Monday, February 22, 2010

Madi confesses to 'taking' Mistaya's Snow....

Mistaya, is a darling puppy from Montana...she loves to run, play, she has a
Sistercat and most of all she loves of M.O.M and M.O.D.
Last week Mistaya was out for her walk one day romping and playing in the snow and the next day it was G O N E
she sent out an urgent plea for help finding it.....
There were many replies and offers to send her some from other places; however, the cost of
postage to mail snow is astronomical.
Lo and Behold (Jack there is behold again), Madi covered her eyes in shame, as she confessed to Mistaya that she found Mistaya's snow in
and around our house and neighborhood...right here in the South.
Madi's story is that she must have been sleepwalking
popped up to Montana to visit Mistaya saw all the beautiful snow
and just could not help herself...she 'took' it.

The next few pictures were taken on Feb. 18....13 days after the snow and
sleet event that evidently was all caused by M A D I....
Now we know why it will not is M O N T A N A Snow!!!

This patch is beside our next door neighbor's driveway

Below is Mom's thinksts she had a hand in the
'taking' of Mistaya's snow? What do you think?

The M O N T A N A snow on our roof (which faces north) just will NOT melt.....

This patch by our front steps. Mom tried to lift
it just to see if it was softening she said it is pretty dang heavy....
Silly human trick....

Mistaya....Madi offers you her sincere apologies for 'taking' your snow.
She wants to return it to you; however, after a lengthy conversation with the Postmaster General, she discovered she cannot afford the postage. Her Dad and I agreed to loan her the $$$$ for postage. In return,she has agreed to work as Madi our M A I D*(see blog post dated 2/18/10 for details) for the foreseeable future.

A win, win situation. Be on the look out for a huge refridgeration truck scheduled to arrive at your front door sometime next week.

Sincerely Madi and Mom


  1. Just kindly keep that refrigeration truck away from the rest of us. Poor Madi, for once she acted on impulse and now she's going to pay for it. Honorable, really.

  2. Madi,
    We never knew you had such super powers...
    Never underestimate a kitty!
    Zack, Sassy and Buddy

  3. Glad you cleared that up; that's Madi's story and she's sticking to it!!MOL...Love the adorable picture of you covering your face...Hope you have a great week!...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  4. Hahaha.. this is a funny post!! Poor little Madi, she'll spend the rest of her kitty life in 'slavery' (I should add that it is 5 star slavery!!)..

  5. Ah ha! The mystery is solved, now we know what happened to Mistaya's snow. But I'm guessing she had some accomplices.

    Miss Cindi Lou says, "Madi, don't say another word without you Kittorney present. We will plead temporary insanity brought on by the beautiful snow. They'll never be able to prove anything. Meow"

    Hugs & Purrs
    Cindi Lou Who, Kittorney at Paw

  6. Madi, did you send some of Mistaya's snow here to the coast too???

  7. Madi!! BOL!! Did you take my snow too?? You are one sneaky kitty :)

    Happy Monday and be a good girl today :)

    Licks from Olive

  8. Wow Madi! You sure have some magical powers! To bad you couldn't send some to Florida, hehe

  9. No wonder the snow was still there in NC after 13 days! It was Montana Snow!
    I think the people from Montana will agree, it stays a long while, Madi!
    I know, I've romped in it before!

  10. Hi Madi (and her Mom)!! Hey, Madsters, you can come over to our house anytime for snow because right now, I am soooo tired of the snow that I would be glad if someone would just come and take it away!! Free, just come and get it!!

    Thanks for leaving the message on our new blog. Yep, your Mom is right, Prague is a pretty city and you can tell her that I have another blog just about doors in Prague ( so if she wants little snippets of souvenirs from there, she can look at that blog. Personally, I don't like doors...I especially don't like them when they are closed when I want to be on the other side. You know, doors between rooms or doors between inside the house and outside the house. The only time I like doors is when it is cold outside and the door keeps the cold out, or if there is a big dog outside.

    Oh, you can also tell your Mom that I once lived in NC - a long time ago when I was a kid and my dad was a captain in the Navy and we lived in Camp Lejeune. Mom lovee the NC coast..she said it has pretty beaches..we have no beaches here..but I don't even know what a beach is..she said something about I guess it is like a BIG litterbox!! I could like that!!

