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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Caturday Art

If it is Saturday we are having fun with 

First Mom made it snow ....
then she  Glitterized me!!  

Original photo with a bit of enhancement

Friday, July 7, 2017

Flower Friday and Fill-ins

We rode through Vail, Colorado on the way to Glenwood Springs on June 20.
It was another impromptu side trip.  The motorcoach was too big to park so we weren't able to walk around but we did see some beautiful flowers on the streets and along the highway.

Ellen came up with the first two and Annie of McGuffy’s Reader came up with the second two. Please purr and pray for Annie’s beautiful cat, Chloe Jo , she has been having numerous health problems and was hospitalized for several days.
1. My favorite line from a film(s) is "you should be the leading lady of your own life". Line was said to Kate Winsett in The Holiday, starring Cameron Diaz and Kate Winsett
From Grease, one of the Pink Ladies is wearing some atrocious pink sunglasses with rhinestones and trying to be very sophisticated.  When one of the rhinestones falls in her lunch, she says "double doo doo"! For some reason it cracks me up every time I hear it.

2. Other than blogs, a website I visit often is Google!
3. When I feel down, I count my blessings, for they are plentiful!
4. If I could carry a tune, I would love to sing.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

Thoroughly Thankful Poetic Thursday 
Angel Sammy has suggested one of these  D words:
danger, dandelion, dark, dinner

Today my poem is in the form of advice:

If you eat dinner in the park after dark,
beware of stranger danger.
AND remember
Dandelions have fuzzy stuff that make you sneeze
and you can watch them float in the breeze
And if you hold the yellow bloom under your throat
it will turn your skin all aglow.

You are welcome, 
Sincerely Madi(son) D Cat
Poet Laureate 

7/4/17 @ 8:11 AM

The peeps ALWAYS I repeat ALWAYS go out to feed their *pie holes on
Tuesday morning.  So it is RARE that I'm even in the first 100 commenters.
In honor of this most auspicious occasion, I am going to attempt a poem/cheer.
Suzie Q has been a great mentor

Three cheers for me
Suzie Q's cheers over the years
have  helped me conquer my fears.
I TOLD mom to sit her rear right here. 
The door I did bar, the car keys I hide.
She was my prisoner hard bread
and water were all she would get.
The Golden Arches she would not see.
No biscuit, no taters,no hot cuppa joe
Until she proved her devotion to me by being ready while live the
teaser post to go.
We both were full of glee when this badge we did see!!
I knew I had to have it just for me!

Thanks Angel Sammy, Teddy and your able bodied assistant

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Wordy Wednesday and Photos #4


On Friday June 23 it was time for us to leave Red Cliff Lodge for 
Mesa Verde National Park and a visit to more 'Cliffs'
Click here to read all about the Cliffs Palace of the Ancient Pueblo People
I was truly in awe of the entire tour.  It was HOT as blue blazes though.
I'd recommend one take this tour in late April or early May
To get to the location below where the tour began was better suited for a mountain goat. Everyone made it w/o incident.  One lady on our tour was deathly afraid of heights.
She literally took some of it on all fours

In the picture below  we have made our trek way down to a cover area where the Park Ranger is 
giving a presentation before we all traipse down to see the buildings.  
It was a tad hard to concentrate on what she was saying. Our group consisted of my tour mates and about 25 other folks including a toddler about 18 months old. 
As I said it was H O T,
the child had to be restrained.  Toddlers don't like confinement WE all know that.
Once we got to this location there was a very very very steep drop off no gates or fence. There
were 3 adults with him.  One decided it was a good idea to sit on the edge of the drop off 
and point out birds to the child.  At this point I lost ALL concentration.
One wrong move  was all it would have taken.
Finally one of the adults took back to a place where he could stand.
Looking down into what was more than likely a kitchen or common area. 

The group you see below was the group before us.  It is the  end of their tour. Guess what?
There are 3 ladders one has to climb to get back up 150' to the top of the cliffs.

Now it is time for our us to head down.

I am thrilled to say we made it up all 3 ladders which thankfully are all pretty much surrounded by rock and very narrow so I felt ok on them.  I don't know how in the world the family with the toddler made it up the ladders...but I know they did.  Once we were on the motor coach I saw them.

Later I'll show you some photos from Arches National Park...most taken from the Motor Coach.
Below is a photo of Wilson Arch...the only arch one could actually walk to.
Click here to read about Wilson Arch
Several tourist were actually walking up to stand under the arch.  If you squint, you can see them.  It was actually farther away than you would think and it was a rugged climb.
The elevation of Wilson Arch is about 6,150 feet

 Madi Dad and Madi Mom at Wilson Arch should have had on her shades... I think she might
have added about 100 wrinkles around her eyes.

