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Saturday, February 6, 2021

Symmetry Saturdy

Two home seen when we are out and about.

First one taken from the car

Second one taken on a trek through a neighborhood near home. 

Friday, February 5, 2021

Feline Friday w/ my Nephew Rocky and Nature Friday

WARNING...if you might need a Dramamine 

I thank our hostess Comedy Plus

I received the below email and photos from my Nephew Rocky, last Friday morning
January 29.....

I gave Mom (and myself) quite a scare last night. 
Mom was in the kitchen and heard me MEOWING!
She ran to the the bathroom and this is what she found! 🙀

Nice view from up here!

Didn’t seem as high when I was jumping up here.

Mom climbed up on the tub and helped me down. 
She said she hopes I learned a lesson. Yep, whenever in trouble MEOW for Mom!!! 😹

❤️ Rocky Your Ginger Nephew 

Oh my word are indeed taking your nick name Rocketman to heart which caused Mom's heart to skip several beats I am sure.  Dearest nephew was your launch pad from the tub or the vanity? Either way it was 1,000% jet propelled.  I fear that the lesson you have learned is you can fly....but I suspect Mom is gonna be clipping your flight wings by keeping that bathroom door closed.  

Now that I have said what a smart Auntie should say....I feel I must mention how good the view would be from there in the day time.
Just sayin' loving admiration and hugs from your proud Auntie HiC 

My roving photojournalist, Janice, sent me the email and photo below.

We were just looking at number of robins in our yard and Al saw this bird..  It had some black in his wings feathers and his chest had yellowish circles like dots.  Al looked with binoculars at it thinking it was a white pigeon but then saw it looked more like the robins.  Amazing!!! 
Janice it’s an leucistic* Robin, A true albino would have pink eyes..

Janice and Al  I checked google.  You are 100% correct.  There are several photos of robins with varying degrees of white,  brown and  black.

*Leucism (/ˈluːsɪzəm, -kɪz-/) is a wide variety of conditions which result in the partial loss of pigmentation in an animal—which causes white, pale, or patchy coloration of the skin, hair, feathers, scales or cuticles, but not the eyes.

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Thoroughly poetic and Thankful Thursday #5

 Today we join Two  SPOILED CATS  and Wacky Holidays are both about squirrels!!

Angel Sammy and Teddy for their poetic pictorial poem.

Here is our inspiration

 The year was 1956 
I was a big girl of seven
Then one day totally out of the blue
when Daddy came home with a huge box
He told me to guess what he had
I replied, "I haven't a clue".
As he carefully opened the giant  box, 
My mind's eye was busy thinking of all the fun 
I could have playing with that box.
Little did I know that the real FUN would be found
with what was in the box not the Box. 
As Daddy pulled our first T.V. out of the box
I stood in awe.  Daddy set it up
in the living room we talked  about all the things we could see.
Westerns were on back then. 
 Our favorite show was Marshall Dillon and Miss Kitty on Gun Smoke,
I recall seeing many scenes much like this photo.
I heard it was a Saloon which was  a curious word to me.
My untrained ear heard Salon.
I knew all about hair salons and perms 
they made me squirm.
Quickly I learned the second O turned the Salon for your hair
into a Saloon serving beverages strong enough to 
grow hair on your chest. 

Today I'm joining the 

Thankful Thursday hosted by

Saturday, January 30th, I received by first COVID vaccine.
I am very thankful I felt like I won the mega million dollar lottery.
My 2nd vaccine is scheduled for February 22.

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Wordless Wednesday and In Purrsuit of Flavors


Hosted by Comedy Plus 

Low and behold when I rec'd this photo of  the Doodz aka 

Murphy and Stanley I realized it was also their  9th barkday today


 Today's Theme is Sweets. 

This is a flash back to a cake I made for our anniversary several years ago. 

 It is so sweet your teeth will hurt looking at it 

It should be called Death by Chocolate and  should come with a warning that it is controlled substance 'cause it is so sweet and has so much chocolate in it!

It is really called Triple Chocolate Buttermilk Pound Cake the recipe is 

The ingredients are what most folks have in their pantries.
I had to buy was a package of semisweet dark chocolate morsels
and 60% Cacao dark chocolate morsels

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Happy and Tasty Pizza Tuesday

Hosted by Comedy Plus  

Last week we made home pizza, but we used Pillsbury Pizza crust.
It was a fun activity and got us out of our 'box'! 
Left top ready to eat, right all toppings on about to cook
While my husband sliced and diced onions, g. peppers and mushrooms (bottom left)
I was making a very simple an delicious pizza sauce, he is spreading it bottom middle
pepperonis added and grated cheese.

As we stuffed our faces we congratulated each other on a very tasty and fun supper.

Sauce Recipe if you are interested

Kathie, Woo Momster  and I were recently chatting via email.
She mentioned making pizza.  I asked if she made her crust.  She raved about Pillsbury so I tried that.  She gave me a most helpful hint about pizza crust. 
After you grease the pizza pan, lightly sprinkle with corn meal...this is a 
hint she found to keep the center of pizza crust from being soggy.  
We were thrilled with the crust...delicious.  
I normally only buy canned tomatoes w/o added salt; however, I could not find crushed tomatoes w/o sodium.  This Wegmans w/basil is a keeper and a new discovery.

Monday, February 1, 2021

Awww Monday with my Nephews!!


Hosted by Comedy Plus 

It was a beautiful day here on The Hill.  After we walked Kat and Rocky, Mom took me out all by myself. 

I love my little bro-furs, and Mom says I’m very patient, and kind to them. 

 even share my bed!!!

But sometimes I want Mom all to myself! ❤️🐾❤️

Yep, it was a beautiful day. 
Yep Mom and I had a wonderful time playing catch on this video!!

Sound on, please.

❤️ Pup 

Dearest Sweet Nephew Pup!!!!
You email, photo and Happy Dog Video have made our hearts sing and OMDs, I'm smiling so big my face feels like it is frozen.  Bless you heart for being such a good brudder.
You knew how lucky you were when your Mom and Dad found you.  When Kat and Rocky showed up your big heart made room for the two Felines.  It is all because of your sweet nature that felines have learned to get along.
I think maybe I'll nominate you for Mayor of Cleveland.
With love and hugs your Auntie HiC

Auntie HiC I'm digging the title of Mayor Pup.

Awww Monday and Sparks

I have never seen any snow shovels like the black ones on the left.
I suspect designed to be ergonomically correct but I bet they take
some time to learn to use.

Sunday, January 31, 2021

Wacky January Holidays, Snow, Bear

  Today I join Ranger for Wacky January Holidays

Today, January is Backwards Day

I like the wispy gray snow clouds giving way to the blue. This polar bear
was spotted on a walk.  I like him.