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Saturday, November 27, 2010

National day of Listening

Mom has been looking at her whimsical calendar again...
In celebration of National Day of Listening I'm......

I would like to wish my dear friend George the Handsome Lad
a very very happy 1st Birthday.  George is very well known for his Saturday Step pictures.  He had lots of pictures of all his friends on steps.
Happy Day George!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Friday after Turkey Day

Does too much turkey make you all sleepy?

Happy Black Friday everyone...and NO mom is not out shopping.  She says there is no way she'd ever be able to save enough money to get her out into those crowds looking for a parking space.

Mom has been readin' and drivin' again.
Business names on vehicles:
1. For Pet's Sake (on a mobile Vet Clinic)
Auto state License plates 
Can you guess what they mean?  Our answers below
2. XXL DOGZ (on a Hummer)
9. BEA$T
11. BCH4ME!
15. LIST4.3.9
22. NAS-T-1

Our thoughts on the meanings.
1. Are you too near to me
2. Extra Extra large Dogs (maybe they have giant dogs)
4.  Is the driver a Mommy to a Dog?
7.I love to garden
8. Disco Dog....I guess their dog dances??
10.Hearing Doctor
11.Beach for me
12. Triple Power
It was on a Prius and we're thinking maybe the driver is British??
14.Mom's Turn
16. Mad tater??
17. PEARL at JAM
I've heard of Pearl Jam but what is the @ for
18. Veggie about all I can get HA!!
20.  Jumping Jack
Mom said a certain yellow Lab in Arizona needs this plate.
21. GOTGEARS...lic. plate on a gorgeous 1967 black Stingray.....sigh
22. Nasty one??  Pretty clear what it says but what does it mean??

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving: The Story of Madi

How Madi came to be Madi


Our dear little Doxie Friend MinnaK and her mom are sponsoring this day in honor of 
MinnaK's Gotcha Day November 25.

Madison (aka Madi, Diva, Mads, or your supper is served Madam) was born on March 11, 2002.
 Several years had past since Milky-Way, our first kitty, left us for the Rainbow Bridge after 14 1/2 years of 100% devotion. It was time to open up our hearts to another kitty.  My BIL (brother-in-law) was also looking for a new fur baby after the loss of his 2 kitties. Hubby, BIL and I decided to go on this journey together.  The journey began and ended on May 11, 2002, the Saturday before Mother's Day. 
All of us had a gray kitty in mind.  It was love at first sight when we saw two kitties playing kitty games in their cage labeled Kitties L and M.  We were told they were sister.  Kitty L was a calico and Kitty M was gray and white. To say they were precious would just scratch the surface of their cuteness factor.  We immediately knew both kitties were about to go home with us but deciding who would take which one took a little longer.  Hubby was going to let BIL and I decide.  BIL is such a Southern Gentleman, he said 
ladies first!!! I grabbed Madi lickety split, gave her a tiny hug and kissing her little pink nose.
Now came the hard part, we had to pick out a name for the little gray fur ball.  It really and truly took us longer to name Madi than it took to name our daughter. Of course, you cannot leave the hospital without a name for your child.  Thank goodness that wasn't the case with kitties.
We tossed around several names for nearly a week.  We thought about several that would go with her gray fur: Ashley, Gracie, Cinder.  Nope none of those would do.  Since she was listed as Kitty M we moved on to names beginning with M.  Maggie Mae and Madelyn were the first to pop in our mind. Out of know where I said Madison and call her Madi.  Hubby said yep, Madi fits her purrfectly. However, had we known the personality stored in the tiny would have been D I V A.
From day one, this little 3 pound ball of fur turned out lives upside down, tried every nerve in both our bodies. To say the first year of her life was trying, would be a gigantic understatement.  Her personality was 360 degrees different from Milky-Way.  She literally bounced off all the walls and furniture.  She was bound and determined to get on every surface in the house both, high and low before her first birthday and she did.  In spite of herself, she had us wrapped around her tiny paws and here were are 8 years later, living, loving and learning from Madi.
  We have not stopped smiling at Madi or her antics since May 11, 2002.
We hope you enjoyed The Story of Madi.
 Thursday Theme Song will return next week.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Happy Thanksgiving Eve

Just a few words...we're celebrating Thanksgiving tonight.  My sis and her hubby, aka my BIL, will be at our house tonight.  They will spend Thanksgiving Day with his family.  Mom will be MIA most of today. I, Madi,will be napping in this very spot and dreaming of turkey.
Hugs and Purrs,

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Things Mom does just because....she is Mom

Mom crochets....(for those who are clueless that is done with one hook not two needles). Now this activity keeps her out of my fur and seems to make her happy, so it is ok fine with me!! Right about now, I should be doing a happy dance too. It is the duty of any self-respecting cat, to chase yarn and promptly see that the entire ball rolls all over creation turning it into the purrfect ball of  a tangled mess. I, Madi, hang my head in shame, as I admit, that I do not do this BUTT it is only because I can't.
My mom thought it would be clever to buy a yarn jar...

I'm sure there is proper name for it but to me it looks like a jar. One entire skein of yarn fits in it, there is a hole in the top to pull the yarn through thus making it completely paw proof and as you can see it is see through so I can see the yarn move all around in there but I cannot get to it.

 If you look closely at the above picture,you will see exactly what I think about the jar. I stuck my tongue out at it!!! 
See my little pink tongue?
This does not amuse me at all.  If there is someone out there who would enjoy having a cat to play with their yarn, please send your application to:
Ms. Diva
123 Yarn's Way
Craftville, NC

Monday, November 22, 2010

Just for you....yes YOU!!!

Please run on over to Mr. Pip's to see Madi and Rosie Part II X Paws
Thank you in advance Madi and Rosie
Happy Birthday to my favorite brother-in-law....Mr. G
Hisses and Purrs Madi

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Steeple (less) Sunday # 30: Kirk of Kildaire Presbyterian

Mom and Dad went to Cary, NC (about 15 miles from home) to have lunch with
Dad's brother and and sister in law on November 13, 2010.  Thank goodness they had the camera with them. They found a beautiful church just around the corner from the cafe.
It was an absolutely beautiful weekend in North Carolina on November 13 and 14.

 Look at the glorious blue sky!!!!  Yes it was REALLY that color.
What a lovely Presbyterian Church.  It sits on a slight hill at the entrance to a residential area.
There is no steeple but it is a beautiful church.
Kirk of Kildaire was organized in 1979.  
Kirk can mean 'church' in general or the Church of Scotland in particular.
The Kirk is an informal name for Church of Scotland, the country's national Church
The Kirk of Scotland was in official use as the name of the Church of Scotland until the 17th century.
 The windows around the church are very unique and quite pretty.
Kirk of Kildaire has very little history of the church on their website, which states it is a private company categorized under the Presbyterian Church.
It sits up on a slight hill but this portion of the church was very tall.
Mom really liked this shot of the red maple against the light brick and gorgeous sky.

 Taken from across the parking looking down the side of the church.  As you can see, it goes back some distance and has a very interesting roof line.
Side view of a wall of very unusual windows.