitis aka
in grown whisker that has formed a pimple.  Normally a topical antibiotic cream is  given but since it is so close to my lips the vet suggested we give it some time 'cause I might lick it too much.
If need be, there is an antibiotic injection they can give me.
I was hoping for some salmon flavored cream.

we had to resort to talking about pimples.

In conclusion...remember this bit of mews, if you are a habitual face maker, it can create havoc in your otherwise peaceful life
of lounging and naps!!