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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Saturday Photo Hunt


F U N N Y: adj:  amusing

I think mom is amusing

 and she thinks I'm amusing

We amuse ourselves too!

Ms. Kit from Dog Daze sent this to us

It is funny and we love it words to live by!

Friday, October 24, 2014


I was wrong..not making eye
contact with a shutter bug is not a deterrent
 nor is walking away.
I will have to find another more effective



Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thursday Tale

Recently mom asked me why I always sat on the middle
cushion of the couch.  I tried to ignore her but that
proved to be impossible.

 Finally I gave her a 1/2 stinky eye look while saying
I'm Madi and ........

Has your assistant asked a silly question lately?
The End

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wow Wednesday

We love PicMonkey...this effect is also in the new
Comic Heroes under Sketch...first sketch is black and white.
If you move the colorize  bar...this happens.

 This is the original photo.

Rainbow over Elephant Rock, near Bandon, Oregon
Photo by our friend Kathy aka Molly's Mom

Kathy, Grant and Molly enjoy this gorgeous view
on many of their morning walks.
Thank you for sharing Kathy

Thankfully mom didn't have to have her eyes dilated...that will be next year.  She did have to get new glasses which she says make her look smart...I say looks can be deceiving.  
I am Madi and I know these things!! BUTT she won't look
smart much 'cause she wears contacts 95% of the time.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Did you know .....

PicMonkey had a new section Comic Heroes
 Thank goodness Mom knows how to use PicMonkey
the looks are endless

Mom took this picture from inside...
Granddaddy long legs was crawling up the porch
door....Once again she had a happy accident
lots of kitchen reflections on the glass of the porch door.

Do you have a favorite?

9:45 has an annual eye check up today.
She expects they will dilate her eyes so we might be MIA 
until the dilation wears off and her eyes are normal

Monday, October 20, 2014


In case you missed the first episode click here.

The duct cleaning sucky monster arrived at our house promptly 
at 10:30ish on Friday 10/17/14.
They have a big sucky monster in the truck.
They put the sucky monster under the house near the ducts.
A small hose similar to the ones you use to 
put air in your tires ran from the truck

in the front door and up the stairs.
The compressed air was forced into each vent in the house.
This little hose did not make any bothersome noises.
It flushed the dust from the vents down to the sucky monster.
 Due to all the commotion and nose and open door and no room 
for me to hide in...Mom got me a Large Dog Kennel as my safe place.  She put a clean litter box, my blankie, my food and
OMCs...I had a water thingie kinda like what 
rabbits have. 

 I don't think I drank any water from it though.
They said it might take 4 hours and she wanted to be prepared.
I ate my delish kibble lickety split.....

 The for the rest of the torture I kept my eyes peeled for 
introoders. Once they brought out a shop vac to clean up the floor.
I did not like that one iota!! 
I don't like vacs at all.  Mom came in to check on me.
I was all tucked in the back corner, 3/4 of my body in the (clean) litter box and my hind 1/4 hanging off the back.  

To quote Patrick Swayze in 
Dirty Dancing..."no one puts Baby in the corner"!

Thankfully it only took 2 hours not 4 hours that was originally quoted. BUT I did have a lot 
of smell mail to check after the introoders 
and the sucky monster departed.
Now we have a giant K9 kennel at the house...but never fear it will be used again.  Next time there is an indoor the meantime maybe we should have some K9s for a sleep over. MOL

Sunday, October 19, 2014


We are thrilled to be pawticipating with the furiends at 

I see from some comments mom should have explained it.  It is not a mirror I am sitting in a drawer in the armoire...facing another drawer my selfie is in the wood on that drawer