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Saturday, December 14, 2019

Saturday Artsy decorations at Logan's

Our favorite Cafe for Saturday lunch, Seaboard Cafe, is nestled in the middle of Logan's

Friday, December 13, 2019

Feline and Nature Friday: Kat has a new Friend

Thanks Comedy Plus for hosting

Thanks LLB Gang for hosting

It might be Friday the 13th but it is for sure a lucky day here in 

Dearest Aunty HiC!!!!!!!

Guess what!?! I’ve made a new friend! He comes to visit me every morning.

Yep, Rodney is a roadrunner, and I think he’s  absolutely amazing! 

I’ve been doing a little research on my new friend, and according to Wikipedia:

Rodney Made a Video for Nature Friday

I’ve been doing a little research on my new friend, and according to Wikipedia:

 Rodney can maintain a speed of 20 mpg for long distances. 
He feeds mainly on small animals including insects, spiders (including black widows), tarantulas, scorpions, mice, small birds, and especially lizards and small snakes. Venomous serpents, including small rattlesnakes, are readily consumed. It kills prey by holding the victim in its bill and slamming it repeatedly against the ground. 🙀

I’m happy Rodney likes me, and doesn’t want to eat me! 😹

Oh my word are so very very lucky.
I have never EVER no NEVER seen a Roadrunner in my entire life.
Does he say Beep Beep when he comes calling?

Lovingly your Aunty HiC

I also have a special Christmas Flag for the backyard birds enjoyment. Feeders are full of a very tasty Holiday seed mixture
including dried meal worms...can you say YUMMY?
A Christmas Goose. Yep I have four bird feeders and a suet cage.
Of course when I tried to capture the birds they flew the coup!!

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

Today we join Two  SPOILED CATS 
Angel Sammy and Teddy for their poetic pictorial poem.

Here is today's inspiration.
First of all I will admit to being left wordless by this photo, which is rare for me!!

My first thought was:

 Row, Row your boat not today
You are frozen in time.

Entertaining at best
Aggravating at worst**
Tug boat might be needed
Here in NC, if you don't like the weather wait 5 minutes,we can have 3 seasons in one day)
Experts with Doppler's are even fooled here
Reality is don't blow your gasket, go with the flow 

**For instance, on Tuesday, December 10 we awoke to 60 degrees had a high of 76
on Wednesday, December 11, we awoke  to 39 degrees our high was about 49.

Fans of my nephew KAT...
please come by tomorrow for Feline and
Nature Friday all by KAT!!

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Not so Wordless: It is beginning to look a lot like

Middle of the collage is my photo of my table runner
My mind's eye thought it would look pretty on this table in the dining room.
 Aunt Eula made this ceramic Nativity Scene for her sister, Margie aka my mother-in-law, in 1970. MIL did not have a shed so she arranged the figures on light blue velvet fabric. The shelter was made by Angel Madi's favorite BIL.  I bought some pretty navy blue plush fabric with gold stars on it to put under my Nativity Scene. I have been using this Nativity Scene for nearly 30 years.  This is the first time it has been on the Entertainment Center.  

While taking the photo of the Nativity Scene, I didn't notice my 'happy accident'.  The flash reflection in the photo 
looks like the Star of Bethlehem shining over the Angel.

Some out of doors photos...some good some not.
this first one is in my neighbor's yard.
The lights are possessed...they blink and evidently too fast for 
Niki the Nikon

I love old Woodie Station wagons.
I found this adorable Christmas Welcome Plaque,which hangs by the front door, at JoAnn's.

Directly underneath it is St. Nick in a ceramic chimney

We put LED lights in our Camellia bush this year.
I tried to get a good photo outside. First one was ok but blurry.
Each time afterwards the flash came on.
It took 3 strings of 50 lights = 150 lights.
It could probably use another string but my word 200 on that bush is just silly. We have single electric candles in each front window.

Now inside....
Our tree we downsize from an 8' tree to 7' and not as wide.  We have the ability, (if the remote wasn't acting all crazy pants) to have all white, all colored and both will blink or not.
Thus far we can only find the blinking colored.  We can get layers different colors but never all colored or white.

a few close up of special ornaments

First one was sent to Madi one Christmas from her beloved Raz 

Next photo is of 3 special ornaments.
Silver with red ribbon was from our dear friends memory of Madi.
The baby below it was on a baby shower gift I received before
Sis of Madi was born in 1971.
Just to the right of the baby is from Madi's favorite vet Dr. Szabo and all her friends at Hidden Valley Animal Clinic.

