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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Madi: Mom a bug come quick

Madi is on bug patrol...notice the intensity of the stare. You would think she was ready to pounce but no she just stands there and Meows (loudly) it almost sounds like MOOOOOOOM

Good Job Mom that is exactly where it was...let me see it you got all of it.

Note from Mom: This time of year we have a time with Camel Crickets....and quite frankly, I don't blame Madi for not attempting to catch them. She'd get whip lash from trying to keep up with them.


  1. Ok this was weird - my computer wouldn't let me comment until I exited and came back to this post. Anyway, I wanted to say good job to Madi - it is important to point out the bugs so we can get rid of them!

  2. Good for you Madi! Always tell your mommy first and never eat one!


  3. Everytime there is anything that moves in the house my boy Ping is right on top of it. He alerts me to whatever it is. Even tiny ants that invariably make it into the house. Not one thing gets by his attention.


  4. You are good at bug patrol! Was it a tiny tiny bug?

  5. Hi, Madi!
    Good job!
    I do the same! Every time we have a bug here I call my mom to get rid of it! Haaa!
    Kisses and hugs

  6. Hmmmm,.......I wonder if Madi would like some of the big bugs we have here. Luckely, not to many get in the house. Want me to send her some?

  7. We have crickets too, but Jack seems to find them amusing!

  8. HEHE
    Those Camel Crickets....looking scary to me ;)
    Good job Madi,
    I hunt always on a fly ..... LOL
    Kareltje =^.^=

  9. Madi, you are one smart kiity.. that's right, get the mom to do the hard and yucky work!! (I guess our dad is pretty smart too cos when he sees a spider or cockroach, he screams for our mom).. :)

  10. That is so sweet. We have some good bug "catchers" as well.
    FYI - my blog is no longer called Beautiful Creation. I have split it into three blogs, due to a variety of interests. The blog I think you would most enjoy is

  11. Madi, you are some Princess Diva if you don't like to bat those bugs around for fun! I like to chase them all over the place! Up on the couch, over to the window, back down to the floor!! Mom comes, opens the door and lets them escape! No fun anymore! She whines that I was shaking the trailer like a 4.5 earthquake.

  12. The "K" gang at our house hunts down bugs and kills them but don't eat them. Beth has to go and get them and throw them away. They are icky!

  13. Not a bad plan, Madi. Sometimes we like to eat bugs or just play with them, sometimes we like to point them out to Mommy and let her worry about them. If they're big, it never hurts to let her take care of them.... (And for some reason, she always thinks WE should be taking care of them. *Sheesh* It's not in our job description and we don't get paid anyway!)

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  14. Oh Madi you are so cute!!! Our Happy is the same way! She Meows and Bambi come running. Some times Mom comes, but she really doesn't need to because Bambi has taken care of the problem. Killed them dead!!!!! Bambi is the best bug killer ever.
    Purrs, purrs, Happy & Bambi

  15. Thanks goodness you're on patrol!!!'s co-worker had her baby on Tuesday night! :o) A beautiful daughter!!!

  16. Hi Madi and Mom:

    Thanks for visiting our blog today. Please come back again and we will drop in on you also. I don't like bugs anymore than my Mom does so she just stomps them sometimes. Our cat Ali Z isn't a bug seeker either, I don't think. Never noticed it anyway. We live in Minniesnowda so soon it will get too cold for them anyway!



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