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Monday, September 21, 2009

Madi: I take my coffee black...How about you?

A few weeks ago during the "Oops I ate it" blogs, my entry stated
Madi's love of coffee....well she doesn't actually drink
coffee she loves to LICK our cups. Everyone seemed a bit surprised
so we thought we'd show you exactly how she accomplishes this ritual.......

First she keeps a watchful eye on her peeps so that
she knows when to make her move. Once the coast is clear....

She takes a sniff to be sure it is HER brand.
She sticks her nose and mouth into the cup
(the cup is empty)licking as far down as her tongue can reach
Next she begins to lick the rim of the cup....
Then she licks all down the side of the cup ending the weekend only
Declaring her undying love for the cup and its contents
with the Madi mark of approvalNow you know how a Diva Island Princess Cat
gets her daily buzzzzzzzz
Approved by Madi


  1. We shall go out for coffee when I come to your

  2. Does she take it black or with milk?

  3. Does that get her motor running in the morning??

  4. Or is it the sugar? Funny that it is only the weekend. She sure is a funny cat!

  5. Oh too funny! I had to learn not to keep my cup on the end table if there was something in the cup. Gizzy also likes coffee.

  6. Hi Madi!
    You know if you drink a little bit of the coffee, you will be so hyper you could walk on the ceiling. Just don't tell your peeps. OK

  7. Don't worry Madi, just a tiny, tiny little is not going to hurt anything!! Enjoy!!
    Love ya lots, Fern

  8. Ha! Ha! Those are fun photos! Is it better than catnip?

    Monty dog likes coke! Even fizzy coke!

  9. Hi, Madi!
    You have an interesting weekend's ritual!
    Kisses and hugs

  10. Go Madi!! Balck huh??? No half and half??


  11. I hope it doesn't keep you up all night. Does your mommy put cream in it too? Yum!!!

    No wonder you are always so alert.

    Riley and Star.

  12. Heehee.. a true Kaffeine Kitty?
    You know what.. I think Madi needs her very own coffee mug!

  13. I agree -- you need to get her a mug of her very own -- maybe with her name on it!

  14. Good morning Madi & Mom
    Yes Kareltje sniffs always on my coffee ;)
    They love it the things we are doing !!!!
    Have a wonderful day...
    Kareltje =^.^=

  15. What a helpful kitty!! Now Mom doesn't have to do the pre-rinse before she puts the cup in the dishwasher!! So thoughtful!!
    My mom wouldn't let me Pre-rinse the dishes as she stacked 'em in the dishwasher! When she wasn't looking I would do a quick check to make sure she rinsed it all! Shhh, don't tell her!

  16. Wow I have never heard of anything like that. Our kitties do stick their head in cups but only if they held water or milk. Otherwise they have no interest.

    No, I take that back, one time Barney tried to drink my tea.But other than that no problems (at least that I have seen).

  17. Our cat isn't into coffee, but my dog insists that I pour out the end of my cup onto the patio for her to lap up... and she does, every drip!


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