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Friday, September 25, 2009

Lovely things @ Logan's Trading Company

This post is a continuation from Saturday September 12. After we have lunch at Seaboard Cafe on Saturdays we enjoy browsing around Logan's Trading Company. It started out as mainly a garden center. Over the years they've added colorful pottery

whimsical garden furniture

and furniture made by the Amish...that according to the sign

will last


I hope you enjoyed browsing with me today....Madi is resting
so didn't ask her permission to don't tell her.

She'll be back in rare form soon.


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Friday faces and places of MADI....

Our first attempt at making a collage....Mom says she isn't 100% sure how she did it but here it is and here's hoping she remembers the next time because I LIKE seeing all these pictures of myself.......Madi and Mom (a bit bleary eyed after this)

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Madi: Mom a bug come quick

Madi is on bug patrol...notice the intensity of the stare. You would think she was ready to pounce but no she just stands there and Meows (loudly) it almost sounds like MOOOOOOOM

Good Job Mom that is exactly where it was...let me see it you got all of it.

Note from Mom: This time of year we have a time with Camel Crickets....and quite frankly, I don't blame Madi for not attempting to catch them. She'd get whip lash from trying to keep up with them.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Madi: I take my coffee black...How about you?

A few weeks ago during the "Oops I ate it" blogs, my entry stated
Madi's love of coffee....well she doesn't actually drink
coffee she loves to LICK our cups. Everyone seemed a bit surprised
so we thought we'd show you exactly how she accomplishes this ritual.......

First she keeps a watchful eye on her peeps so that
she knows when to make her move. Once the coast is clear....

She takes a sniff to be sure it is HER brand.
She sticks her nose and mouth into the cup
(the cup is empty)licking as far down as her tongue can reach
Next she begins to lick the rim of the cup....
Then she licks all down the side of the cup ending the weekend only
Declaring her undying love for the cup and its contents
with the Madi mark of approvalNow you know how a Diva Island Princess Cat
gets her daily buzzzzzzzz
Approved by Madi

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dachshund Chronicles: Toto goes to the Kennel

Toto and his little mistress 1976..the year bean bags and avocado green were IN:

After many years of living with Toto, I learned it was the humans who needed training not Toto. He reminded me of this several times a day. The year he was 8, we planned a trip to Hawaii...this meant Toto would have to be k.e.n.n.e.l.e.d for the first time in his life. Up until this trip, he went where we went. We were all very apprehensive about leaving him for nearly two weeks. Silly humans that we were, we knew he'd be miserable without us. The kennel was attached to our Vets office. When the time came to delivery him to his new home, Toto was greeted by several of his adoring fans. Often over the years we left at the Vet's for the day for check ups etc so it was not big deal. Little did he know this was not a day trip. A good time was had by all the humans in Hawaii. We arrived home late on a Friday night. We were all up bright and early on Saturday eagerly anticipating the bewitching hour of 8 am when we could pick up our precious little bundle. Oh what a grand reunion we had. His little tail was just wagging and he was doing the Toto shuffle. Needles to say, we were very relieved that he had not forgotten us. We were told he was an excellent boarder, that he ate well and played well. We gathered his belongings, leashed him and out the door we go. Of course when we arrived home, he had to check for pee mail and leave pee mail on every blade of grass to let his buddies know he was BACK. Finally he looks as if to say 'I'm done, I own the place again' we go in the house, so in we go. I take off his leash, turn to put it in the pantry. Toto barks loudly several times as if to say, 'hey look at me'. I turned back around, he stares at me intently for a few seconds, lifts his leg against the chair leg, pees a flood and I mean a flood on the kitchen floor (thankfully linoleum). He looks at me again, this time with stern determined eyes, turns and walks over to his bed. I'm standing there in total shock...he never had accidents...what in the world...then it dawns on me....this was REVENGE of the dog. He was saying 'so there that is what I think about your trip and the 2 weeks in the kennel'. Dogs are smart. They know what is up and if they aren't happy about it lo and behold you'll know it.