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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Madi: Why I love the weekends

Because Mom and Dad are both home...we get to
sleep late, eat bagels, drink coffee, smell the flowers

and read the paper........
and get advice.....I hope Mom doesn't find out I wrote to Dear Amy.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday Flashback with Milky-Way

Milky-Way was a very good companion. He was always ready for a snuggle or a lap to sit in;
however, if there was no lap available he was perfectly happy to sit in this chair in my sewing room. He was rather picky about the number of cushions....there always had to be two and if he happened to be sitting near a window...his world was as close to purrfet as it could get. When I was pinning pattern pieces to fabric, I did not like having Milky-Way with me. He was absolutely obsessed with the tissue paper of the pattern pieces. He would lick the pattern
pieces until they disintegrated. I don't know what is in kitty 'spit' but it is POWERFUL.

Madi and Mom

Thursday, April 1, 2010

No (April) Fooling We've been double tagged

Mom and I have been doubled tagged this week by two of our BFF puppies.

#1 of the double tag was by Olive and her Mom tagged us for the Photo Meme...

We met Olive in December when Jazzi and her mom hosted the most wonderful gift exchange party. Olive is a Southern Belle like me but she lives in Texas ....we are thinking about
going to Cotillion together but then that is a story for another day.
Below is the 10th picture we found in our first folder and here is the story.

As you might have guessed, these are leather chairs....thus I'm not 'encouraged' to get on them. However, every so often this girl cat gets a wild hair and just needs to see what the big deal is. So wala...I think I'm doing it on the sly when all of a sudden I see the flashy box come out and I'm caught but good for me I kept my claws in where they belong!!!

The Photo meme has been going around blog world for a we invite all who have not done it yet to participate.

# 2 of the double tag was by Mayzie and her Mom with this lovely Virtual Easter Basket.

We met Mayzie just a few months ago. Mayzie is the most luckiest dog in the state of
Collie-rado. We won't go into details, but her 'first life' was most less than perfect. Mayzie is so grateful for her 'second life' that she has formed her on vocabulary to express her glee. Everything Mayzie says is most wonderful. She has two leggers who give her lots of TLC and a brudder dog Ranger who thinks she is the just peachy keen. He loved her from nearly Hello.
Drop by to see Mayzie we think you will be most amused by her.
In connection with Childern's Miracle Network Hershey's Easter Basket Blog Hop is sponsoring the Virtual Easter Basket Blog Hop

There were lots of instructions that we were supposed to copy and paste to our blog...Mayzie we are hanging our heads in shame.. We cannot figure out how to paste them into blogspot. There is no option that we can find for pasting. is such a worthy cause and we invite everyone to go to the Hershey's link above to read all about it.

Well Olive and Mayzie we are honored to have been tagged by you.
Thank you both for thinking of us we are so glad we met you two gorgeous
lady dogs!!!
Did you know that the word April is from the Latin word aperire, which means 'to open.'
A very appropriate name for this time of year when flower and leaf buds open.
more information from The Essential Book of Useless Information by Don Voorhees.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

The Diva on her Royal Red Throne
aka Dad's locomotive box.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Madi says: It's official.......

Look Mom it finally came....
we are now officially members of Twinkie's
Book club....oh my cats will you read Twinkie's book to me pleazzzzzze?

Thanks for reading all about Twinkie's struggles and TRIMPHANTS!!!
What a strong and determined puppy...but I have to ask
do you really think Twinkie ate that big bone?
Twinkie's Mom thank you for sharing Twinkie's story with all the world
What a fighter Twinkie is and what devotion and love you and your family gave Twinkie.

Note: On March 28, 2010 Steeple Sunday I featured the steeple from the Raleigh Moravian Church. Many of you mentioned you were not familiar with the Moravian Church or the Moravian Star in the Steeple. I thought I'd fill you in very briefly on both. I'm not Moravian; however, the Church in Raleigh has a very large congregation and we have an active communities around different parts of NC.
The origin is from John Hus a Bohemian martyr from 1415. The formal beginning was 1457 probably originated in central Europe. In 1752 several Moravian from Bethlehem, PA traveled to the east coast of NC then inland settling on a tract of land called Wachau or Wachovia (which also the name of one of the largest banks in NC). This area reminded them of their home on the Wach River in Europe. This area is now called Winston-Salem, NC. Old Salem is a village in Winston-Salem that is set up as a replica to the old villages the Moravians first settled in NC. The Moravian Star in the steeple of the Raleigh Moravian Church is a very popular Christmas Decoration in North Carolina. They are purchased pre-wired. They are hung from outside fixtures mounted in the center of the ceilings. When I was in high school, one of the projects all Geometry classes was to use geometry to figure out the star's make up then make a small one out of paper. Their candlelight tea service at Christmas is also very popular. So that is it in a nutshell. I would/should have explained more on Sunday's post but I thought everyone knew about them....but it seems it stirred up some interests. Sharing information on my beautiful State is one of the reasons I wanted to blog....shhhhh don't tell Madi she thinks it is all about her.

Monday, March 29, 2010

MOM: Monochrome Monday

Our friend Miss Cindi Lou and her Mom are experts at Monochrome pictures...
Mom has been studying their posts on for some time so I thought I'd let her use the blog today for her first attempt.
Mom and Dad were out and about recently. Mom saw this vintage car below
in what Dad called it Candy Apple Burgundy....Mom snapped a quick picture just to have because they love old cars...

Then she thought it might be the perfect picture for her to
try for Monochrome Monday...what do you think?
As always, thanks for indulging Mom. I just had to let her have the blog today because without her thumbs I'd be NOTHING!!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Steeple Sunday: Raleigh Moravian Church

This church is on one of my regular walking routes. Until I started thinking about steeples, I never paid much attention to it the steeple. Imagine my surprise when I stopped to take a picture and noticed that there is a Moravian Star inside the steeple (click below picture to enlarge).It has a beautiful copper roof with a weather van at the top with the numbers 1956 carved out on it.

As recently as 1951 there was no Moravian Church in Raleigh. At that time a family recently
transplanted from PA offered to help establish a Moravian Church in Raleigh. Permission was granted. Their first service was held on December 7, 1952 in a Presbyterian Church in down town Raleigh. The Raleigh Moravian Church was organized on October 4, 1953. In 1954 3 acres of land were purchased for a future building. On March 24, 1957 the $62,000.00 building opened. Neither the weather vane nor the date 1956 were mentioned in the history. If I had to guess, I'd say 1956 is the date for the installation of the steeple/weather vane.

Mom here: TODAY IS MY Mama's 82 BIRTHDAY also!!!
Happy Birthday Mama...that is what I've always called her in spite of all her best
attempts to get me to call her Mother. My daughter calls me Ma and I love it!!!!