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Saturday, August 4, 2012





Check out the below links to see some great
Best Nippy Face
Fierceful Yawn
Keep away
Tuneful Farting


Mom and I have two very delightful young friends at 
The Pony Bloggers, Kate and CB, who live in Alaska. Mom is an Alaskan wanna be so we thought, Saturday Photo Hunt was an appropriate day to post this beautiful picture/Wonderful Blog Award Kate made.
Thank you Kate and CB
  We are supposed to tell you several things about ourselves; however, since we recently did that we'll tell you a few things we know about Kate and CB.
1. They are very talented and creative young girls
2. Echo their dog entered the Pommel Horse event in our Gymnastic Event  
3.  In May they took a trip to England to visit family
4. Their entire family recently went salmon fishing on the Kenai
Peninsula and camped out. Mom is so jealous....well not of 
camping..Mom is such a girl...but she would love to go to Kenai.
5. Kate is learning to crochet (way to go Kate)
6. Kate and CB both love to read
7. Mom and I are proud to be their friends
Madi and Mom

Friday, August 3, 2012




during today's events. MOL



Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thursday Theme Song and Day's Events

Mom and I thank Hootin Anni for hosting

Today's song was chosen because  Mom thought it fit nicely with the Blogville and Cat Blogosphere Events that we are following!! 
It is
I will follow her 
by the late great Bobby Darian

Please click on the video to hear this song

Once again Mom is PLAYING with the lyrics...changes in RED

I will follow her, follow her wherever she may go
There isn't an ocean too deep
A chair so high it can keep me away
I must follow MOM
Ever since she touched my head I knew
That near her I always must be
And nothing can keep her from me
She has thumbs to open my Fancy Feast
I love her, I love her I love her
And where she goes I'll follow, forever and ever
And side by side together I'll be with my Mom

And share a thousand secrets together, beside her I will follow her
follow her wherever she may go
There isn't an ocean too deep
A chair so high it can keep, keep me away
Away from my love

I love her, I love her I love her 
And where she goes I'll follow, forever and ever
And side by side together I'll be with my Mom
And share a thousand secrets, together, beside her

I will follow her
follow him wherever she may go
There isn't an ocean too deep
A chair so high it can keep, keep me away
Away from my Mom

MOL Mom is a crazy lady and lots of fun...speaking of
fun please click on the below links to visit today's Sporting
Events in Blogville and Cat Blogosphere
Counter Surfing
Pole Jumping
Singles Stick Carry/Team Stick Carry

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

THE DAY AFTER and Sisterhood Award


*Recently Mom was cleaning out a closet...
she found this adorable bean bag kitty face she made for my human sissy at least 35 years ago.
Golly gee way back before  they ever had a kitty they loved kitties....ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!
Mom was very honored to receive this lovely award
from our good friend Hootin Anni and we thank her!!
Hootin Anni made our header for us and she is also
the hostess with the mostest on Thursday Theme Song.

Mom is supposed to tell you 7 things about herself.  She might have to throw in a few about me just to make 7.

1. She has no siblings so this award  means a lot to her!!
2. When she was an itty bitty kitty she was given a name
to match her inquisitive nature (that she still has).
That name is Nosey Rosey!! MOL I cannot believe she told you.
3. She and Hootin Anni share a fear of heights....but she is not afraid to fly; however, she would NEVER sky dive!!
4. She adores chocolate dark, light or in between
5. She could eat an entire tub of Brummel and Brown margarine
made with yogurt.  B&B spread on fresh bread is heaven on earth
6. She cannot start her day w/o a bowl of Cheerios and a cup of coffee.
#7.  Madi:  My furs are dark gray and white...lots of folks think I'm black and white

Mom says anyone who wants to be her Sister is welcomed to 
cut and paste this award.  

Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Welcome one and all to Madi and Mom's Gymnastics Event
We are excited for you all to see the most wonderful kitties, puppies and a few surprise guests photos for this event.

Madi here: Maggie Mae and her bro Max graciously agreed to start off our festivities with one of their famous Synchronized floor/ground rhythm, bitey face routines.  We thought this dance routine we get everyone up on their hind feet.  

