Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving: The Story of Madi

How Madi came to be Madi


Our dear little Doxie Friend MinnaK and her mom are sponsoring this day in honor of 
MinnaK's Gotcha Day November 25.

Madison (aka Madi, Diva, Mads, or your supper is served Madam) was born on March 11, 2002.
 Several years had past since Milky-Way, our first kitty, left us for the Rainbow Bridge after 14 1/2 years of 100% devotion. It was time to open up our hearts to another kitty.  My BIL (brother-in-law) was also looking for a new fur baby after the loss of his 2 kitties. Hubby, BIL and I decided to go on this journey together.  The journey began and ended on May 11, 2002, the Saturday before Mother's Day. 
All of us had a gray kitty in mind.  It was love at first sight when we saw two kitties playing kitty games in their cage labeled Kitties L and M.  We were told they were sister.  Kitty L was a calico and Kitty M was gray and white. To say they were precious would just scratch the surface of their cuteness factor.  We immediately knew both kitties were about to go home with us but deciding who would take which one took a little longer.  Hubby was going to let BIL and I decide.  BIL is such a Southern Gentleman, he said 
ladies first!!! I grabbed Madi lickety split, gave her a tiny hug and kissing her little pink nose.
Now came the hard part, we had to pick out a name for the little gray fur ball.  It really and truly took us longer to name Madi than it took to name our daughter. Of course, you cannot leave the hospital without a name for your child.  Thank goodness that wasn't the case with kitties.
We tossed around several names for nearly a week.  We thought about several that would go with her gray fur: Ashley, Gracie, Cinder.  Nope none of those would do.  Since she was listed as Kitty M we moved on to names beginning with M.  Maggie Mae and Madelyn were the first to pop in our mind. Out of know where I said Madison and call her Madi.  Hubby said yep, Madi fits her purrfectly. However, had we known the personality stored in the tiny would have been D I V A.
From day one, this little 3 pound ball of fur turned out lives upside down, tried every nerve in both our bodies. To say the first year of her life was trying, would be a gigantic understatement.  Her personality was 360 degrees different from Milky-Way.  She literally bounced off all the walls and furniture.  She was bound and determined to get on every surface in the house both, high and low before her first birthday and she did.  In spite of herself, she had us wrapped around her tiny paws and here were are 8 years later, living, loving and learning from Madi.
  We have not stopped smiling at Madi or her antics since May 11, 2002.
We hope you enjoyed The Story of Madi.
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  1. Oh what a lovely story to read on this very special day!! What a cutie madie - Madison (I love it! Use to live in Madison NJ!)was (AND IS!)! I just love how you were ready FOR ANOTHER CAT AND WENT OUT LOOKING FOR HER!(sorry...keep hitting the cap key!) And...thank you for telling me about her antics during that first year - our little Edward is feeling so well that he is zooming around the house and jumping up on furniture - he even went on the windowsill yesterday! But... our nerves are like...Wow!! We shake our heads and say, "Our dear Jasmine was never like this!" STOP! Yes, she was! In fact, it dawned on us yesterday that this is the first time we have had such a young kitten strictly in the house - Jasmine used to go outside - because she wanted it! - when she became wild!!
    Anyway...loved hearing Madison's story!
    Happy Thanksgiving and many many blessings!
    PS Do you trim Madi's nails? We just ordered new sofa's yesterday and I think that might be in order!

  2. what a sweet story Madi, The name does fit you purr-fectly!! LOL Glad you are keeping your humans on their toes!! thats a real Diva!! LOL


  3. What a absolutely wonderful Thanksgiving post. Madi, you were an adorable kitten and you are now an adorable diva. There is nothing quite like raising a kitten.

    We hope you had a great time with your family last night, may today be equally wonderful.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    J and Cindi Lou

  4. That's a great story and some new insight into Madi's personality, too. It's so nice when the right four legger meets the right two leggers. We are reading so many of these wonderful stories and it's making our tails wag like crazy.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  5. Madi,

    Did you hear my mom go "SQUEEE" after her saw your kitteh picture? Well, she did and my ears is still ringing! What a great story too. :)

    Happy Thanksgiving my furiend!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  6. I think we are long-lost sisters, Madi. I am still bouncing off the walls, exploring every surface, driving Pip crazy, etc. Mom thinks I am about a year and a half (I was a stray so we don't know my exact age) so maybe I will settle down soon ...

    Hope you get some turkey today!

    Purrs, Rosie

  7. That is such a wonderful post Madi! I am thinking you got the best home ever!!!!

  8. Madi! What a lovely story! Awww you sure were a cute little thing! And you grew up into a real beauty queen!!!


    Pee.s. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  9. Oh Madi, you were such a beautiful kitten. And, look what a beautiful cat you have grown into. That was a lovely story. I can see, every day on this blog, how much your humans love you. Thank you for letting them into your life.

  10. Madi, you were such an adorable baby and now, a gorgeous ladycat; such a sweet Gotcha story, precious girl...Happy Thanksgiving precious friend; we hope your family enjoys a lovely day together…kisses…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  11. What a lovely Thanksgivingpost Madi, what a cutie you were - well of course you still are.
    We don't know Minna K but will have to go say Hello as she shares her Gotcha day with our Bailey.
    We are very jealous you got Turkey!
    Apparently the Thanksgiving Square in Belfast was the idea of a local woman who had visited the Thanksgiving Square in Texas.
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  12. Ah, what a beautiful story! Still don't why you didn't get a doxie...but, then again Madi is definately a kitteh in a dogs body so it works fur me and I am thankful you gots to pick furst...hehehe!
    I loves da nam Madi too!

    Happy Thanksgiving ya'll!


  13. We are so thankful you found such a wonderfully loving home, gorgeous Madi......and, it goes without saying, that we are so very thankful for your friendship. We love you, your Mom and your Dad.

    Happy T-Day!!!!!!!

  14. Lovely story about Madi! Happy Thanksgiving to you from all of us!

  15. Great story! Love the pic of you when you were little! Beautiful then and even more beautiful now!

  16. What a great story of how Madi came to be. Madi, you were such a cute kitten...and you've grown into a beatutiful ladycat...even if you are a diva!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your mom and dad!!

  17. Madi, your story was great for a Thanksgiving Tail, erm, tale! We hope your day was filled with love.

  18. I loved reading your story Madi!
    Perfect name for a perfect you!
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Kisses and hugs

  19. Oh, Madi! I just luvs your Gotcha Day story! And I think it's awfully nice of you to let your mom think she chose you when we both know you used your Madi Diva Psychic Powers to get her to pick you. But that's okay. Your secret is safe with me!

    I sure hopes you and your mom had a Most Wonderful Thanksgiving! I'm awfully thankful that you're my furends!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  20. That is a lovely story about how you were Gotcha'd Madi. We are glad your mum chose you. Your name suits you perfectly.

  21. That's a fantastic story. Madi was such a precious baby there was no way to resist her!

  22. Madi,

    Your story of Me was just pawsome! I'm so glad you pawticipated, and I think your mom and dad finally picked the exact right name for Kitty M. (well, unless they had name you Da Diva)




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