    Well Madi, you have a nice day and thanks for your comments. Your friend, Lautrec

  11. Hello there, Madi
    Tell me...What is snow? Never heard of the stuff :)
    Thank you for always visiting our blog and for all your lovely comments.

  12. Madi, just say the word and I will send you TONS more!

  13. Hi madi
    I see not so many snow at your place
    here its also gone !!!!
    Nice pictures today .....
    Hugs Love for my sweetie

    Kareltje =^.^=

  14. Yes, ya'll can grab ours up anytime you hear it's heading toward Mississippi!

  15. Hi Madi!

    OHnooes you took the Montana snow?!
    Wowie I am furry impressed!

    Momma says I am better, and she is glad.
    Well at least I was up and acting normal this morning, and then what happened?
    She heard me coughing up breakfast?!! All over the carpet in the den.
    But she thinks I just overate.
    Probably cuz I just barely ate yesterday. So I was hungry. The kitty tum was overfilled.
    So Momma is happy that I am back to my normal bossy self!
    Purry purrs

  16. Hi M&M

    Thanks for your comments to my blogs...I would love to communicate with you but maybe not via the comment box here! Since I don't have your e address, may I suggest, if you want, that you please check out my door blog again and you will find my e address in the column on the right. If you write to me, I will write back and try to answer the questions you had. How does that sound?

    Take care
    Kisses to Magi from Lautrec and Tiny

  17. Oops!! Sorry, I meant kisses to MADI!! (not Magi) ...that's what I get for typing too fast and not proofreading what I write!! Sorry! C,L&T

  18. Madi,
    I have a better idea. Since it is so expensive, just have Mistaya come visit her snow at your house, then you two can spend quality friend time together playing in the snow and then some good catnip and a nice "hangover" nappie!!


  19. Holy Moly, Madi! You're one heckuva crazy girl to want to steal some snows! But, we know you don't get it all that much there...

  20. Madi, believe us you don't want snow. It is very cold and wet on the tummy.
    What we girls need is sunshine - so we stretch right out and soak up the rays.
    Perhaps a little cocktail to go with it would be nice too........
    love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  21. I have it on good authority that the weather in Raleigh yesterday was a balmy 63 with sunshine. Your snow... even if from Montana... HAS to be gone!

    P.S. You wouldn't have needed a truck to move your snow anyway. A medium sized manila envelope would probably have held it all. Do I sound snarky? Sorry. WE'RE SICK OF THE WHITE STUFF HERE!

  22. We musta got some of your snow here...and it won't melt either!

  23. Well Madi, I have to admit that I thought you might have had something to do with the theft of my pretty white snow. And it was nice that you did try to return it to me...but...I think I like Jazzi's comment a lot...that I should just come to where my snow is and visit you there. I am real good with cats...Catsister has taught me well...and maybe we could sit in the window in the sun together and if we watched real hard maybe we could make that snow from Montana melt a bit faster. I do still miss my Montana snow and we still do not have any but M.O.M. keeps talking about how much fun I will have when we move to the ocean and I can run forever (almost) on the sandy beaches. She did mention that there will be no snow there...oh my gosh!! can that be possilbe??? So maybe if I came to visit you we could go to your beaches and run on them. Do you like to go to the beach? You could just lay on your blanket while I run like crazy if you'd rather.

  24. Sorry Madi, I forgot to sign my message to you...just as I was ready to type my name a BIG Golden Lab walked into my yard and I just had to go out onto my porch and tell him to get out of my yard!!! He is gone now so here is my sign out of my above message....Hugs and wags to you Madi...Mistaya

  25. Oh Madi! Maybe Mistaya will get some more snow of her own and you won't hafta return that which you took....

  26. Poor Madi, It wasn't your fault. If you were a sleep you had no control of your actions!!! You are not to blame!!!!!!!!! Stop feeling bad!!!
    When you are a wake you are a very GOOD kitty!!!
    Bambi's says!!!
    Kiss from Bambi & Fern

  27. Hi do not have to send any snow to me...

    Thanks anyway Smileys!

  28. Madi!
    You stole it!
    And now you have to pay to send it back!
    Kisses and hugs


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