Stockings hung by the gas logs...too warm for them to be on just yet
 Angel Madi still holds her place of honor decorated for the season too. An angel, a chickadee on a holly leaf and a snow globe for company

Santa is on Sentry duty just outside the office.
I 'won' this Santa and the Santa on the front porch at 
different 'White Elephant'** games while I was working at NCSU
Happy Stockings with snowmen are on the stair rails and under the hand rail
 I have a large bow like this at the top of the stairs too
**White Elephant is a gift exchange game that is very similar in style to Yankee Swap, although the emphasis is to “steal” gifts rather than swap them. Most often, this type of gift exchange takes place at a party with other participants in attendance.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Tuesday Tale of Thanksgiving at.....

364 days a year it is, as the sign says, "Beefeaters Haven"

The Thanksgiving buffet at the Angus Barn is without a doubt THE BEST
It is well attended.  Reservations are coveted.  Last year we made our reservations for 2019
as we left.  This year we did the same.  It is decorated for Christmas but THAT IS OK.  When there are this many gorgeous decorations, they need to stay up as long as possible

Front door from a distance

up close

right of door lounge area is where you wait for your dinner bell to go off.
The have lots of cheese and crackers available too
 Just past the above photo

Now photos after we entered the lobby

While you wait for your buzzer to go off you can munch on 
their signature cheese and crackers here.
 close up of above
 First floor dining area...buffets are set up on each floor
No photos of buffet my hands were full of food.

I love this plaque with the verse on it.

Their library is where they have a most enormous and gorgeous tree and there are also
numerous trees all over A.B.

Yep it is decorated with cotton balls.  NC grows lots of cotton
 The expression on this man's face is priceless
he is looking at the  train track that is all around the ceiling in the library

Framed State Police patches from many states.  
 Pardon the blur it was bustling in there and I was on the steps.

I guess if you ate too much you can kick yourself!

It was an absolutely gorgeous day.

I have some more out door pics probably for a Nature Friday
Photos of Christmas Cards snail and email added to the link on my sidebar
Christmas Cards 2019....

Monday, December 9, 2019

Awww Monday She inspired me to quilt...

This week's header is a photo of Pottery Barn's window in a lovely piZap frame.
I added my angel Madi.  She was sitting in a paper bag which she loved.
Hosted by Comedy Plus

I think I might have mentioned, once or twice, on a Quilting post how long I have
secretly yearned to quilt.  The yearning started back in the late 1990's when I
met a delightful young co-worker Pam who quilted.  While working at NCSU,
Pam met a very charming Post Doc...they married and moved to Illinois.
Several of her siblings live in Raleigh.  About two weeks before Thanksgiving, I rec'd an email from Pam.  She and her family would be in Raleigh...would I like to met for lunch...I said absolutely.
Pam doesn't do much quilting now.  She is mom to a very busy 15 year old who plans a career as Veterinarian. They live out midst the cornfields with lots of animals, kinda of a hobby farm.

Head hanging in shame...I didn't think about taking photos
until 2 got away from me.
Collages show back and fronts

Speaking of Quilting
I would like to thank HER from DownUnder Daisy, for sending me this adorable

Mid November I started working on a project for us.  I loved the colors in the wall hanging I made for our hairdresser. (pic bottom right of last collage (above) navy and pink)

Sunday before Thanksgiving, I had a freak accident,  a combo of a bad pinch and chunk of skin being cut out of the fleshy part of my right thumb. It bled like a stuck pig. Dad of Angel Madi got a band aid on it eventually.  Whew, happy to say,
 I did not need a transfusion!  LOL
It was pretty much useless for about 7 days. I have a new respect for furries without thumbs. LOL THUMBS are extremely impawtant.  About all I could do w/o making it hurt was type.  No pushing in pins, no writing. It is not hanging yet since, the sleeve I make for the dowel is hand sewn.  Currently it is bench warmer.