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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Sunday Favorites and Plates

Sunday Shots Mom is  especially fond of...just for you!!
Madi(son) gives the camera her best supermodel pose
1. CAT 22 either 22 cats or Catch 22
2. NANA 7X, Nana of 7 grands
3. YAY!
I bet Yam Aunty will know this one
5. ILOVECU,  MOL, Mom's initials are CU Maybe it is I love Mom
6. SLNHOMES, Selling Homes

This is one of my most treasured photos of a Heron at Lake Raleigh on 
Centennial Campus at NC State University
numbers 7 and 8 are from Frankie and Ernie
thanks FnE
9. 2KLEAN, too clean
10. YEBEAST, Ye beast?
11. HARPGEEK, plays a Harp
12. WHORYOU, who are you
13. H8GT, Hate Georgia Tech 
it was on a car w/U of GA sticker those 2 Univ are rivals

 January sunrise over Centennial Campus at N. C. State University
15. WHIPWAGN, had a Whippet decal on the car
16. SMR4EVER, Summer forever
17. ADVNTURR, Adventurer
18. LYNZ8, maybe there were 7 with LYNZ tags already
19. JALPITA1, Jalapeno  pita
20. CL4V7P, on a Missouri plate no clue
21. DRRELIEF, Dr. Relief 
22. NUKNEZ, New Knees
23. SERKAN, No Clue
24. 2OPTAVIA, No Clue
25. SHRDS, Shreds or Shards
26. AINGEAL, Angel, not sure

We thank to Murphy and Stanley for the last one
27. IMRE, I am Army


  1. I love the shadow kitty who is with you in that photo :o) and the heron is just beautiful. we have one too at Lake Sammy, but he is only there when we have no cam in our pocket LOL

  2. Hari OM
    Madi - you look beautiful in that sunpuddle!!! (and of course I always love birdy shots)
    Now to business &*>
    #4 - Querl Dox is also known as Brainiac 5 and is a character in the DC comics pantheon
    #10 - Ye Beast may be a reference to a particular car enthuiasts' website and FB page - or it could be that the user of a certain online game happens to live near you!
    #13 - just for interest, this is also the call sign of the Eastern Princess
    #14 - Mrs Peanut...
    #20 - appears to be just a regular plate - there are many states which use this combo
    #23 - Serkan is man's name used mainly in Turkey, but also up into the Balkans
    #24 - Optavia is one of those companies who takes over your life and health management for those with more money than commonsense - that car owner may be a 'health coach' or someone who has gone To Optavia... (they don't provide food apparently, just 'fuellings'...) They changed their name only in February this year, according to the Baltimore Sun
    #26 - yes, that's the Gaelic for Angel
    #27 - I am not sure that 'I am Army' comes out of that combo, as being only seven letters, one would think it would just read the whole thing and not be so obscure... it may interest you to know that Imre is potentially another man's name (Hungarian)... but more likely it is a worker's car from the marketing firm which has offices in Baltimore.

    As always, I spent a fruitful hour researching!!! Hugs and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  3. I cheated, I google searched QUERLDOX and that is the name of Brainac 5, the superhero... I am betting the driver is a super hero kind of guy or maybe a fireman.
    love the photos and oh my Madi that is a super shot of your pretty face

  4. Madi, looking very super model-ish! Love the shadow... looking very mysterious, too. Love both the pictures. That sunrise is gorgeous and the heron photo is very pretty with the reflection of the foliage.
    I like #8 on the plates!
    Good Morning!

  5. Madi, that is one great picture of you. All those pictures are so very pretty. You all have a great day.

  6. Looking good pretty Madi and the plates were fun! That sunrise is amazing!!!

  7. Love the selfie.... sunpuddles are the best!!!

    Have a great day.

    hugs, Bugsy, Knuckles and HH

  8. You are striking an excellent pose - CATMDL could be your plate.

  9. LOVE your super model photo :-) WOW! so many "plate" names. Have a great Sunday.

  10. Ghostwriter needs to start writing down those licence plates she sees. She can never remember them once she gets to her destination.

  11. Yay for Sunday sunpuddles, Madi☺ The picture of the heron is sooooooo pretty!

  12. Oh yes, we like the supermodel pose too!

  13. That's a lovely picture of you enjoying a nice sun puddle.

  14. You sure look fetching in that first picture. We loved the birdie and sunset too. The plates are always interesting and we love Yam's research on the one's you aren't sure of.

  15. You always look beautiful Madi. Nice shot of the crane too, I love to see them nesting , they look like pterodactyls in their nests. That is a lot of plates, I like cats22 if it is for 22 cats :)

  16. Madi is a natural beauty! I love the heron photo, it's so pretty!
    the tags are funny, I see a lot around here. I've seen more here than I ever noticed in Florida.

  17. Great shots, Madi...'specially that one of you in the sun puddle. :)

  18. Lots of plates. Wow, great photos!!!


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