Friday, February 26, 2010

Madi Friday Flashback and Levi Strauss Day

Friday Flashback of Milky-Way (MW) and Return of Madi after a day off......
Judging by the Valentine cards on the hearth this was taken
in February a note on the back of the picture had 1987.
MW was a very 'green' kitty he was already in to recycling.

Today February 26 is Levi Strauss Day...according to that crazy calendar....
I was MIA on yesterday's post because I was out shopping for Levis to model today. I could not find any Levi's with four leg holes so I'm content to just sit on Mom's Levis in honor of the day.

Gosh Mom is having such fun with the Whimsical Calendar....
I do hope she can find one to use in March.
***Mom and I met some new kitty friends this week, Tiny and Lautrec
they are new to the pet blogging world. Drop by to say Howdy!!!***
They are very funny and full of exciting stories and their mom is an artist and loves photography check out her other blog The Door Hunter.


  1. MAdi, Sorry you couldnt find any Levis with four legs. But if you cant the beat thing is sittin on them ~~great idea!!


  2. Nice flashback of Milky Way - you cats do like your boxes!
    We are glad he wasn't put out for recycling by mistake.
    Your mom is having fun with this calendar Madi - we expect it will go right through the year.
    Now Levi Strauss day! Given he has clearly overlooked a gap in the market with no four legged levis for you Madi we are not going to celebrate.
    By way of a protest! Just think how nice those levis will be for mom now - with cat hairs too - it could only enhance them in our opinion. Make sure none of these designers snap up your idea - look what happened when they discovered that holes and tears would be good!
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  3. Hi Madi & Mom,

    Aw, Milky Way was such a sweet looking boy. And he was green before it was popular, smart kitty.

    Sorry you couldn't find any jeans Madi but I see you are adding a little decoration to Mom's pair. All jeans should have at least a little kitty hair.

    We actually had blue skies and almost sixty degrees here today, it was really strange. We have had so much fog I had almost forgotten what the sky looked like.

    Hope you have some nice weather for the weekend.

    Hugs & Purrs,
    Judy and Cindi Lou
    PS, we will check out Tiny and Lautrec.

  4. Maybe you could design some 4 legged jeans, and make a ton of $$$$! Something to think about........?

  5. we missed you on your blog yesterday, but really enjoyed seeing you at Sukki's birthday party!...Always great to see Milky Way on your blog; he was just adorable...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  6. Madi, glad to see you being Green :) Almost Earth day..we are excited!!

    So glad it's Friday!!! No school today and Mom has a short work day--yay!! More Olive Time!!

    Licks to you and Mom--


  7. Levi's are nice Madi, but they would hide that beautiful fur of yours! Have a great weekend!

  8. Thanks for sharing another wonderful MW shot Madi!!

    Don't you just love "pre-warming" your Mama's jeans??


  9. Hey Madi....I bet mom was actually GLAD that you warmed up her jeans for her!!

  10. Hi Madi
    We always love seeing Milky Way. We hope you will share more pictures with us!

    The nerve of Levi Strauss not to have jeans to fit you! Ummmmm this calls for a kitty-cott of levis!

    Have a great weekend!
    purry purrs

  11. Milky Way was a handsome dude, and we love your posts that share memories of him with us.

    Wow, we'd go picket the Levi Strauss factories here but they shut them down and moved them abroad....probably because they weren't making four legged Levis!!!!!!!! We love you guys. :)

  12. Milky Way sure was a handsome boy!! And so ahead of his time!! What a great mind.

    And you, Madsters, you look fabulous on those jeans...I always love the one one paw stretch pose!! And I agree, it was nice of you to warm up those jeans for your Momma! You're such a good and thoughtful kitty!

    Thank you so much for mentioning our site on your blog...we like having new friends!! Everyone is so nice!! You are GREAT!!

    I hope you and your Mom have a great good!!

    Your pals, Lautrec, Tiny and Cat

  13. I bet your mom could sew you some. Just remember not to get them too tight in the tail section! :)

  14. The best Levi Strauss model ever! What's up with today's skinny skanky models? Madi, you go girl. Show them how an elegant Diva does it, with dignity. And while you're there, don't forget to knead and purr

  15. Wow 1987. Cool flashback.
    You looks very nice on your levis!

  16. I can't believe they don't have kitty Levi's - that sounds like a perfect market for htem!

    We will head over to meet your new friends! Thanks for introducing us!

  17. We love seeingn pictures of Milky Way...oh and you too, Madi!!

    We've met Tiny and Lautrec! They are lots of fun!

  18. They are missing the boat, not having jeans for you Madi!!! Just think of the money they could make if they did!!!
    Good to see MW. I love old pictures!!
    kiss for you Madi, Happy & Fern

  19. Such a helpful kitty, Madi! You're prewarming Mom's jeans for her and making sure it has some of your fur coat on them!


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