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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Friday, May 12, 2017

Flower Friday and See Beautiful

We thank Angel Dory  Dory's Backyard for being our hostess today

We are happy to join our Sweet Friend Angel Sugar today 
for This Moment, See Beautiful

The definition of
Beautiful: having beauty

I use the word beautiful a lot.  However, over the last few
months I have been reminded of many beautiful things in my life.
Family is beautiful, good health is beautiful, friends
are beautiful.
Waking up each morning to a new day with new possibilities 
in each moment of the day is beautiful.  
I suspect by NOW you all know Madi fills our days
with beauty.  She marches to her own itty bitty kitty drum.
Usually she loves sleeping on as many layers a possible; 
however, some weeks she choses to shun the nice fluffy
towels placed on each bed

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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Thoroughly Poetic and Thankful Thursday


Today's post is brought to you by the letter
No matter how much we try
our verses are the worst.
We try to rhyme but most times
it just comes out like we have  mouths full mush.
Each week we feel we should hush.
However, the party in mom's head starts to
dance saying girls
Alas try, try again 
The nonsense has no end.
We have  a few more verses to say
Fifteen years ago today 
the sun did shine, the stars were aligned. 
My mom saw a kit with a pink nose 
Happily she proclaimed little girl you are mine.
As this poem draws to a close, 
let me just say
today is my 15th Got'cha day...
 And each of the fifteen have been
F I N E!!

This photo was taken about 3 days after Madi (who at the name was nameless) came to live with us.
It took us longer to agree on a name for her than it did to name our Daughter

Needless to say I, Madi(son) D Cat am VERY THANKFUL to 
be loved and cared for by my peeps.

I am Thankful to TG (tall guy) and Jack for helping us get our blog started way back in 2009.
Without their help and encouragement we would not be blogging!!
Jack's, Bro Kai, came by to say hi today too.
Kai is so handsome when we saw this photo we squealed.



Hugs Madi and many many thanks for dropping by today

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

3 word Wednesday and PSA

Click on Louis's place, to check out the latest challenge from our Blogville A&E Director!

It will be a ton of fun to read all the submissions

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Tuesday Tale: Sis's HS graduation

Since it is graduation time mom and I thought we'd share a story about 
human Sis's high school Graduation in 1989.

Sis went to  Needham B. Broughton High School, it was established in 1929 as then-Raleigh High School. It is the oldest high school in Raleigh still being used to this day. 
Over the years additions have been made to the back of the school but the
front remains as it was in 1929.

In 1989 there were over  800  correction Dad, resident numbers guy, told mom it was a hair over 500 graduating seniors, too many to graduate in the school auditorium.  A decision was made to hold graduation on the football field shown below.  The stage was set up in the middle of the field along with chairs for the graduating class.  Family and friends sat on the metal bleachers behind the fence.   So as you see below the track field was between the bleachers and the football field.  IMPORTANT fact our last name begins with a U and the ceremony was in alphabetical order
On graduation day my sis, mom, dad, and both sets of grandparents and Sis' uncle
headed to the school.  As they arrived it started to drizzle YIKES but that was the least of the worries that day.  Everyone found a seat the band played as the grads walked onto the field.. Most of those attending left their good manners in their car I guess because it was on a football field. The grads were so far away it was hard to hear their names; however,  as soon as a grad received their diploma their family got and clomped down all the metal the next letter of the alphabet was called. So this went on and on and on all thru the alphabet.  FINALLY they called U.....the grads filed up to the stage.  
Just as Upchurch was called a good size airplane flew over the field. The peeps did not hear Sis's name called nor could the see her 'cause the rude people were clomping down the stairs.  It was a fiasco...the following week the principal sent out a letter to all the grads and their families apologizing for the fiasco.  It was the first and last out door graduation at 
Broughton. To this day none of the auditoriums in any of the high schools are large enough.  The high schools use other larger facilities around the city. 

Monday, May 8, 2017

Monday Manor Madi Mews

This leather love seat has been here for many years.  Early on I sat on the back behind Dad's head for a few times.  Then nuttin'...for some reason I now find that....................

now and FYI when this photo was taken I was sitting by mom...
::::Gasp::: what was I thinking?

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Sunday Favorites and Plates

Sunday Shots Mom is  especially fond of...just for you!!
Madi(son) gives the camera her best supermodel pose
1. CAT 22 either 22 cats or Catch 22
2. NANA 7X, Nana of 7 grands
3. YAY!
I bet Yam Aunty will know this one
5. ILOVECU,  MOL, Mom's initials are CU Maybe it is I love Mom
6. SLNHOMES, Selling Homes

This is one of my most treasured photos of a Heron at Lake Raleigh on 
Centennial Campus at NC State University
numbers 7 and 8 are from Frankie and Ernie
thanks FnE
9. 2KLEAN, too clean
10. YEBEAST, Ye beast?
11. HARPGEEK, plays a Harp
12. WHORYOU, who are you
13. H8GT, Hate Georgia Tech 
it was on a car w/U of GA sticker those 2 Univ are rivals

 January sunrise over Centennial Campus at N. C. State University
15. WHIPWAGN, had a Whippet decal on the car
16. SMR4EVER, Summer forever
17. ADVNTURR, Adventurer
18. LYNZ8, maybe there were 7 with LYNZ tags already
19. JALPITA1, Jalapeno  pita
20. CL4V7P, on a Missouri plate no clue
21. DRRELIEF, Dr. Relief 
22. NUKNEZ, New Knees
23. SERKAN, No Clue
24. 2OPTAVIA, No Clue
25. SHRDS, Shreds or Shards
26. AINGEAL, Angel, not sure

We thank to Murphy and Stanley for the last one
27. IMRE, I am Army