Synchronized rhythm floor dance.  

Combo Balance Beam and Uneven Bars

Nora B. Webster says: I am just getting ready for my event.  APPARENTLY, the photographer didn't get my real skills here.  Lame.
Madi says: OMDs Nora you are doing a combo...3/4 of your body is doing balance beam and your most lovely fluffy tail is doing
performing an uneven bar maneuver.  WTG girl!!

Floor Exercise

"ZOEY does a gentle workout on the vault before the start of her floor exercise in the gymnastics event; she appears unperturbed by the flashing bright lights of the many sports photographers ...
Madi says OMC Zoey you are one limber, gorgeous lady cat!! YOU GO GIRL

Floor Exercise

Winston says:   All you ladies (K9 and Feline) I'm here to show you the proper way to stretch before your floor exercise routine!!
Madi says:  OMDs Winston I do wish I could sit like that I bet it feels yummy to stretch on that cool tile floor

Floor Exercises:
Subcategory Left leg extensions

Domino says: This extension is not as easy at it looks but a girl has gotta do what she has gotta do
Madi says:  OMCs Domino you and I are members of the Pink Nose society.  Good job on looking over your shoulder while stretching your leg.

Floor Exercise
Subcategory:  Left Leg Extension

Dante says:  I'm performing a difficult 'feet' even for a 'seasoned' athlete
Madi says: Lady cats love man cats who clean their left foot off before coming in the house

Balance Beam

Roo says: I LUV gymnastics! Nadia Comenich(sp?) I am not butt I can climb a tree limb or two
Madi says: OMDS  ROO you have some mighty fine man dog muscles!!

Balance Beam
 Spitters says: I am a member of Marg's animals family. I am walking on our Balance Beam which is our fence.
Madi says:  OMCs Spitters you are a most gorgeous and agile cat.

Balance Beam

Sweet William says he found a beam to walk on at the para course trail at my big park. 
Madi says:  OMC/OMD Sweet William are you a most agile
Scotty you are also the best dressed and look very debonair

(Extreme) Balance Beam

Chloe says: I'm the queen of the balance beam!!
Madi says: OMCs Chloe I am in awe of your skills and Mom
is loving your milk chocolate furs!!
Balance Beam

Jimmy says:  I'm taking this opportunity to introduce myself to all the lovely lady cats of Blogville. I am Jimmy and as you can see I'm a well balanced man how about a date?
Madi says: OMCs Jimmy you give me the vapors

Balance Beam
Molly says:  OMDs I can see the beam so much better with my multi-lens Olympic Glasses
Madi says: Molly girlfriend you have gone Hollywood for sure!

Balance Beam

Winston says:  I wish you all could have seen my 2-leggers trying to get me to do some 'fancy nancy' tricks
but I stood my ground with purrfect balance on the arm of the couch!! 
Madi says:  OMCs Winston I do wish you had blooper pics of the 2 leggers standing on their heads.  Your concentration is amazing

Balance Beam

Chloe and Cecil say:  Your eyes are not deceiving you YES
we are both on top of the door, it is easy peasy!!
Madi says:  For once I'm meowless

 Balance Beam

Cecil says:  First you put your left paw forward, then you curl your tail and that is how you do the hokey pokey on the balance beam.
Madi says: Cecil you are one smoking hot hokey pokey cat.

Floor Exercise
DISMOUNT into Mid air glide

Puddles says:  Felines... look at my purrfect cat (you knows I has some feline DNAs) like dismount....well except my crazy mom cut off my right foot.
Madi says: I had no idea a vertically challenged Doxie could do that.  Maybe we are kissing cousins

Floor Exercise: 
Sub-category Headless front paw-stand

Madi says:  Even though I'm me it is I, Madi 
the Diva.  You can recognize me from my luscious 'tocks

Floor Exercise
Subcategory:  Purrfect front paw-headstand

Lorenza says: Please ask Grandma to make me a form fitting dress to wear. I want to try this on my next walkie
Madi says: Lorenza what a purrfect dismount straight into an amazing floor exercise front paw stand and I'm most impressed with your tail being your stabilizer. MOL at you and Puddles and me doing exactly the same dismount.

