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Saturday, December 23, 2017

Thank you for my cards Post #2

We would like to thank everyone for their snail mail and email cards
Received as of mail delivery on December 22, 2017 at
8PM...yes our mail came at 8PM

Starting at the RED arrow on the right:
Kitties Blues, Scouts Mau and Cooper, Lily Olivia, Obi,
Sarge and the Crabby Girls, KORU Bear and Angel Sugar

Top Center;
Mayor Arty, Jakey and Rosy SassyPants, 3 Little Pugs Stella Rose, Maggie Mae, Gus,
Teddy aka ButterBean , Angel Gingers Eric and Flynn, Pierre and Bentley the Bayou Boys, 
YAM Aunty, Katy and Annie, Binky and Granny,
Walter, Millie and Peeps,  Amber, Max and the Pack, Ruby aka Margarita Queen,
Pix and Jerry, 
Top Right
Morrie Major, Lady Shasta and Miss Maizie, Scouts Charles and Foxy,
Angel Lexi and her family, Angels Etheling, Bootsie and their pup Rosco,
Bertie and Gail (it was addressed to all of us. However, the peeps have use a few cards (MOL) I let have the real card.  She  made a copy for my door), Chloe, Juliet and Romey,
The Island Cats, Scout Cat, Scout Wolfgang


OMCs look at the special effects Sweet William's  Lee did
It is snowing on my blog!!

from Mad Snapper

Angel Penelope aka Nellie Bellie's Purrsonal Card

Snail Mail Cards
Madi: 39
Madi's Electronic Cards: 26 
Peeps: TOTAL 25
Cards addressed to all 3 of us: 3

If you missed our first card post, please click

87 Tons of Thank yous from a very g8ful 
Madi and Mom

We will be back on  December 26th with a new post.

Friday, December 22, 2017

Christmas Traditions Blog Hop

Today I'm happy to pawticipating in Mayor Arty's Christmas Traditions Blog Hop.

Grab a cup Joe or Tea or Christmas Cheer and lets get started

The very first tradition that happens is right after Thanksgiving Mom addresses all our Christmas Cards. Because she likes to buy the stamps and get things mailed before it gets to crowded at the Post Office.

I am always in charge of finding the purrfect bow for each package

I take my job seriously but TOGM is always foolin' around!!

Once the cards are address and the presents are wrapped the peeps do some outside decorations
We always put a single candle in all the windows facing the street
and silver balls on the Forest Pansy tree
Mom added the train via Pizap

We used to put the silver balls on the Red Maple but OMCs the last few
years it has been full of glorious red leaves so we turn on the
front lantern, add a bow, put out our Winnie flag and call it purrfect

 This happy little Santa always sits somewhere on the front porch.
Mom got him may years ago at Physics Christmas Gift Exchange

Christmas Tree
This year the peeps decided it was time to have a more senior User Friendly tree
aka smaller, lighter, and for sure not 8.5' tall.

Here is our tree

It is loaded with traditions...we'll show you up close and purrsonal

The tree skirt was crocheted by Dad's Mom a looooooong time ago
1.It was actually an afghan but mom loves it as a tree skirt
2. The barn for the Nativity scene was handmade by my wonderful brother in law aka dad to
Mia and Frisco
3.  The Nativity pieces are made of ceramic and were made by my Dad's Aunt Eula in 1970...
Everyone of these are absolutely precious to us.
This is the first year we've ever had to Nativity scene under the tree
we love it there...and it is all because the tree is smaller and doesn't take up so much room
Oh if you saw the presents now you'd see all of them are turned upside down
BECAUSE somebuddy has been trying to eat the bows!!

This decorations have always been on our trees since
December of 1970. which was mom and dad's first Christmas as husband and wife.
  It was given to mom at her bridal shower.  It is handmade and it is a bride/
Shell is like an egg and is covered in beads

This little swaddled baby was a decoration on a gift at a baby shower that was given for
mom, in August of 1971.  Ironically it is all edged in pink...back then folks didn't know the sex of the baby until it arrived.  It always reminds mom of my precious human sissy.

