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Saturday, June 19, 2010


the front half of my body has no idea what the back half of my body is doing or why

and sometimes I have no no clue how to control them so I just stare hoping something will come to me.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Flashback Friday: Milky-Way in a few words

Very expressive face and eyes that were the mirror to his soul.

Very long legs.....I've always heard white shoes make one's feet look big...I guess having all white legs
makes them look long...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The 'eyes' have spoken

The story behind this picture is....I'm at the computer slaving on Madi's blog and she screeched politely expressed her dismay at the lack of food in her bowl.  Of course, being the devoted cat slave that I am, I immediately prepared a gourmet meal for the Diva and of course served it in Waterford Crystal....
(I have no idea what the green tint on the carpet is...maybe it is the reflection from those Diva green eyes)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Mom did not have a clue what she would blog about of course there was Me but she didn't have any pictures of me, can you believe that?  She DID have lots of cheerleaders so she plugged on each day with a new tidbit on NC, then before she knew it she got the hang of blogging and never looked back. 
We thank each and everyone of you who became our faithful followers, gave us advice and encouragement and mostly for YOUR KIND comments.
You are all GREAT friends.  
Have a piece of cake with us.
Madi and Mom

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Silly Photo Challenge...

Today Mom and I are participating in the Silly Photo Challenge hosted by
Mom went all the way back to 2005 for her selections.
We hope you enjoyed our selection.

As you can see from the above picture, I'm checking out Mom's selection.
I think they are pretty silly, what do you think?
They are all from Mom and Dad's trip to Alaska in May 2005...
FYI: This is the time they left me for 11 days and I gained 2 lbs...that I'm still trying to lose...MOL
Mom wrote a brief explanation above each picture.

#1. I took this picture from the Chena River paddle boat tour.
It was fondly called 'Alaskan Insulation'. Blue tarp being held in place by old tires

#2. This picture was taken in the Yukon Territory. Mom still chuckles when she reads the sign in the right hand corner of the back window. Please click to enlarge.
It reads:
"You smell like Poo".
#3. After a 4 day land tour, Mom and Dad boarded the Dawn Princess Cruise Ship for a 7 day cruise down the Inside Passage.
One morning when they returned from breakfast, they found this adorable/silly 'towel animal' made by their Steward, Edwin. The weren't sure if it was an elephant or an ant eater...In either case, is wearing a pair of Dad's glasses.

Mom said she enjoyed this challenge. Thank you Ms. Judy and Miss Cindi Lou, our feline BFF, for hosting the Silly Photo challenge. Mom thoroughly enjoyed looking through all her pictures especially the ones from Alaska. This trip was a lifelong dream.
Madi and Mom

Monday, June 14, 2010

Moms shoes cont'd: Quite Frankly....

...I'm astounded by the uncanny interests shown on Saturday to Mom's ugly comfy shoes and nail polish, which was called Broken Heart and clashed big time with the shoes.
I, the Diva Island Princes Cat, have more discriminating taste.  I would not wear them to a cat fight. 

I agreed to give Mom some space today to display 'them'; however,
I'm turning my head and shielding my eyes from them....
Disclaimer: sundglasses might be necessary

Drum roll TA DA present the aqua and and lime green banana boats Mom calls
bedroom shoes......

I bet you are sorry you commented on them. HA 
Mom here:  These shoes are absolutely so comfy...They literally kept me on my feet 2 years ago when I was suddenly struck with plantar faciitis. They have little nubs in the sole and great cushion.  I feel like I'm walking on a cloud.  I ordered them from the Avon catalog to be used as garden shoes...these puppies have never seen the garden. 

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Steeple Sunday: Forest Hills Baptist Church

Forest Hills Baptist Church was organized the first Sunday of August in 1945.
The service was held at Fred Olds Elementary School on Dixie Trail. In December of 1945 the church voted to purchase a piece of land across the street from the elementary school.

During my quest to find beautiful steeples in Raleigh, I have found this steeple with a few variations to be standard for most Baptist churches. In 1960 the Sanctuary was completed with seating for 1200.

Forest Hills Baptist Church has a very welcoming entrance. In my opinion, the sturdy pillars give one a feeling of safety and security within the building.  FHBC is situated just a few blocks from NC State University's campus and a few miles from Meredith College. This church is known for the high priority it gives to serving the needs of the student population.

In 1978, two members of Forest Hills who were retired missionaries began English as a Second Language (ESL) program . Forest Hills has one of the larger and more effective ESL programs in the North Carolina and a Sunday Bible Study program for internationals.

This stately building sits on the corner of Dixie Trail and Clark Avenue nestled under the shade of many large hardwood trees. Care was taken in the beginning, to preserve all of the lovely trees. The building stretches down Clark Ave. nearly two blocks and about one block down Dixie Trail.