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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Caturday Art

Welcome to  Caturday art hosted by Athena
See more Caturday Cat Art HERE.

This photo was designed in PicMonkey
Under Effects
1: edge sketch
2. mirror


Friday, March 17, 2017

Flower Friday with Dory and St. Pat's Day

Saint Patrick's Day..
My green Irish eyes are smiling...really.
You know  how you can tell?
Small pupils and ears are erect can't hear me but I'm purring

Above the bed where I rest is a cross stitching mom did called
It is a favorite of Mom's

In case you can't read it...Mom typed it for you.

May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face;
the rains fall soft upon your fields 
and until we meet again, 
may God hold you in the palm of His hand.

I think this is a very nice place to nap and mediate

We thank Dory Princess of Posies for hosting....

Today we have a collage of blooms here and there at Manor Madi as of 3/7/17

1.Magnolia Madi she blooms and thrives inside she requires regular feeding and watering!!
2.First Dogwood blooms of 2017 in MARCH, normal blooming is April
3.Hairless lady pot now has a Snake plant 'do'
4 and 4a. bed of Periwinkle
5. Daffodils are coming up everywhere and sometimes in surprise places
6. Camellia blooming in the front, last month we showed you the back and we still have buds 
7. Red Bud in bloom
7a. Once the flowers fall off the limbs will be covered in heart shaped leaves.  This tree has been
a happy surprise.  WE did not plant it.  Now it is about 15' tall.

Finally our pansies which we have renamed

The little Pansies that Could
They were planted in early fall 2016
Even after the ice storm in January followed by 3 days of not above 20 degrees
and nights in the single digits
They keep on blooming.  They obviously like cold better than hot.
After several very hot weeks in February they got a bit weary but
Dad nursed them they made another come back.
This is probably this last good photo of pansies until fall.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Thoroughly Poetic and Thankful Thursday

 Today we join
Angel Sammy and brudder Teddy
at Sammy's Poetry Corner

Today's poetry is brought to you by the letter


 that I'm in my prime
I find it is time 
to go way back there to two thousand and nine.
When an ordinary kitty
and her crazed mom found a 
home in Blogville. 
A speck of knowledge on how to blog we had not.
We had gumption we had spunk
Into your lives we ran a muck.
The days are fun, friends abundant and
oh the talent we have found...
we can say YAY we are glad we stayed.
Step kitty Madi by Crazed Mom
Mosaic Madi by Auntie Mona
Quilted Madi by Auntie Karen

We join Brian on Thankful Thursday for each of you and the joy we
find while we run a muck

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Tuesday Tales from My Past: Working

Title:  That is not a water fountain

My career working at North Carolina State University started in
1969 in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.  I worked there until our daughter was born
in August of 1971.  At that time I applied for a 6 month maternity leave that turned into
5 years.  When she started kindergarten in 1976, I started looking for part time work.
I was pretty proud of how our daughter had turned out over the 5 years I was at home.
So as I began applying for part time jobs, imagine my surprise when I was repeatedly asked
what I had been doing for 5 years.  When I told them the reply was, "is that all"!.  I can hear you all saying WHAT!?  Well back then they could ask that.  Anyway, I found part time work and eventually full time work in private industry for 10 years. I always had it in the back of my mind that I wanted to go back to work at N. C. State University.
I decided if I was going to do it I better do it before I turned 40 in 1989. So I applied at NCSU and was called for an interview in the Chemistry Department in Inorganic and Organic Chemistry.  I'm happy to say I was offered the Chemistry job.  My first day was December 1, 1988, very early 7:30 am, I took my coffee pot to the water fountain to fill it up. When I turned the fountain on, evidently it triggered an alarm the labs.  About 5 students came running out of labs. They were all offering to HELP me I asked why. Then it was explained. It was not a water fountain it was an eye wash fountain used for quick wash in case of an accident. Here is a current day example.  However,  way back in 1988 they really did resemble water fountains.  As I recall the one I tried to use was porcelain not stainless steel.

