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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Happy Birthday Marg!!!

Today  Madi and some of her Flat Scout friends would like to wish our very good  friend

This photo was taken when my Flat Scout friends were visiting Fall 2015.
Sammy, Raz, Allie, Anya and Gracie

goooooood friend Marg a very Birthday...she is
16 again!!! just like Mom

Today's photo hunt word is Lunch...

Mom made you a birthday 


There is plenty for everyone!!

Friday, April 8, 2016

Flower Friday...See Beautiful

This moment we are happy to See Beautiful with Dory on
Flower Friday

And as always we thank Sugar 
for inviting us to join her in

Calla lilies (top left) are in our friend Kathy's garden, The other flowers are all around our neighbor hood.

Mom is fascinated by the beautiful windows at the Coach Store in the Mall
The new window has the pretty artistic tulip

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Did you know...........

and I, Madi(son) D Cat am a SUPERIOR example of that fact....

In fact, everybuddy in this house was grown in North Carolina!!

If you want to learn about more things grown in N C....
click here to found out about a very fun event that will be happening at 

May we suggest that you bookmark the
B.A.R. link it is gonna be full of 

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Someone is


Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Moms don't always know best

We (dad and Madi) can tell when mom is in the kitchen...she is a good cook... but she is 
N O I S Y (you don't even want me to get started on the noise she makes when emptying the dishwasher.  When we are visiting my sis and bil, MOM is not allowed near the dishwasher).  
So back to my current story. Mom was dicing, slicing and maybe stirring.  We cats like motion so of course  I was watching, all of a sudden an orange thingie flew at me...hoping upon hope, it was ham... (It did not look like ham BUT mom has been known to disguise things) 

 I gave it a sniff...NOPE this is not fact it smells like nuttin'...just bland and blah!!

Mom picked it up told me it was a CARROT.  She said a ton of my K9 friends eat carrots for snacks....
 I was intrigued because all of my K9 friends are smart (or so I thought) so there must be something to it.
As I was about to take a bite of mom's hand the carrot,  Mom told me it was a vegetable and it was extra good for me.   I gave her my best evil eye while turning away quickly (no photo).  I hope she realizes this Diva CAT does not do veggies.  I don't like my food to be in technicolor or start with a "V" or be extra good for me.


Dear K9 friends,  you are being tricked in to eating veggies for snacks.
Snack food is supposed to be tasty NOT GOOD for you.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Monday Mews: A real April Fool's joke

My favorite time of the day is morning...WHY
I get  delish food loving dished out by  MOM and
I get fresh water in my Fresh Flow fountain.
Not only is the water delish I love watching the ripples

Madi's Mom here.  Madi absolutely adores this fountain.  I might have been almost as upset as she was about this. She drinks 95% of her water from the little slide.  This is the part that went kaput!! I put the old one down with just water in it...she went right to the water.  She looked at me like I had a horn growing out of my head.  A year ago I bought a new (different style) fountain home.  She would not have anything to do with it. 
Of course as soon as the stores opened I was going to try to find something as close to this as possible.    I did put down some water in a bowl and she drank from it but I could tell she was not thrilled.

At 9:30 I was on the road heading to Pet Supply Plus....
They had a new model of Fresh works exactly like Old Faithful and has less parts.

I hope this new Fresh flow is a good and the first one!!

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Sunpuddles, reflections and Plates

 This photo was really dark, when I adjusted the darkness, I was delighted to see
Madi's reflection (at arrow) in the glass on the TV stand 

PLATES: *indicates we don't know the meaning

We'd like to thank Terri for being an expert plate spotter in KS

1. ITIS4ME, It is for me
2. PLMCRAZY, Plum crazy
3. BELUGA, on a big white Lincoln
5. KEYPRT, Key Port a Marina
6. BLKMAXX, on a big black F250 pick up
7. LEOGIRL, maybe a horoscope
8. OHSNAPP, an online human resource company
9. KIBSKAR, maybe Kib's Car
10. MIKIDEE,  My kiddie or Micki Dee
11. MALMA, type of trout
12. CHACHY, urban dictionary definition: arrogant, annoying, yet stupid
13. ILYWAHM, I love you with all my heart
14.DOOT, google has all kinds of translations
15. ROKHARP, Rock harp harmonica?
16. W8ONHIM, Wait on Him, religious
17. DEUCEZ, urban dictionary Saying goodbye
18. ITFITS, on a Honda Fit
19. LVRMDLY, Love her madly
20. WOOOPIG, Instagram account name
21. WEIGHT, Waste management software
22. MYANGLZ, my angels
23. SHRKDVR, Shark Diver
24. BLKBRD1, Black Bird 1 or black beard
25. GRHRNET, we thing Green Hornet
26. PRPLFWR, Purple flower or Prince Follower (singer)
27. CYIMBRK, see why I'm broke on a fancy Mustang
28. ISIT5YT, Is it 5 yet

We have an octagonal window across the room.
In the late afternoon, the sun's angle delights me with shadows all around the room.
This is my favorite

Dad has caught the Plate spotting bug when he is out and about alone.  BUT Dad remembers them he does not write them down.  Mom has always said he has a memory like a metal trap

1. SUPERM4N, Superman...the 4 represents an A
2. DILLENGR, a gun or the gangster
3. DONTRUSH, Don't rush
4. ONEFAT47, One fat 47??
5. RATSNAKE, Rat snake...mol
8. PLZFLOSS, Must be a dentist's car

Frankie and Ernie spotted this one and recently used it on their blog

1. ERNNLIZ, Their translation was Ernie Lies...about something Sarge did
but they said it is probably Ernie and Liz

GREAT BIG THANK YOU to TERRI, Dad and Frankie and Ernie
 THESE WERE WONDERFUL....and mom still has 87 of her own coming soon to a blog near you.

Madi and Mom playing peep eye