Thank you for stopping by...Mom says she promises not to bore you with too many details on our pics...we will give links to where you can read if you so desire.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy Independence Day: from Colorado #3

Today in honor of Independence Day I'd like to share some photos of an unexpected
tour we took on our trip to Colorado.

On Monday, June 26, we were on the road from Colorado Springs to the Denver airport to catch our flight home.  Our tour guide told us we had about 20 extra minutes to spare.
She said  we'd be passing right by the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs.
  She asked if we were interested in stopping by for a quick ride around the campus and to see the Cadet Chapel.  Everyone was very interested. When I say quick I mean quick, but I made use of the time and was able to get some beautiful photos.

U.S.A.F Academy was established in 1955 at Lowry AF Base, CO.
It moved to its permanent location in 1958.  It is a free tourist destination.  There is a huge Visitor's center(31,600 sq ft) facility that we did not have time to visit.  From the visitor's center you can walk 1/3 mile paved trails to the Cadet Chapel, which is the most visited man made tourist attraction in Colorado. The chapel features 17 spires that each 150' toward the beautiful Colorado blue skies.
Close up of the spires
 side view of the spires as you are walking through the Honor Court to the 

front entrance of the Cadet Chapel

A few of the bronze statutes in  the  Honor Court and aircraft memorials

Within the Chapel one can find a Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, Buddhist and All Faith worship spaces.
Due to the time we had I was only able to see the Protestant and Catholic Chapels.

The pipe organ in the Protestant Cadet Chapel was breathtaking.
It is the 3rd largest pipe organ in an building that is not a church
click here to view a YouTube Video of the pipe organ in use
Weddings, funerals and other memorial services are regularly held here too.

Alter in the Protestant Chapel

The most unusual architecture  was amazing as were the stain glass windows

Catholic Chapel

Next summer the entire structure will be closed for 4 years to undergo major repairs and renovation.
Click here to read about it
The architecture was years and years ahead of the actual building abilities.
We were told it leaks like a sieve in heavy rain.  
I could have easily spent 1/2 a day looking at everything.  Since this visit was not on our agenda, I was just happy to see what I could.

So on this Independence day I thank all the armed forces who have protected the United States
over all these years and those who are training to SERVE AND PROTECT OUR

Monday, July 3, 2017

Mini Madi's Mystical Adventures Pics #2

I, Mini Madi, had the time of my life on vacation with Madi's peeps...
well...I did after I got out of the luggage that was stored first in the 
first in the taxI, then in the cargo area of the aerOplane, then in the belly of the big motor coach.
This is the big motor coach they traveled around in to see the sights.

MadiMom forgot about me the first night in Glenwood Springs, CO...but that is okey dokey
she remembered me at my most favorite place
Red Cliff Lodge in Moab, UT!!!
It was a very rustic and huge lodge with the best decor.
OMCs there were even paw prints in the floor tiles
Hey MadiMom this is ginormous...was it a DINO-saur?
The lodge had a huge bed 
with 3 pillows...they must have known I was coming!!
and it was very very cozy!!!!!

 This cat doesn't do baths but it had very pretty blue tile 

The room had a huge kitchen
A shiny ledge just for me to sit on 

AND OMCs the outside had the best places for a kitty to
watch for birds

MOL MOL why did MadiMom sit me in the downspout?  NO clue
but I did get to see lots of birdies from this spot.
 I had a very nice desk with a mirror

The Red Cliffs Lodge is a working ranch and winery and they also board horses
MadiDad made friends with this handsome horsey...Thank goodness he
was too big for their luggage 'cause I think MadiDad liked him!!

Our Durango room was nice too
I sat on the shower ledge BEFORE Madimom took a shower
MadiMom took me out to the lobby for a photo shoot with a few anipals

I was gonna do a little work then I remembered I was on vacation!!

Our last night was in Colorado Springs...
We stayed in a beautifully restored hotel
The Mining Exchange.  The lobby was decorated like the
early 20th century.  But the rooms were very nice and modern
The shower stall had 2 shower heads
I started to sit here while MadiMom took a shower
but then I decided to sit out in the coffee bar niche
where I could watch MadiMom and MadiDad
There were 2 days out of the 6 that MadiParents were gone alllllllll day long. When they returned to the room, they were too tired to do anything. So my job on those days was to guard the room.

I am happy to say Real Madi is feeling much better and we are glad 'cause her mom
was very worried.  

Mom asked me to tell you she has a post up about meeting a very special friend in Colorado 
click here My Mind's Eye