Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday 'hangover' and a Special Story for Remington

Did we get your attention? MOL and LOL
You thought you were going to see either Madi or Mom in a compromising the feline world when we hang our foot off the edge of something as opposed to
our normal tuck to the chest position it is called a HANGOVER!!!!
The angle is not that good but my paw is hanging over the edge of the bed.
According to our Whimsical Calendar today Fabruary 21 is
Single Tasking Day....thus the
Single Paw Hang Over
This is for our dear friend Remington
Yesterday afternoon Mom and Dad were out and about. One of their
errands was to stop by Pet Superstore for my Nature's Best. They had lunch at a new cafe that is nowhere near Pet Superstore...and they do like to conserve gas and time. Luckily,
Mom spotted a Pet Mania in the shopping center across from the cafe. As she opened the door
to Pet Mania, from out of nowhere, comes this GREAT BIG BLACK DOG. Mom asked it's name...Rem it was a girl Newfie her name is Flo. OMD mom said you are a beautiful Lady Newfie. She petted Flo and rubbed her back and told Flo all about the handsome 1 year old boy Newfie she knew. Flo was extremely friendly. Mom was blocking the aisle (well really it was Flo blocking the aisle). So she told Flo she needed to buy some cat food so she better go find it. Mom said Flo followed her around for a bit until the bell on the door rang again. Flo had to go greet the new customers. Mom ran into Flo again on another aisle. She offered to set up a meet and greet between you and Flo. Flo said I'm 2 I don't date younger men, but thank mom for the offer. About that time, Flo decided she was thirsty.....well all I can say about that is MOM LEARNED YOU NEED TO GET OUT OF THE WAY WHEN A NEWFIE IS THIRSTY...OMD water was flying from her jowls when she shook her head.
Then that crazy Flo sat down and rested her head on top of her water bowl!!!
Remington MOM IS VERY sorry she did not have her camera. Will she ever learn to never leave home without it?
Mom was very excited to actually be able to touch a Newfie....with every stroke she pretended it was you.
Love Mom and Madi


  1. I am sure Remington is going to be happy to know about Flo!
    Happy Hangover Day!
    Kisses and hugs

  2. We love hangovers! Come to Cat of Nine Tales tomorrow to see a Monday Morning Hangover.
    ~Lisa Co9T

  3. Oh my, a girl for Remington!! Cool!! wonder if this could turn into something specail??
    Yah Madi, tell your mom to NEVER leave the house without the camera!! and btw, nice hangover Madi, you are quite the cat diva!!!


  4. Happy Sunday,'s overcast here, but we purr that you are having some sun. xxxxxxxx

  5. Hey, love that hangover Madi! I am so jealous you got to pet a Newfie! I knew some a few years back, and just loved the heck out of them. Sure wish I could meet Rem and love him in person.

  6. You don't date younger men? Hmm. Too bad... >wink<. And I like the 'hangover' pose. I didn't know that's what it was called...Like it!

  7. Madi, is the hangover paw to test Mom's patience? I see the towel there to confine your fur from the beautiful spread! LOL

    Newfies are wonderful gentle giants!! Yup, you need to stand clear after one of them has had their fill of water, if you don't want a shower! HA!

    I'm glad the sun is back for you in NC!

  8. Madi, I love that long, willowy leg hangover!
    Very sexy!
    Ear rubs and nose taps,

  9. Now that's our kind of hangover, Madi!...Nice story for Remington; Flo doesn't know what she's missing!!...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  10. Remington will be sorry he didn't meet Flo! The lady who used to own our local pet shop had two newfies - you used to have to step over them to get round the shop.
    They were the best natured dogs ever!
    We love your pose Madi, very cool and sophisticated - just kind of draping the paw!
    Thank dogness we did not come over to find you or your mom with the hangover!
    Martha & Bailey xx

  11. First I like your hangover....second I am happy you got to pet a Newfie. Yep we can get a little messy when we drink but Beth has a napkin (towel) right there to wipe my little mouth off so we don't get everything wet. Flo sounds like a nice girl....don't let Princess Star know....she might get a little upset....Flo doesn't like younger guys? She doesn't know what she's missing, ha ha! Thanks for thinking of me yesterday....I wish I could see you in person and you could pet me....

  12. We like your hangover, very nice! We're glad your mom had fun with Flo.

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  13. Hi Madi
    my sweety ;)
    Lovely hangover :-)
    I see you sit also on a towel
    me also always ...
    and when I don't want it
    I cannot sleep on the beds ;)

    Enjoy your sunday
    its here almost monday ..... LOL

    ((hugs)) Kareltje =^.^=

  14. Hi Madi!

    Now that is the kind of hangover to have!
    I have a confession to I wasn't feeling too well, and Momma has been fussing all over me. I've pretty much stayed in my little kitty bed all day and Mom had to come and get me up for food and water. But I still am eating I'm just not perky today. Still Momma worries...

    purry purrs

  15. Madi, we love your hangover!! And that's a great story about Flo! You gotta love those newfies!!

  16. Hmmm, I think Remington is becoming quite the ladies man! :)

  17. We didn't know cats got hangovers too. :)

  18. HI Madi,

    Ah ha! A hangover? Now the truth comes out! Too much catnip will do that to you every time.

    And what's this I hear about you trying to fix my Rem up with another girl? Well, since it's you, that's okay. I know you meant well.

    Luv ya,

  19. awwww...what a wonderful story Madi... I was hoping for an interesting "hangover" story too! BOL!

    Licks to you!!


  20. Hi Madi & Mom,

    Madi, that is one cool hangover. I have a towel on my favorite chair too, mom calls it the princess blanket.

    We are so glad to got to see and pet a newfie, that would be great. Of course we would like for it to be Remington but if not Flo sounds nice.

    Hope you had a great weekend,
    Cindi Lou and Judy

  21. Glad you didn't have the other kind of hangover! Mom would have been in trouble for posting that kind of photo.....


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