2nd Floor Exercise
Savannah says: I might look like a docile, relaxed kitty
 but in the blink of an eye I my inner lioness emerges.  I 
become of bunny kick Queen of 2nd floor
and just to be sure  you know I mean business
I give you a raspberry!!

Madi says: Girlfriend I'm glad we are friends 'cause I believe
you are one ferocious lion !!

Balance Beam
Rubie says: I'm  going through my BALANCE BEAM routine at the local park. A pleasant interlude during my walk.

Madi says:  OMDs Rubie your balance is superb.  It looks like  you are concentrating too.

Balance Beam
Miss Mindy says:  I have my Dad guy wrapped around my petite paws.  Come on Dad give me a Dorito, Mom isn't looking!!
Madi says:  MOL Miss Mindy WTG  work it girlfriend!!

Balance Beam

Dylan says:  His philosophy is "Every hurdle in life can be
overcome if you just keep on goin"!!
Madi says:  Dylan not only are you handsome, and agile you are very smart!

Balance (log) beam

Mistaya says: I am young...just 4 years old but I have been training real hard at the beach running in the sand to strengthen my legs. I did most of my training here in the Olympic National Forest where they have very high logs.
Madi says:   OMDs Mistaya you might need a parachute up there on that high log.

Balance Beam 3 pawed

 Jazzi says: Look Uncle Ed a 3 paw balance beam!!
Madi says:  I think Uncle Ed should have walked the beam too. MOL  Sorry Uncle Ed I hope I'm still invited to your pool party

Balance Beam 4 pawed

Snoopy says:  I don't have a blog. I am Jazzi's Uncle Ed's well balanced cat and I thank Jazzi for letting me enter the fun under her blog.
Madi says: OMCs Snoopy you have the most amazingly unique tail markings.

Balance Beam

Knuckles says: I am attempting a never before dismount that consists of 52 1/2 back flips.
Madi says:  Knuckles you are concentrating very hard I'm confident
you will be land on your feet!! MOL

Balance Beam

Bugsy says: I just completed a 2 1/2 twirls in the air with a half twist stunt and landing on the edge of the balance beam
Madi says: You and Knuckles are most agile and I expect you both keep your Mom off balance. MOL

Synchronized Balance Beam

Mayzie says: This is me and Brudder Ranger performing the Synchronized Balance Beam. You have NO idea how long we had to practice this!
Madi says:  Mayzie, my BFFF, I think you and Ranger need to break open your piggy bank and head over to Mrs. Field's Cookie store.  You Mom deserves a box Chocolate chip biscuits

Uneven bars

Princeton says:  This is how we do uneven bars Ok-la-homa.   Watch carefully I'm about to attempt a very difficult dismount.   
Madi says: OMC lady cats love uneven man cats

Uneven Bars

Madi says I'll do anything for a fresh nip toy

Uneven Bars

Domino says:  She has just about reached her LIMBit.
She wishes this was a video because she is GRACE in motion.
Madi says:  You go girl there are no LIMBits in this competition

Ring/hoop Event

Jazzi says:  I was kinda nervous about it but after some help from my great coaches and by keeping my eye on the goal (the treat on the floor ahead of me) I got really brave and jumped right through it.
Madi says:  WTG Girlfriend if my Mom wasn't so stingy with treats I might perform too. MOL


Rubie says: I am taking a small "Zen Moment" prior to engaging in my "Egg" RINGS event. This event was made easier by my peep putting liver treats inside the rings...BOL!
Madi says:  OMDs you got liver would you like to have a feline Sibling?  I love beef and liver Fancy Feast

 Lassiter Chase and Benjamin the Shelties say: We are so excited to be participating in Gymnastics in the Blogville Olympic Games.  Here we are with our Hula Hoop (Still Ring).  We also practiced a little Synchronized Rhythmic Gymnastics on our own too with our Hula Hoop for Extreme Weather Sports.  Eventhough the human girls do Rhythmic Gymnastics in the human Olympics -- us boy dogs would totally rock at that sport too!!!