One of the delicious dishes on Christmas Eve that we love here at Madi Manor (well I like to smell the bacon cooking in them) is fresh collards.  Mom bought 6.5 lbs from our Farmer's Market on Monday, 12/18/17
she washed them and cut all the big stalks off.  She forgot photos of that...
she was on a mission to get it done.  Anyway while she does the washing she puts a huge 
pot of water on to boil she season's the collards with turkey bacon, salt, pepper, oil and Mrs. Dash
table blend.  By the time the water starts to boil, she has finished washing and into the pot they go.
Collards were nearly falling out of the pot...but then the cooked down to what you see.
She and Dad had a taste and they are very very good.

This Christmas morning will be our very first year in probably 22 years that we have not had Monkey Bread for Christmas breakfast.  Everybuddy in the family has cut back or completely eliminated their sugar consumption, Monkey Bread is very very very sweet.  This year mom is making 
a bacon and cheese quiche, there will be a bowl of fresh fruit and some muffins
She always sets the table like this though..she Pizap a quiche on top of the monkey bread.

Thank you for joining us as we shared a few of our traditions... it is a hop so be sure to visit all the other blogs shown below.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Thoroughly Poetic Pictorial Thursday

Today we join Two  SPOILED CAT 
Angel Sammy and Teddy for their poetic pictorial poem.

Way out there in the wild, wild west the land is desolate and rarely wet.
In the red rock and dirt live critters that slither.
Should you travel there always remember
 to rest at the Best West(ern) or you could wither.
If you take your car into that land a far,
Keep it in good repair for to break down there
would surely leave you hankering for
your mama and your daddy to
help you out of a mess.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Sing-a-long WEDNESDAY

This little ditty is sung to the turn of the Witch is Dead song in Wizard Of Oz

Ding dong the pill popper is dead...
which old pill popper, this old pill popper

Yes Dead I said.
Can you get that thru your head?
I'm over the moon no more will I moan.
No more head locks or groans from me will you hear 
that is clear.

I guess you are all wondering what miracle happened. 
The other day our friend Mad Snapper aka MS sent mom an email
that she rec'd from another blogger with suggestions about pilling a cat for
MS's son's cat.  MS said you probably already know that but I thought I'd share.
MS said her friend suggested that MS's son put the pill in baby food.
Well we  had heard baby food was tasty to kitties who would not eat...but 
I   E A T   A LOT

The last few nights I have been a bear when it comes to my pilling. So mom bought  2 jars of
Gerber's baby food one beef and one turkey with no extra flavors or spices.

My Cerenia and pepcid both taste yucky so mom could not sprinkle them over my regular food
like she does the phosphorus binder.
BUT lo and behold she crushed them both and one at a time she mixed the
crushed pill into the tasty YUMMY beef baby food. 
She said I almost licked the silver off the spoon!! WooHoo 
we both say a great big thank you for sharing!!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Take 2...Tuesday

Greetings my friends, one of the two of us
mom set auto post on yesterday for 2 posts.
So there are a few of you who might experience yesterday's news TODAY.
And we mom apologizes.

Now for my regularly scheduled programming


Oh Joy!!! my compound meds arrived on Thursday 12/14 from Roadrunner Pharmacy in A Ri Zona.

AND OMCs they also sent me two mices... that rattle.  That was kinda weird but they are cute.

Mom broke open that capsule mixed it in my foods and I A T E it!

I ate it at my place mat on the floor but then I jumped in the chair quick as lightning
so mom move my bowl.  After the photo op,
I did smack the rest of it up and Poof it was gone!!

Mom was so thrilled because to get that nasty squirt stuff in my mouth required at least 2 times of prying my mouth open.  She could not squirt 100mg in all at once because it just rolled right out.  So that med was requiring a total 4 times of prying...then at 9 pm one more prying for my reg pills.
She is quite thankful not to have to do that 5 times a day.  She has to open my mouth where my fangs hang out and she has been worried I'd bite her by accident and that would not be fun.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Monday McGruffy's Sparks and Reminder

Today we are pawticipating in 
McGuffy’s Reader’s Sparks blog hop
This hop is all about spreading cheer and positive vibes via quotes.

In July Mom and Dad saw the play "Savannah Sipping Society" in Abingdon, Virginia.
It was a comedy.  I'm told the peeps laughed so hard they often could not hear the lines.
Today's Quote was at the end of the program for the Play.

Mom loves it

Reminder about!!!!!!!!