Saturday, February 20, 2010

Madi and Mom Present Love your Pet Day

Mom, here....I'm taking over the blog today to introduce you to all of the pets that
have ENRICHED our lives over the last 32 years. Hubby and I have been married 40 years and thankfully only been with out a pet for 8 of the 40 years.
Madison aka Madi aka Diva.
Madi is the ultimate socialite. She thinks everyone who enters the house does so
to admire her. She does her best diva walk through the center of the room.
She is very vocal. If she is awake she is meowing about something.
Since we started blogging of June 25, 2009 you have read and seen lots about Madi
March 11, 2002-
Milky-Way our family's first cat. 1985-1999
Milky was our Thinker...he rarely meowed. In the 14 years he lived with us, I
could probably count his meows on both hands. Needless to say, we were not
prepared for the constant meowing of Madi.
Milky was MIA when there were visitors. He did have one true love
other than us, Cali (his human sister's cat she is pictured later in the post).
Milky was 7 when Cali came in to our family at 6 mos of age. He absolutely adored her. If she came to his bowl when he was eating, he would step aside...patiently waiting while she inspected his food. He was a gentleman Cat.

Toto, the mighty mini Dachshund. 1974-1984
Our first family pet and the most comical. Toto taught us how to laugh at ourselves.
When I began blogging, many of my posts were about Toto and his antics. He had 9 lives of a cat..he was a cat trapped in a dachshund body.
Being vertically challenged he did not like snow or rain

Cali, Calico Cornish Rex loved and owned by my daughter for nearly 12 years.
She was undoubtedly the sweetest cat in the world. She had a lot of
health problems but she was always as an angel even will all the poking and prodding she endured. We all learned how to handle the adversities of life from Cali. At about 4 years of age, Cali was diagnosed with mega colon which battled her for the next 8 years.
I'll never forget the day my daughter brought her to our house to meet Milky.
Cali was literally bouncing off the walls. Milky was in love from the first meow.
She brought out the kitten in him.

Taz, Quaker Parrot (allows my daughter, son in law and Harley to live with him). He will be 7 years old soon. Taz vocabulary is small but good. He was just beginning to talk with they brought Harley home. They were pretty sure the first thing Taz would learn to say was "Harley, No". Fortunately he did not. He is a superb dancer when he hears music or singing he starts to strut his green body in perfect tune. He can imitate almost any noise he hears.

Harley, Gray and White Cornish Rex, he will be 6 this year.
Harley is my daughter's 2nd Rex. Harley gets car sick. They live 3 hours away
so we don't see him much. We are told he is a snuggle bug to his mom and loves to gnaw on buttons. In Harley's world, there are never enough blankets. I'm currently making him an afghan. Many ask about a bird and a cat in the same house....well there seems to be no problem

We feel very lucky all of these adorable pets have left paw prints on our hearts or tweets in our ears and patiently shown us unconditional love in spite of our human shortcomings.


  1. What a great set of pictures!! And what a variety of pets! No rabbits??? :)

  2. So many gorgeous babies; thanks for sharing them with us...I had a blue/gray/white parakeet, Skye, for 7 years while I also had Nikki, Seal Point Siamese=they were best friends...Skye lived in our den and the only time she would sing was when she heard me coming down the stairs first thing in the morning; otherwise, she meowed, she learned from Nik and thought she was part cat...Skye used to fly to Nikki's back and Nikki's favorite perch was right next to Skye's cage...They were wonderful babies; thanks for making me think of them together again.

  3. What a sweet group of pets, each with its own personality. Isn't is wonderful how they become part of our lives and memories.

    Besides Cindi Lou I've had two other cats. Salem, my little calico, was a rescue when I lived in Georgia and she traveled with me to Alaska. The other was Tasha, my incredible Ragdoll. A very large cat with the sweetest disposition and so much love to give. She was my constant companion, I really miss her.

    Have a wonderful weekend,

  4. Such sweet memories! We do love our critters, don't we Sista?
    Our lives would certainly not be the same without them...

  5. Hi Madi,

    Thanks for sharing all those wonderful pictures with us. What pretty cats!!! But, you're still the prettiest kitty we ever seen and that's no fib!

    Riley and Star.

  6. Hi madi
    Such a wonderful post
    with so many animals :-)
    We had only two parakeets
    (Tweety & Sylvester ;)
    and our first cat is Kareltje :-)
    Lovely pictures all .....
    I like Toto also he looks so cute!!!
    My Mommy is allergic for dogs
    but she likes dogs very much :-)
    Have all a wonderful weekend

    Kareltje =^.^=
    Anya :-)

  7. What a wonderful tribute to all you pets and how very nice that Madi let you borrow her bloggie!!


  8. I triple love this post. So nice to meet your former friends. I hope to do a similar post one day - still too painful for now...

  9. Thanks for sharing! Love Harley! How cool! And I really like the picture pillow....did you make it?

  10. This is just a wonderful blog! What would we ever do without a pet in the house? I will always have one!

  11. So many unique personalities and little "love bugs"! You are so right! Our pets teach us unconditional love!
    Hugs, Kathy

  12. Lovely to see all your pets past and present. We loved the cats but of course were delighted to meet Toto. Bailey can be very cat like - even plumps her bed up!
    We have never had any parrots! You will have to try and get a video of Taz dancing!
    Sorry we are not being great bloggers at the moment - our heart just doesn't seem to be in at the moment!
    We had some nice sunshine today so that helped.
    love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  13. Sure is nice meet all the pets that have been part of your life!
    I love the stories of Toto!
    Kisses and hugs

  14. So are they-- all of them. They are just as lucky! Thank you for sharing with us. Please tell Madi that there's a k9 making jokes about having her in his dreams. She shouldn't have to put up with kat-trash-talk BOL

  15. Oh Madi! You had some lovely bothers and sisters! That was a furry interesting post. What would the humans do without us?

  16. Hi Madi! You have had wonderful pets! They are all equally precious!

  17. Very nice post. All are beautiful babies.


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