Madi says:  Oh la la Lassiter and Benjamin I would most certainly jumped through hoops to win the affections of you two handsome boys


Asta says:I have been pawticing on the same kind of wings my Mommi used between hew doow in hew apawtment in Boo da Pest when she was a littol giwl
Madi says:  Asta thank you for hanging around blogville with me!!

Floor Exercise

Chloe says:  she is doing the super-triple bend-in-half
that she purrfected just for the Olympics.
 Chloe says thank you to her K9 Bro Oskar for letting her pawticipate even though it is his Blog!!
Madi say:  OMCs Chloe you are a Yoga Mistress for sure

Floor Exercise

Cinderella says:  I am working on her floor exercises -- she has the triple belly roll down pat!  
Madi says:  OMDs Cinderella please send me the name of your SPA...that looks divine

Floor Exercise
Domino says:  I put lots of emotion in my exercise routine.
I reaching for the gold medal
Madi says:  OMCs this exercise shows off your pink paws and nose
Floor Exercise
Finn says:  This is what she calls stretch with a toy
Madi says:  Work those abs girlfriend you are looking good
Window sill stretch

Moe says: thank you to his K9 Bro Oskar for letting her pawticipate even though it is his Blog!!
Madi says:  Moe work those chin muscles...feel the burn.

Floor exercise
Subcategory: Sand stretch

Sugar says:  A Golden Hello from atop my favorite
Hawaiian sand.  I am doing my morning stretches
and deep breathing exercises in preparation for my double sand floor exercise roll while kicking my feet in the air for momentum.
Madi says: Sugar you are a most talented floor exerciser and you certainly looking quite happy with your Golden smile.  

Floor Exercise

Sasha says:  here is my picture for the Olympic Gymnastic Event for the Floor Exercise. 
Loveys Sasha
Madi says:  Bravo I am in awe of your ability to spin you head and your tail at the same time. 

Floor Exercise
Subcategory:  Tug of War
Sissi says:  My tattle tail brother told l mom I was pole dancing. He is just a sore loser, I beat him at tug of war.
Madi says:  You go girlfriend it is your job to be sure your
bro knows girls rule and boys drool!!

Floor Exercises

Rubie says:  here are my FLOOR EXERCISES....... assisted by the clever insertion of a cushion!
Madi says:  Rubie your furs look very soft...may I rest my weary Olympic head on your tummy?

Floor Exercise: Woo Style
Thunder, Ciara and Lightning say: they are resting after a grueling
training session for the Floor Exercises in the Olympics
Madi says: So that is your story and you are sticking to it?

Lightning says:  Listen up Thunder and Ciara..we have been
challenged by a Diva Feline...get up off your tushes and
give me 100 push ups
Madi says:  MOL Woos are so easy to tease!

Floor Exercise: high jump

My name is Jake, I am entering the standing high jump. I trained by jumping straight in the air snapping at hover flies. I can jump right over my sisters back


Sarge says:  Let me just show you how a well toned man dog
does it.
Madi says:  OMDs you give me the vapors

Vault using Mom
Casey says:I'm working on the ultra-tricky Mom-Vault. Nailed the dismount!
Madi says:  Casey I think your Mom is having way too much fun!!

Ben says:  I just completed a somersault off the vault. 
Landing on my feet and spinning right into a tummy tuck.
Madi says:  OMCs Ben you are fast as greased lightning
you make my head spin.


Kip says:  Bro Ben I can show off for all the ladies too.  I just sailed over the vault, made a soft landing then went right into a back bend.
Madi sighs: OMCs Kip you are one agile and lean vaulting machine.    

Dante says:  I am reaching for the rings to perform my mount.  My philosophy is 'if the mountin' won't come to you, you must go to the mountin"
Madi says:  WOW Dante I'm in awe of your handsome beautiful tail

High Bar
Molly says:  Woooooo I'm queen of all I survey
Madi says: Molly thanks for going out on a limb for me

Pommel Horse: Doxie style

Rueben says: I is preparing for the pummel horse. My spotter is on the left and I gots a great routine planned for that horse!
Madi says: OMD(oxie) you have a real breathing galloping horse.
Everyone knows a Doxie-tude can conquer anything run like the wind Rueben!!

