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Friday, September 25, 2020

Final Fiction Feline and Nature Friday

September 25, 2020 is the final Friday in I thought
I give you an oldie but goodie form October 5, 2010.  
Madi and I were gifted with the Versatile Blogger Award
For those new to My Mind's Eye Blog..the original title was Madi and Mom.
Angel Diva Madi was my Muse...
Madi and I were asked to share little known facts about ourselves

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Madi and Mom say Thank you!!!


1. I'm spoiled (I know that is a surprise)
2. I do not sit in anyone's lap!! Much to the dismay of Mom
(the first family kitty was 100% lap kitty)
3.I talk non stop
4.I was a devil child when the peeps first brought me home.
5. I was lost for 2 hours...not to worry though I knew exactly where I was...
sleeping peacefully in Mom and Dad's closet.
1. I'm proud to say I can drive a stick shift
2. I was Senior Class Marshall in High School
(this means I kept order in the midst of chaos...good training for being Mom
 to a Diva Cat)
3. When I was about 3 years old I cut my own hair and I cut the hair of
the family Collie, Lady, and Lady's puppies. Luckily no humans or puppies were
4.When I was 5, I was caught in the act of eating a stick of butter.
5.I had a very short career as a Cover Girl
 At 2 years old I was a cover girl on the Co-operative Exchange magazine.

(I know you've never heard of it. LOL My mom worked for the company.
I was on the Easter edition holding baby chicks.

Nature that the hots have left, I often
take walks around the neighborhood.
Thankfully I had my camera with me when I spotted this
beautiful patio on the front lawn of a home about
two blocks from us.  
How nice would it be to sit in any of these places while
enjoying all the Nature around you.

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Thoroughly Poetic Thursday #38

 Today we join Two  SPOILED CATS 

Angel Sammy and Teddy for their poetic pictorial poem.

Here is today's inspiration

The notorious crook 
 was called Hook.
Most often he sailed the seas 
taking what he wanted and gone in a breeze.
Once he had a parrot upon his shoulder perch.  
Trout Talkin' Tabbies will squeal with EASE
 when they hear da bird went bye bye in the breeze.
He was a mighty sailor always standing firmly holding the course
On land his sea legs were wobbly one was just a peg. 
He loved his pints and the 
Bar wenches who served him with a smile
as he sat on the bench.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020


Hosted by Comedy Plus

Happy Accident...

 Sunday afternoon I walked into the study aka Red Room as Madi  called it, I saw this shadow on the carpet. I thought what in the world??!! It looks like a elephant



I looked up at the skylight lo and behold...  It was an amazing cloud formation

I rotated the above photo then aimed up at the skylight

Happy Accident

Thursday of last week the remnants of Hurricane Sally left us with 3" of rain (which was a drop in the bucket compared to other areas in NC). Friday and Saturday it was overcast all day.  The skylight is still drying off.  For those of you who have super duper observation skills the very thin string is part of the skylight shade. 

 The shade over the skylight stays closed in the summer

In the fall and winter this was one of Madi's favorite napping spots

As the sun moved over the house she followed it until the puddle was gone. Below it is just inches from the wall.  She made use of very inch of it until it reached the baseboard

Monday, September 21, 2020

Awww Monday and Sparks

The elephant ear plant (Colocasia) provides a bold tropical effect in nearly any landscape setting. In fact, these plants are commonly grown for their large, tropical-looking foliage, which is reminiscent of elephant ears.

This road, Town and Country Road, is curvy, 2 lane speed limit 35.  However, the average speed was
45 or more.  The powers that be in our city have decided to best way to control speed is to
install 'calming medians' smack in the middle of  2 lane roads in residential areas.
We travel this road every day sometimes multiple times.
There are 3 calming medians on this road.
All have seasonal plantings.  The Elephant Ears have thrived as have the Canna Lilies

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Mr. P. P. Pumpkin

Hello I am 
Mr. 'Perfect' Peter Pumpkin
I'm residing at Casa U. 
The humans were totally amazed when the found me
they were not looking.  
BUT they said when you find perfection you must seize it.
I decided I wanted to be fancy for my first meeting 

They said I'm the perfect shape, size color, not a dent or scratch on me
and most of all appears my stem is perfectly PERFECT.
Pumpkins in the past have come up short...pun the stem department.
And best of all I was ONLY 
 I was adopted from Wegmans my adoption fee was ONLY
Evidently this is an unheard of price for Perfect Peter Pumpkins
Below is my original Selfie

 Ivy and I were lonely
Muriel Mum adds the purrfect pop of 
Fall Color