 Granted it was a funny looking fountain and the place where the water came out had a funky eye shaped thingie on it.  LOL  We all got a great laugh out of it and I quickly met 5 of my new favorite grad students. There were some quite unusual odors in the organic lab. One in particularly smelled like tomato vines. Exactly how your hand smells when you pick fresh tomatoes. Anytime I came home with that odor on my clothes our first cat would run to the farthest corner of the house. Crazy fun times.  I was in Chemistry for ~5 years
then I transferred to Physics in 1992.

Ode to My Water Fountain 

Oh water fountain how I do love you...
Your water glistens in the night even when there is no light,
Your pump sends sweet, fresh water down to the bowl much to my delight...
Your water trickles, ripples and bubbles
enticing my inner beast...
Making me dream of lovely places to feast.
Oh water fountain thank you for service to me through out the day and night.
This is for mom just in case she needs a reminder of what a water fountain looks like

Monday, March 13, 2017

Monday Mews: My Birthday Day winners

Without any further is the breaking news on my Bday giveaway

Here is what we are doing: 
 Mom is not a math purrson but this is fairly simple
The lucky comment numbers were   
#3 DaPhenny
#11 The Whiskeratti: Toby and Leia

3 is for the month of March, 11 is for the day I was born!! 
Easy Peasy

3+11= 14...

We are rounding it off to 15(my age)....and each of our winners will receive a $15.00 gift card. 

Da Phenny and The Whiskerattis have received Amazon gift Card.
Enjoy my friends!!
Hugs Madi 

 I'd like to thank you all for the lovely lovely lovey wishes and compliments that I 
don't look 15! MOLMOL  It is genetic...I was born gray so therefore I will never look my age.

Here are a few more 15th Bday cards

Thank you

Thank you
 We thank Mayor Arty's assistant aka Momma for this 
most treasured photo of Mom holding Dory at the BAR in Indiana June 2016.
Mom never in a million years expected to meet any of our furiends BUTTTT she did.  She 
loved every moment of the BAR and will treasure that furever.
Mom also held Dory for about 30 minutes.....I think Dory was as happy as mom was too
Dory is twice as soft as she looks and
Mayor Arty is most handsome and debonair (and soft too in a manly way)!!

A very Happy Birthday to my special LadyCat!!!   You're the best thing that ever happened to me (other than being adopted!)

Hugs and Love,
your guy

From our friends Ms. Pix and Mr. CH!!
Mom is purrty sure she and Ms Pix are Kit-zin Cuz-zins

I would like to thank my guy Raz head of the Rumbler Den in Cat Scouts,
Angel Sammy and Teddy K for the lovely deck pawty and cookout they gave me
on Saturday and this card

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Easy Sunday and Plates

Mom says she sure did love that I gave her a gift for MY birthday
::blushing::  I'm just a giving kinda gal

She was sitting in the chair playing WWF on Friday 3/10/17...when all of a sudden
I jumped up on the arm of the chair.  I think I was doing the Hokey Pokey
'cause I put my front half in her lap and I put my back half on the arm of the chair.
Mom switched the iPad to camera and OMCs I let her take several photos.
After about 2 minutes I hoped down!!

1. FELNFAN, Feline Fan
2. CANTWIN, Can't Win
3. WOOFPK2, Wolfpack 2 , NCSU Fan
4. ABTTIME, About time
6. RUNRGIRL, Runner Girl
7. HOUSBLUZ, on UNC car their primary color is baby blue
8. ITISWE, It is we
9. XTRAPOL8, Extrapolate
10. KISS24/7
12. clue
13. SEWGIRL, a gal who sews or she is So Girl
15. C-NC-1st, See North Carolina First
we agree we live in a beautiful state
16. ILUVECU, I love East Carolina University
17. TRI-STR, symbol for Mercedes Benz
18. Pa&Mimi, Grandparents
19. 8888AE, no clue
20. LVNMARLO, Loving Marlo
21. IEARNDIT, I earned it
22. 1TALIA, Italia
23. BPSURFER, ...some kind of surfer
24. TRIPKIDS, maybe they have triplets or 3 kids
25. 2BSOLOW, 2 be so low 
26. WARP8
27. OMGSCATS, Oh my gosh Cats
29. DOCTOR?, Doctor Who
30. #1HEIFER
31. OFF2SCR, off to soccer
33. NC4I, North Carolina for I
34. ILLINI, maybe former resident of Illinois
35. UILL, University of Illiois