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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Madi and Mom Present Love your Pet Day

Mom, here....I'm taking over the blog today to introduce you to all of the pets that
have ENRICHED our lives over the last 32 years. Hubby and I have been married 40 years and thankfully only been with out a pet for 8 of the 40 years.
Madison aka Madi aka Diva.
Madi is the ultimate socialite. She thinks everyone who enters the house does so
to admire her. She does her best diva walk through the center of the room.
She is very vocal. If she is awake she is meowing about something.
Since we started blogging of June 25, 2009 you have read and seen lots about Madi
March 11, 2002-
Milky-Way our family's first cat. 1985-1999
Milky was our Thinker...he rarely meowed. In the 14 years he lived with us, I
could probably count his meows on both hands. Needless to say, we were not
prepared for the constant meowing of Madi.
Milky was MIA when there were visitors. He did have one true love
other than us, Cali (his human sister's cat she is pictured later in the post).
Milky was 7 when Cali came in to our family at 6 mos of age. He absolutely adored her. If she came to his bowl when he was eating, he would step aside...patiently waiting while she inspected his food. He was a gentleman Cat.

Toto, the mighty mini Dachshund. 1974-1984
Our first family pet and the most comical. Toto taught us how to laugh at ourselves.
When I began blogging, many of my posts were about Toto and his antics. He had 9 lives of a cat..he was a cat trapped in a dachshund body.
Being vertically challenged he did not like snow or rain

Cali, Calico Cornish Rex loved and owned by my daughter for nearly 12 years.
She was undoubtedly the sweetest cat in the world. She had a lot of
health problems but she was always as an angel even will all the poking and prodding she endured. We all learned how to handle the adversities of life from Cali. At about 4 years of age, Cali was diagnosed with mega colon which battled her for the next 8 years.
I'll never forget the day my daughter brought her to our house to meet Milky.
Cali was literally bouncing off the walls. Milky was in love from the first meow.
She brought out the kitten in him.

Taz, Quaker Parrot (allows my daughter, son in law and Harley to live with him). He will be 7 years old soon. Taz vocabulary is small but good. He was just beginning to talk with they brought Harley home. They were pretty sure the first thing Taz would learn to say was "Harley, No". Fortunately he did not. He is a superb dancer when he hears music or singing he starts to strut his green body in perfect tune. He can imitate almost any noise he hears.

Harley, Gray and White Cornish Rex, he will be 6 this year.
Harley is my daughter's 2nd Rex. Harley gets car sick. They live 3 hours away
so we don't see him much. We are told he is a snuggle bug to his mom and loves to gnaw on buttons. In Harley's world, there are never enough blankets. I'm currently making him an afghan. Many ask about a bird and a cat in the same house....well there seems to be no problem

We feel very lucky all of these adorable pets have left paw prints on our hearts or tweets in our ears and patiently shown us unconditional love in spite of our human shortcomings.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Flashback and Chocolate Mint Day

February 19 is Chocolate Mint Day

Today is Milky-Way Friday Flashback.
Recently Mom posted a picture of me (Madi) in
this very spot....Seems Milky-Way was a
big fan of sitting on the towels too.
Mom always talks about how perfectly symmetrical
MW's face was.....this picture is a good example.
For those who might have missed me (Madi) sitting
under the sink on the towels Mom posted it again ....
Madi happy to be able to follow in Miky-Way's paw prints.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Madi: Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day

Today, February 18 is
Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day
Well I'm a girl and since 99 times out of 100 when M0m types
M A D I she goofs up and types M A I D...I know big gasp...
whoever heard of a Diva being anyone's M A I D?
Anyway because of Mom's Freudian slips she has decided today will be

Introduce a Girl to 'domestic' Engineering Day.

Pardon the blurry picture but I'm not happy about this...
Yes I will admit she caught me on the bed while she was changing linens one Saturday
I tried to hide...(see lump below)
But she found me

So I said what the heck I'll finish the job.
I found a wrinkle right here in this spot....(I'm fanatical about wrinkles in my bed)
so I had to paw at it until all was smooth...
A "M A I D'S" job is never done!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Madi: Worldless Wednesday and.....

Today February 17 is World Human Spirit Day...
My feline spirit is outside in the snow.....
PS...Madi's feet have never been on the ground

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Madi: My Toy Basket and International Pancake Day

Today, February 16 is

International Pancake Day....Madi and I hope all of you will treat yourselves to a lovely stack of the flapjacks today.

Question: How many toys does it take to keep me happy?

Answer: Evidently a basket full and one great big mousie.


Monday, February 15, 2010

Madi says: Oh my "STAR(s) and RILEY"

On Friday, Feb. 12, when I arrived home, Madi's Dad told me Madi had a package and it
was making a noise...I said what do you mean he picked it up and it was tweeting.
Madi was very interesting in it not at all bothered by the tweeting.
She inspected it thoroughly then turned to me asking that I help her open it.....
The first thing we found was a darling kitty card. Madi said that is did they do
that? I told her it certainly did look like her and how very special....

we opened it up to read and lo and behold it was from
Riley...saying 'he was Madi's Valentine'....Madi's little pink nose blushed
just as you would expect from a Southern Bell reading a greeting from her
Valentine Beau.....and Star put her 'sign' on it too.

There were several beautifully wrapped packages...she had a sniffing fit while I
was opening this one..I told her there must be catnip in it....which it was....
but it was also the source of the tweeting. Oh my 'Star(s) and Riley'
not only was it full of catnip it was tweeting when I touch it.
Oh what fun Madi had chasing it all over the house.

Finally we moved on to the next package. It was full of
"Temptations" that she could not resist.....
and a darling pink kitty bowl to put them I am
sampling both out of my new bowl. Oh my "Star(s) and Riley"
I have never in my 7 years and 11 mos ever had a taste
of "Temptations". Mom never buys me treats. May I come live with you?
You have awoken the inner beast in me!!!

Here is a picture of me with all my prezzies
Riley you da' touched on all my senses.
sight, smell, hearing, taste and a pretty bowl too!!!

Below is a picture of all the wrapping paper.
Madi had to make one last inspection to make sure I
had not missed opening anything.

Madi says thank you from the bottom of her heart to
Riley for his thoughtfulness and care in selecting each of the prezzies
and a very SPECIAL thank you to Riley's Mom (Stephanie) and Star for the
lovely job they did on wrapping each prezzie with lots of TLC.
If you come to NC to visit Jason and Haruka this summer, we hope we can meet you Stephanie!!!!
Hugs and Meows

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy 40th Anniversary Mom and Dad!!!!

FEBRUARY 14, 1970


To Mom and Dad

Love Madi!!!!
Note from the bride: our original date was 2/7/70....hubby was in the Marine Reserves at the time. The powers that be would not give us a date in Feb. 1970 for the weekend drill so we selected 2/7 as our wedding date.
Lo and behold just days before I was going to mail our wedding invitations to the printer, MC told him the drill was set for 2/7. We moved our date to 2/14....great day to get married.
The only problem was hubby had a GI (white wall hair cut). HA!!!