Pommel Horse (stool)

Tahoe says: I wish you all could have seen my 2-leggers trying to get me to do some 'fancy nancy' tricks.I gave them a stinky eye telling them to back off I was about to dismount from my Pommel Horse/stool.
Madi says:  OMCs  Tahoe what a cat-a-tastic position you have there on the Pommel Horse you.  WTG

Pommel Horse (rock) 
Echo says: This is my Alaskan style Pommel Horse.
Madi says:  OMCs Echo your form and style are purrfect and we love your concentration!! 
Pommel Horse

Deccy says:  I did most of my training in Ganny's garden as it is very long and much bigger than mine at home. Anyway, when I tried training at home KC  kept tripping me up... bl**dy cat. She's NOTHING like you Madi, mate! 
Madi says: Well done Deccy, my Mate, in spite of the sneaky, under pawed efforts of KC  you came out on the other side a shining super star.

Pommel horse

Dante says:  I'm performing an extremely difficult raise leg manoeuvre (while trying not to pollute the air...if you get my drift).
This manoeuvre takes every ounce of my strength.  I don't want to 
'pound' the pavement.  I'd rather pommel that horse instead.
Madi says:  I'm meowless and that rarely happens.

Floor Exercises:
Willow says: I need to limber up ....
 before I start rolling.  I believe that it important to do this as to build momentum for a full tumble or else I could get stuck mid-roll.

Madi says:  OMCs Willow you are Mistress of Yoga do you offer classes?

Floor (grass) Exercises
Subcategory:  Bro Wrestling

Eric says:  Flynn back off before I have to hurt you with my right rear bunny kick
Madi says:  OMBros you two need to kiss and make up Pronto

Freestyle Floor(bed) Exercise

Frank says:  Mom I'm stuck in mid roll and there is a tiger in my TANK.  BOL
Madi says:  MOL Tank I was wondering if you knew Tigger the Tiger was there

Freestyle Cat-a-tastic Feline 

Marley says:  I'm concentrating while preparing for the difficult 'strong cat' 360-tree-toss-and-land-on-the-platform event.
Madi says: OMCs you are one handsome, strong and agile mancat.  I've never seen this trick

Floor exercise:
Subcategory: Toe touching to Music 
 Dylan says:  You may think I'm just trying to touch my toes but I have a song in my heart
Madi says: Lady cats like well groomed mancats

Pommel Horse Guinea Pig style

Einstein says: I am entering the  category of Pommel Horse. As you can see, I am about to straddle my apparatus,the pommel horse i.e. Darwin aka my bro, the fat pig. I think this is a good show of brotherhood teamwork;) because Darwin is actually the dominant one. The fact that my fat bro allows me to straddle him shows his utter commitment to genuine sportsmanship!
Madi says: OMGP (oh my guinea pig)....I have never ever in all my 10 years seen a guinea pig.  You are most handsome

Floor Exercise Guinea Pig Style
Darwin says: I am actually quite impressed that I am still so bendy. You can see I am working really hard to reach that itchy spot. I just got back from spending an hour out in the grass chomping non-stop. 
Madi says:  OMGPs (oh my guinea pigs)..I love your furs and I'm impressed with your skills.


Sarge says:  His crabby girl wants to join in too!  Beachnut is entering in the rings category.
Madi says: Bravo!! I'm shell shocked and for once in my life meowless

3 Being Balance Beam

Lily Belle and Muffin say: Young lady don't you move a muscle
Madi says:  You two must have PhDs in Physics to be able to carry off such a purrfectly balanced event!!

We thank each and everyone of you for pawticipating in our Gymnastics event.  It was so much fun getting to know 
all of you via your beautiful pictures.

Now for the awards presentation

Mom and I would like to award a 


We would also like to invite you to click on the below link
to see the Couch Potato Peeling Event